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  1. ok... here is all i need. is there a simple and easy website that has workout lists or whatever lists all the people in the gym keep carrying around? I am not a fitness guru (obviously) but I work out a few times a week 4-5. and Im not a guy who will work out longer than an hour. not gonna happen. thanks for any help. i get frustrated searching for stuff like this. I get way more serious info than I am looking for. I just want to change up my workout and know what muscles to work out on what days.
  2. ridiculously excited about the draft....

  3. man i guess you can boot me until i get my 360 back up and running.. that way GaBoi can play the comp this week. I will hopefully have it fixed soon..ill just take whatever team is left whenever it gets fixed...

  4. i am wayy to lazy to search through all of these pages... so here is my question can someone give me the facts and best use regarding creatine? I started taking it about a month ago and have noticed a serious difference in my energy how much i can lift at the gym... i have bulked up a bit, and am pretty happy with the results... i want to know however if i am harming myself in the long run... i cant seem to find an unbiased opinion on the internet (go figure ) i was wondering if anyone else was using it and what their thoughts are.. im not trying to be a body builder or anything.. i work out 4-5 times a week.. more interested in staying healthy that getting really big. any other supplements you guys can reccommend.. not just for weight lifting or whatever, but just for general good health?