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  1. i think overall they look good for an opener on the road.
  2. FINALLY FOOBALL RETURNS!!!! the world makes sense again!
  3. and this shall come to pass... not only shall you pass this exam.. you shall dominate it it has been written: it shall be so
  4. id lure it into a van... perhaps with candy or cigarettes... then I would take it back to my basement where I would tape its mouth shut.t.. then I would proceed to take pictures of it in vulnerable positions. . then I would send a ransom note to its rightful owner.. There would be a manhunt/rescue mission for it.... there would likely be some new cop and one who is about to retire.. the one who is about to retire would say things Like "I am getting too old for this".. the young guy would be all gung ho' saying things like "lets get this lunatic!"..... they would search for me for months... just when the trail appears to go cold they would find a guy who saw me in the van at the local playground... he would say things like "I didnt really ever think anything was wrong".. at the end they would find me and I would get killed in a shootout; but not before the helmet ran out of my underground bunker, all dirty and bruised and covered in vomit... then the old cop would run to rescue it, but it would be too late. I make one last lunge to get to the helmet and whisper something in its ear that makes it stop and slip into a catonic state.. just off the top of my head
  5. not sure why 90 deaths make one other one not matter... also not sure why I am surprised by the lack of sensitivity when substance abuse is involved. to each their own......both are pretty sad to me...
  6. :wacko: ruin another classic? i see that raimi and campbell are working on it... but still. leave greatness alone.
  7. bill and teds excellent adventure in my pants spy kids in my pants hmmmm ....strange turn
  8. the sound of music in my pants the strangers in my pants the happening in my pants
  9. well for me 4.9 is about right... BUT crazy: add one point complete bat**** nuts: add 1 point and then add on that she is dangerous and there is a threat of homicide... add one more point. and as i believe the bible says: 7.9 is not so bad... thats my formula anyway.
  10. dont know why but 2012 comes to mind. that movie made me wish for an apocalypse during the film.
  11. if it were not for directv's sunday ticket I would drop it all.. i wish they would jsut let you pay for your teams games; or buy games seperately or something more reasonable. i pay all that money just to watch football...
  12. Saw it.. it was not bad.. not a life changer by any means but I got about what I expected to get from it. (i thought cloverfield was good as well)... overall it was good but it just felt like something was missing..
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