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  1. nice lady.... maybe we could double date sometime...... here's me n wifey on our road trip....shes quite the traveler as well
  2. not much to caption. just the boys practicing watching defenders fly around the left side.
  3. ECU fan here... Davis is good yes...... Don't head out and have a jersey made or anything. good arm.... good accuracy. limited athleticism....... and I will say his decision making can be quite questionable at times.... however that will likely improve. also not always the greatest downfield thrower from my memory...... however his receivers were quite limited last year, so that should be noted.....If i recall correctly when dwayne harris was on the team he could look quite brilliant at times..... last year not so much...
  4. oh yeah! look out saints........ you messed up now. wait until we break out that legendary falcons defense. we are going to be all over those recievers. I bet there will be a play where our secondary is within 10 yards of the receiver. well maybe anyway. OR i bet we only give brees 10 maybe 12 seconds to find the reciever.
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