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  1. drugs have never hurt anyone.. try as you may; this point cannot be effectively argued.
  2. man I bet that is some dark porn.... I like some .. i mean my friend likes some twisted dark porn, but I'll bet osama brought things to a new level.
  3. what exactly does one advertise for with an occasion like this?
  4. nice.. i have to work that saturday. looks like ill end up being off... any idea on time frame on this?
  5. ah.. the drug war... one of my favorite topics. the good ol war on drugs is accomplishing exactly what it is designed to accomplish. I work in a substance abuse facility... its hard to get our patients crayons. hmmmm
  6. lalallalallalallalalallalallala oooh look at me everybody...i hate you.. so look at me... why are you looking at me losers... hey everybody look at me... stop looking at me you bunch of idiots....jeeez..... hey wait look at me... lalalallalalallalala...HEY EVERYBODY COME SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK.. hey stop looking at me.. lalallalalalla... i like football... lalalalalalal ... but I hate all the players and the teams and the fans... lalalal.. look at me everyone... lalalala best wishes revrndzombii
  7. i made all kinds of serious mistakes: but I think they helped me in the long run.. the only one I might change was quitting baseball. and wearing a saddle for some pics in the back of a van; but who hasnt done that a few times
  8. another interesting question. how many kids do you think have tried snorting some of their mothers actual bath salts after hearing about this
  9. from the reports I have heard: its pretty nasty stuff. a few incidents of paranoid psychosis, kidney issues, and all kinds of insanity. we are seeing more and more. first few were around the beginning of the year, and its snowballing from there.
  10. being that I work in the substance abuse world: I was wondering how the bath salts thing is going where you guys live. its gotten pretty popular here. all the patients I have had describe it as pretty intense. Just curious how popular it is in other areas. we are getting people in our detox unit pretty regularly from this stuff.
  11. those crazy aliens.. always up to something.
  12. and that is rock and roll fellas. what a talented young lady .
  13. wonder what's going through the head of #12 right now
  14. add jalapenos, onions, lots o cheese. I also can believe I am saying this but well done is the way to go. I used to go as rare as possible, but five guys changed my life in that regard. now I like it well done. something about it being slightly burnt makes it amazing.
  15. man i love gardening. I went with cucs, zuccini, squash, okra, green beans, tomatoes, bunch of different peppers including the ghost pepper. is anything better than walking out to the garden and picking a bunch of fresh vegetables. and then ****ing them.
  16. great books... i don't know how well they will translate to film. I thought the series was awesome. i am a big fan of stephen king; I can understand how it can get tedious at points to some...... and to those people I plan to iron your skin. thats it thank you and goodnight
  17. i wish the show would go out with dignity. such a great show but its on its way out..I would like to see them let go a little more gracefully.... how can you replace micahel scott.. its like trying to replace air. yep.. ill stand by that statement
  18. certified substance abuse counselor-I (working on licensed clinical addictions specialist and licensed professional counselor)
  19. insomnia is a ****. and its not a quick fix either. what I have found to work is meditation/relaxation. to me it sounds like you are pretty stressed. add to that your thought "I need to go to sleep". the more you think about trying to sleep, the harder it will be to sleep. i would look into relaxation and meditation. it definatlely works. also remember the role cognitive processes play in physical symptoms. hope that was helpful. as far as meditation goes I would look into some type of mindfulness based info. works for me for stress, and many others as well.
  20. I am all about rationalizing.. if green bay wins then we got beat by the superbowl champs... takes a little of the sting out. and I can talk trash to the steelers fans at work...
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