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  1. Yes every day I have certain workouts to improve the strength of it. I'd just hate to go full bore and re injure it knowing districts start July 9.
  2. I believe that i only pulled my left hamstring (i felt a pop and it is located very high almost an inch below the buttock),and it has been 2 weeks and 5 days to be exact. Ive gone to therapists almost every day and they had me start on a bike, stretch lightly, and then an ultra sound after for the first week. Then ive started last week doing more stretches and worked the leg a little more same goes for this past week. I feel almost at 80% speed when i run but am afraid if i hit that last gear it might pull again or something. I do feel tightness when i hit that percent or try to go above it a
  3. More into the crop/car side of insurance but also some home insurance. I talked to a salesman and said they dont really do life insurance. He also said that i would easily find a job as a claimer.
  4. Im currently in high school and would like to get into selling insurance. I was wondering which major i should choose from, Business Management or Marketing Management. i plan on either going to a Juco my first year then transferring to University of South Dakota to save up on a couple grand, or just go straight to USD. Im wondering because i need to know which classes i would take, so i can talk to USD if those courses will transfer. Thanks
  5. My link Rivals/Yahoo writer Tom Dienhart, who is probably more in the know than anyone when it comes to college football jobs, is reporting that Louisville has hired former Husker offensive coordinator Shawn Watson as its quarterbacks coach. Great to see Watson find a spot. I know he took a lot of criticism, but he always was a gentleman and really is one of the good guys. And people who know a lot more about football than I do will tell you he's a good coach, too.
  6. ESPN LINCOLN, Neb. -- Nebraska coach Bo Pelini has confirmed the reorganization of his coaching staff, making Tim Beck his offensive coordinator and announcing three new assistants. Pelini told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he has hired Indiana assistant Corey Raymond to coach the secondary, Ohio assistant Ross Els to coach linebackers and Massachusetts prep school coach Rich Fisher to coach wide receivers. Pelini later announced that staff intern John Garrison has been promoted to assistant and will work with Barney Cotton on the offensive line. Big Ten blog Rittenberg ESPN.com's Ada
  7. that computer geek can kick 65 yard field goals
  8. they were probably in a smelling contest of cocain
  9. David Santos, kid is going to tear it up with the Black Shirts
  10. just got done watching...man is Bubba Starling fast or what?
  11. Hey would you mind if you looked at Nebraska's Jamal Turner? What do you think of his ability to play QB, WR, and his chances of playing early?
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