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  1. I predict that I feel little to no emotion in the second half of this game.... I expect and demand complete domination
  2. I see a wakeup in the second quarter.. i feel it... i say i FEEEEL IT
  3. wow... not the effort I wanted to see... we looked flatfooted.
  4. i want a win... but man a BIG win sure would be nice
  5. Here is one I love: We Have a Saying in My Country: The Coyote of the Desert Likes to Eat the Heart of the Young and the Blood Drips Down to His Children for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner and Only the Ribs Will Be Broken
  6. OK wait... do my eyes deceive me or do i see this thread back.... PLUS Buffalo Bill? does it get any better.. I submit that it does not!
  7. i shall do this upon my return home.... yes i shall.
  8. yep.. army green FJ cruiser. fun times. thats all..
  9. man i gotta say thats pretty cool. not gonna lie.. when all the hick'ry stick stuff started last year i didn't think it would stick... (couldn't resist). so i have been proven wrong and its cool to see: as well as to be able to remember its roots.. (ok im done now)
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