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    FalconJim reacted to falconsd56 in Dan Quinn has lost the Atlanta Falcons locker room   
    So the players quit......but then go out and force 3 strait punts?? And the offense scores 17 unanswered points?
    They should habe forced a 4th punt but the refs litterally gave the cards a first down.
    And then rallys again to score the would be game tying touchdown with less than 2 minutes left??
    That seems like an awfully high amount of effort for a team that "quit"
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    FalconJim reacted to JeffAtl in When do you think Dan Quinn will officially get fired?   
    Blank has a new stadium to fill.  He doesn't want the embarrassment of a half empty stadium or PSL owners going into revolt.
    Quinn's future will depend on the gameday crowds and Atlanta's interest in the product.
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    FalconJim reacted to 4LoveoftheGame in When do you think Dan Quinn will officially get fired?   
    He should be fired as DC tomorrow at the very least.
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    FalconJim reacted to 4dabirds in Falcons 1-5   
    That's why he is Whiff Beasley.
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    FalconJim reacted to NCFalconfan in *** Official Falcons vs Cardinals In-Game Thread ***   
    So who in the Falcons organization banged the wife of the head of officiating? Today's game was criminal.
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    FalconJim reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in Chuck Smith Speaking About The Falcons   
    The offense is fine. The offensive line needs time to gel. We do need a running back. Could be Ollison or Smith. Defense I think we could fix in the draft and Free agency. 
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    FalconJim reacted to A Dog Named Brian in Kurt Warner just now on NFL Network "What's wrong with Matt Ryan"   
    I can’t wait to see this place when Matt retires. His replacement will throw his first pick and the board goons will be clamoring for #2 back under center
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    FalconJim reacted to Ergo Proxy in Kurt Warner just now on NFL Network "What's wrong with Matt Ryan"   
    I'd love to see what Matt does when he gets on fire...
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    FalconJim got a reaction from ADAMSVILLE GYM in 1st quarter MWR check.   
    Pretty good!  Just enjoying life, my grandchildren, and trying to keep my blood sugar under control --- especially, after a Falcons game.  lol.  Thanks for asking!  Take care ---
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    FalconJim reacted to vel in Why do players quit on a coach?   
    Culture. When you see how much work you put in and other players put in half that and play more, it breeds contempt. It no longer becomes a merit based system and becomes a coach's buddy system. Coaches get attached to players instead of production. Vic getting $13MM to be a subpar player is a prime example. 
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    FalconJim reacted to E. T. in Why do players quit on a coach?   
    I know its happened before way in the past. And for any football player to quit on their coach, their team, their fans.... its shameful! They might as well stay home and not collect anymore checks!
    That's why I say, if it happened once, it will happen again doesn't matter who the coach is. That mentality needs to be removed from the building or it will continue to ruin the organization. That's a contagious cancer in itself and everyone knows who they are...its very obvious. I'd rather see a young energetic rookie fighting, learning through the mistakes, playing their heart out than a "vet" who plays when they want to...
    It happens in every sport.
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    FalconJim reacted to octoslash in Why do players quit on a coach?   
    Familiarity breeds contempt. 
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    FalconJim reacted to ADAMSVILLE GYM in 1st quarter MWR check.   
    How are you doing?
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    FalconJim reacted to LouDog in 1st quarter MWR check.   
    Ill be able to answer that better after the Braves game today
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    FalconJim reacted to ChickenBiscuit in Deion Sanders: Bye Week Could Be "Bye Week" For DQ   
    Seeing Quinn get fired mid-season then having an interim coach rally the troops just in time to destroy our draft position would be the most Falcon thing ever.
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    FalconJim reacted to JDaveG in Culture of the Falcons   
    As for fixing it, if I'm Dan Quinn I have a meeting with Blank and TD and I say "if you want me to fix this, I need your patience.  It may cost us the season, but it will pay long-term dividends." Then I start making non-performers inactive on gameday, maybe cutting them.
    You want to crap the bed, Tru?  How about you put whatever you do on your inactive days on film for other teams, because we're cutting your *** this offseason.  Until then, you can ride pine.
    Takk, you want to play for the Cowboys?  Good luck, because you are going to ride the bench until your attitude and play both improve.
    Beasley? You want to keep spinning around like you think you're Stevie Nicks circa 1978?  Do it from your house, because you aren't playing this Sunday either.
    Are we going to win games that way?  Probably not.  Will it send a message to the other players?  Absolutely.  And I'd rather lose with scrubs who try hard than with starters who teach the younger players and backups that effort isn't really expected.
    You want to fix this team?  Let Dan Quinn start busting skulls on this roster.  Let him bench and cut people.  Get out of the way and let the man have a free hand with disciplining this team.
    In 1998, Dan Reeves had us playing very well, but against the Niners, our first loss I think, he cut Juran Bolden.  Now, Juran Bolden at the time was our best returner, and Reeves was criticized.  He played a rookie, Tim Dwight, in his place.  Everyone said he was tanking the season.  We went to the Super Bowl, beating the 49ers in the playoffs along the way.  Tim Dwight is a big reason why.  Sometimes you have to send a message to the team that sorry, sloppy, low effort play will not be tolerated.  That time is now.
