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  1. eh.. as we all know being a rock star is not contingent upon how technical your skills are. its about being unique, and being in the right place at the right time. Like him or not Cobain was pretty iconic. Lived the rock star life and died a rock star death. And he did represent an entire sound in music.. pretty iconic loved GNR. now axl is making a mockery of himself. the braids and jeans... very very sad.
  2. i forgot about martyrs... decent movie. i gotta say I didnt see it as anything super strange for the genre. I might check it out again. overall i only thought it was fair i will check out salo and antichrist. they sound interesting. on a side note I finally saw the poughkeepsie tapes. I had been waiting for 2 years so I think my expectations were a little high. pretty good movie though.
  3. I lucked out on this one Gibson Les Paul Standard (late 70s I think) Epihone acoustic (same age) laptop steel guitar cheap mandolin had a banjo but alas I lost it. long story and a silvertone acoustic I plan to do some work to when I get time also trying to get my hands on my great uncles old martin guitar. another relative got it but doesnt play... it must be mine,
  4. seemed like a good idea at the time..........in hindsight...... perhaps not. there was only one scene that was baad to watch... and it cannot be unseen.
  5. correct you are sir! REC was great. never really checked out exorcist 3. will get on that asap. have you seen pontypool? great new take on zombies. more of a "cerebral" thriller than eat some brains type zombies. also why did i put quotes on cerebral?
  6. i consider myself a lover of all things horror and all things strange.. I just watched a movie i heard about after watching the human centipede, called a serbian film. the majority is only fairly more strange and unique than mainstream horror movies. however there is a scene that takes things up a notch. ill let the curious people find this for themself.. I generally dont see things that stick in my head long.. however this image has. the question I ask is what is the most frightening or disturbing film you have seen?
  7. thank you... i have always hated that. my mom died back in october, and at the funeral some crazy relative was taking pictures.. i shot her the "are you freaking crazy you crazy ****" look and she said "just let me know and I can send you pictures" I was wondering when do you look at these pics? i just cant imagine a need to relive that situation. i should send them pics of me on the throne.
  8. what else is there to do with a hooker after the finale? am i missing something?
  9. heard it all day today at work. and that freakin bus commercial came back to haunt us... steeler fan brought it up and said its not headed to dallas... gotta admit a couple of the ones have been pretty funny...
  10. repeating the same bad joke over and over does not make it funny.....just ask frank calliendo im all for trash talk... but at least be creative.... matty lice? thats all you could come up with?
  11. I dont know how you guys are at work about our beloved falcons. But me, well I tend to talk superbowl in September. I drink the proverbial Kool Aide as they say. Example: I have said this phrase: "Joey Harrington is going to surprise some people" that said. tomorrow I return to work following countless predictions and empty promises. I have a feeling I am not the only one. I just received a text from a browns fan talking trash.... a BROWNS fan!!!! I figured with all the doom and gloom and utter nonsense regarding the performance from the other night (or lack thereof) this might be a good thread to remind us all what football is all about... trash talking and bragging rights. of which i have none!!!! Anyone else returning to work ready to hear about it all day long?
  12. why post a pic of byron leftwich you may ask? i say in this thread... why not? just as sensible
  13. saw that too.. im rooting for you... i believe was what I caught. pretty cool.
  14. still like smitty going for it. sticking with his game plan.. no need to second guess yourself. just go
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