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  1. Maybe a mapping plugin like this Member Map? It is an Invision Power product that I think is the same vendor as this forum and it's free.
  2. Maybe a Short Hot Blond from Rome City Brewery. Come Saturday and get a Growler to take home for Sunday.
  3. John Lynch says on FS1 he called and talked with KS before talking to 49ers before taking GM position. Looks forward to working with him.
  4. In addition if your like our market where comcast is basically the only option for true high speed internet, cutting cable causes your internet price to go up drastically. Puts you in a catch 22 if you have to have the speed for work or you need it because you have multiple people streaming.
  5. Born Fort Oglethorpe at Tri-County/Hutcheson. Travelled the world in service. Come back and meet a girl whose mom shared a room with mine in Delivery. But I got the slap when dating came up.:) Though we did become friends.e Moved to Rome bought season tix but let them go when Vick came into town. Job did pay well and usually has Thus night, Sun night and Mon night games,but I was working. Only let 5 games to go to. 3 hour drive, 3 hour game, 3 hour drive home. Made for very long days.
  6. Screw the "stretch run" comment. It shouldn't even be in the conversation. Chad predicted his in July... 30 Points
  7. And... We were scoring so fast the defense needed a break. It caused time of possession to be so lopsided they were on the field most of the first half.
  8. You are correct. Since 1970 there are an average of 5 new bowl games every 10 years. Kind of dilutes their significance.
  9. Rode Harleys for years and compete in KCBS Lovin some que. Together RoadHawg
  10. So Goodell announces cap goes up $10m next year and is likely to the next few years. So with a $30m extra cap space by then and they are still playing well there may be no problem.
  11. Jeff Hullinger summed it up best earlier tonight. If Patrino with his history was trying to call your son and recruit him would you let him... I think not. It was also reported the assistant coaches did receive the documents but according to Louisville they didn't make it to Patrino....
  12. Several times while talking about different picks referred to "When watching tape with Thomas". Made it sound like it was a mutual decision based on scouting for most all picks.
  13. Props to OP for this format. I like it as a mock. Not specifically the players but format. #1 need #2 player to meet that. Always bearing in mind the weight (importance) given to each vs BPA. Much better than the usual mock.
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