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  1. i have had way too much of "rise up" didnt like it in the beginning and absolutely hate it now....
  2. also start drinkning green tea. hels w metablism.. i switched from coffee to tea and have found lost weight as well as more overall energy
  3. gardens are better than things that are not as good as gardens my cucumbers are not doing so well... for some reason a lot of my stuff this year seems to be stunted.. the tomatoes are getting huge.. peppers look fair.. I have some Okra that look good and im prett excited about them... first time growing them but zuccini and squash and cucumbers are just not growing right.. I also planted 3 loofah gourd vines this year.. so if anyone needs to exfoliate :wub:
  4. alas.. as of wednesday bath salts are now illegal ... rip silly bath salts... rip
  5. ahead of his time when he first became famous. I hear there is a great doccumentary on him. I want to check it out.
  6. finally something to do with this chest of doubloons.
  7. .. this was the best thing I have seen in a while... he actually did a brief summary from Karate Kid... and then you remember when daniel was running from bla bla bla . he actually recites the names. it wouldnt have been too bad but it just went SLIGHTLY too long. I had to hear it a few times. thanks saints fan.. i needed that one. karate kid :wub:
  8. I do a few different things.. sometimes ill third person myself in the form of daddy.. midsentence. and then continue on as if it has not happened OR I also like to breathe ever so slightly louder and more rapidly while the other person is talking. again pretending as if everything is completely normal one of my favorites is refusing to continue in the conversation until the other person will say a phrase at my request... i.e I like daddy's breathing.. and continue to redirect conversation until they agree to say it. i also enjoy answering open ended questions with closed ended answers (
  9. alright boondock saints... i didnt even finish the whole movie maybe not a classic but tropic thunder was absolutely terrible.
  10. i vote we all drop out of the system.... every system.. no more cars, gas, or electricity. I could definatly get by living by the water and fishing from my kayak all day, then coming home to my tent.. cooking by the fire, and playing my guitar... of course if there is football season scratch the above plan.
  11. scarface or the godfather movies.... just not my thing I guess. but they bore me to death.
  12. why do I think this guy was just lazy, and didnt want to walk to the bathroom or go through the trouble of getting someone to watch the children.
  13. reminded me with the screen play comment> i think we dont do screens due to severe impairments on the OL. thats all of the negative from me. back to waiting for some nonfootball!!!! I think our unpaid and uncoached and officially untraining players should have a good shot against all the other unpayed, uncoached, and untraining players in the league that doesn't seem to exist.
  14. I'm a little lost. robby can you explain this "counterfeiting" process and how its relevant? never heard of such a thing as fake money..
  15. I think turner is almost done. I think abe is almost done.. I think that there is a serious flaw in the offense... either the scheme,,, or the scheme is designed to hide a very serious flaw and is becoming exposed. my guess is the O line.. but i'd be lying if I said I had not considered it being our QB (highly doubt this after consideration though)
  16. no.. I personally don't. how much to both questions?
  17. i really like this show. i think the political stuff will tie in better as the show goes on (at least thats my theory) the only complaint I have is that there seems like a good bit of filler that might not add to the story. overall though I am a big fan of this show. still havenet watched last nights but Ill probably watch it later this week.
  18. crack does not come in lines. and generally does not lend itself well to sharing
  19. keeping them illegal has been pretty ineffective... and by pretty I mean totally and completely... check out LEAP or the book by andrew weil The Natural Mind... pretty interesting stuff. or dont, and continue to repeat the DARE nonsense. either way remember.. the early bird is better than 2 in the bush... and do unto others with gold because he makes the rules.
  20. you are wrong on that one... drugs dont do those things at all. people's USE of drugs causes these issues... address the demand and continue to develop effective methods of developing dependence. addressing the supply has failed miserably. see my other earlier post noting that synthetics such as bath salts and k2 are being generated faster than new drugs laws and you will see that a new approach is desperatly needed.
  21. these threads are always refreshing to me. despite some pretty large political differences its easy to see that ending the drug war is becoming more popular on both sides. even a lot of conservatives are seeing this as a pretty reasonable approach. some may disagree for their own personal reasons.. some may disagree, just to argue and offer no valid reasons behind their argument. with new drugs beginning to be generated faster than new drug laws (i.e bath salts, spice, etc) its pretty clear that a new approach is needed. its becoming clear that the drugs are not the problem.
  22. exactly. no drug has hurt anyone ever... so it makes me wonder why we spend more money on the "drug" part rather than the "abuse" part. and for robby.... i believe an asian country tried the death penalty for during its meth epidemic... result was a lot of people were killed.... and drug use remained about the same... just driven more underground (i.e more expensive resulting in higher crime)
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