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  1. saweeet Rex Burkhead commited to NU......OOOOOOHHHHH YEAH!!!!
  2. sac what do u think about Nebraska's chances are with Giles? its down to us and USC...(as in the gamecocks)
  3. im not sure whats going on with the recruiting of Giles and UT, a report says kiffin took his test before he talked to him...
  4. i read an article that said tennesse may not recruit Jarvis Giles since lane kiffin contacted him before he was named the head coach
  5. i know, i wish he was N already, but giles stayed in Lincoln for and extra day, and our coaches are coming to his school tomorow, and Bo is going to his houuse next sunday, so i hope that should be enuf, we really need a speed back
  6. wow, how do i say this, well NU had a ton of visitors, and every one gave it nearly a 10, even Giles, we already have 1 4* DE that commited to us over the weekend
  7. 4* S Dijon Washington commited to us, and Jarvis Giles will be visiting us, so great week to be a Husker
  8. speaking of jarvis, he is visiting NU soon, forgot when, and i know he will love it....
  9. cool, great news, Chris Williams 4* LB form texas, just suffered a terrible knee injury, he tore his acl mcl and minescus(i think thats how u spell it) Nebraska can never catch a break...
  10. i just read that giles says he will be gone since their running backs coach is gone....and for oku he will wait and see what the new coaches are like if he likes them **** stay if he doesnt, **** leave...obviously
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