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  1. Can someone give me an idea of his offensive strategy? I haven't really paid any attention to his past schemes and so far he has my curiosity peaked. What have his teams done in the past? My views: What I've seen I have had a pretty positive regard for so far. Some gadget plays. I also see that he is using a lot of plays to help get Ryan adjusted to the pro level and help get rid of some of the jitters. I flip flop on him so far. Just out of curiosity: What do you see the offense looking like in 2 years with Ryan? (and hopefully an improved OL)
  2. EXACTLY......(and its good to know i'm not the only falcons fan in NC)
  3. Ive been checking the afmb message boards for quite a few years now...... Never been one for posting but I have been a fan for a while..... SO i decided to make MY first post a positive one..... I've been here through some of our stimulating debates.....(Vick over chandler.....Schaub over vick....Shockley over harrington).....been through the ups and downs only falcons fans know....This is the first time I have seen some real promise in our FUTURE. FUTURE.....not today not now......but in the future.... I see all of these hateful messages bashing matt ryan.......how he isn't mike vick.....how he is a bust.....he has played 4 games.....4... I am so pleased with the things i have seen out of him and of this entire team. Its the first time i have felt like we are starting to have a true football TEAM. Don't get me wrong, when Vick was a falcon I loved to watch him...and even last year, I supported our disaster throughout the entire season......but i just didnt get that feeling that things were about to get better.....now they are....and I keep hearing how much better vick was or this guy or that guy.......but well I hate to tell you this....but Vick is an inmate in a federal prison. He's not coming back......I hope he succeeds somewhere in the NFL because I will still love to watch his highlights, but I'm done wondering about "what could have been" And if you are one of the people who think that NEXT year Ryan is going to be a seasoned vet, then you are probably setting yourself up for some headache. He will realistically struggle for a while.....but i am AMAZED at how much improvement I have seen thus far..... Much more than I expected.....We are a rebuilding team, but we are actually BUILDING this time.....Maybe we could show some support for a young quarterback who wants to see the falcons win probably more than most of us.....I understand pointing out mistakes, but they are usually SEMI-intelligent......Lately they are getting insane.....I mean if we are going to fantasize about vick being a falcon, why not just bring in Manning, or Brady, or Favre (oh wait he was.....sorry couldn't resist that one)......Ryan is the future of our franchise.......Be ready to endure some growing pains for a WHILE......if you want vick there's always YOUTUBE or old madden games......then you can run around and throw bombs all day .....woohoo
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