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    FalconJim reacted to JDaveG in Culture of the Falcons   
    I've mentioned this in a few different threads.  There is a culture on this team that goes WAY back.  All the way back to Jim Mora.  15 years ago.  The culture is this -- we have a few lights out seasons with a new HC, and then things sour.  In Mora's case, we only had the 1 really nice season and 2 mediocre ones, plus Mora went on the radio saying he'd really like to be the Huskies HC, so Blank had a quick trigger.  The thing with Mora is this -- Vick was being coddled, all the way back from 2003 when Blank was pushing him onto the field in his wheelchair.  Everything ran through him.  Not Vick's fault by any means, but it was what it was.  The team lived or died with Michael Vick. So Mora rode that horse as far as it would take him, which was 2006.  Then he was fired.  Leave Petrino out for a second because he's an anomaly and wasn't even here a full season.  Skip to 2008.
    Mike Smith was hired in 2008.  We went to the playoffs that season, losing to the eventual Super Bowl runner up.  2009, 2nd winning season in a row, a franchise first, but no playoffs.  2010, nice playoff run but got lit up by Green Bay in the playoffs, losing to the eventual Super Bowl champions.  2011, another nice run, but the Giants destroyed us on the back of Mularkey's "gosh we probably can't go deep because their pass rush is ever so scary" gameplan, and they fired both coordinators.  The Giants were also the eventual Super Bowl champions.  We got beaten by good teams.  As for the firings, technically, Mularkey got a HC job and Van Gorder went to Auburn, but it's a poorly kept secret that neither of them were coming back here.  2012 we almost make the Super Bowl with Koetter and Nolan as the new coordinators.  2013, the team hit the skids.  2014 it got worse.  Blank fires Smith.
    2015, Quinn comes along.  Decent, but forgettable season.  2016 was magical.  Super Bowl run.  7th best offensive performance in NFL history.  The defense gelled down the stretch and flat tore it up in the playoffs.  We destroyed teams on the way to the Super Bowl, and should have won.  2017, we make the playoffs, but offensive struggles with the new coordinator slowed us down.  We torched the Rams in the Wild Card round, and we almost advanced to the NFCCG but fell a play short to the eventual Super Bowl winners.  Not quite shades of 2012, much less 2016, but a nice showing overall.  2018 injuries hurt us.  2019 is now looking exactly like 2014.  The team has quit on the coach.  Blank is probably going to fire Quinn, despite the fact that Quinn isn't coaching these guys to miss tackles, lose contain, blow coverage assignments, etc.
    This isn't a coaching problem.  It isn't even really a player problem.  There is something about this team that allows some success, but not sustained success.  My best theory is the way Blank and TD and McKay run the organization, players get really comfortable here.  Comfortable enough that they think they can *** off for entire seasons and not have to perform.  And this lasts until a new coach comes in and starts amputating the tumors, but then due to the culture, new cancers eventually arise.  I think this is a top down problem.  Fire the coach.  Fine.  My issue is I don't see it changing.  So I hope the new coach wins a Super Bowl in year 2 or 3, because I'm willing to bet years 4 and 5 are going to look a whole lot like we're seeing right now.
    Dan Quinn didn't forget how to coach football.  These players have quit.  Its embarrassing.  And it's unacceptable.  But the front office will be accepting it if they axe Quinn.  Because he can't go out there and make plays for these chumps.  They have to have enough pride to play the game the right way.  And right now they don't.  Firing him isn't going to change that. The new coach is going to have to clean house on defense and start over.  Keep Grady.  Keep Jones. Maybe keep Rico.  Literally everyone else can pound sand.  Because none of them want it.  Let them go somewhere else and be lazy.
    This is a culture issue.  The owner goes out in the media and talks about who is going to be a Falcon for life, and we're going to take care of this guy, and we really want that guy here.  The GM doesn't cut bait with players who are underperforming, instead overpaying them a lot of times.  Every year Blank makes noise in the media about how the coach is on the hot seat and our expectations are this, that or the other, and it's playoffs or bust, blah, blah, blah.  But players are never on the hot seat, and there are no expectations there, only bigger contracts and bigger excuses.  I'm unsurprised they don't want to play.  They don't have to.  The gravy train hasn't left the station for them.
    Some of this falls on Quinn, for sure.  He could have insisted that Beasley be let go for example, and I'm sure TD would acquiesce.  But it isn't that easy.  If you've read The War Room and Mike Smith's book, two things are apparent.  When Blank decides he wants something, he gets it.  That's why Julio Jones is here right now.  And I love Julio, but we traded an entire draft for him, and got Mike Smith fired in the process because the defense was putrid and the offense didn't play like 80% of the resources were allocated to it.  I'm glad we went offensive line in the first round this season.  But if that means we're deferring on defense, then the owner has to understand that and I don't think he does.  I don't think he does because I remember when we cut Grimes and took back-to-back corners, one of whom was cut last offseason and the other is one of the biggest problems on this defense for lack of effort and playing like an idiot.  But it doesn't matter if it works out.  If Blank wants a player, or a draft to go a certain way, or whatever, that's what happens.  And if it doesn't work out, the coach is the problem.  Blank is never the problem.  
    I'm here to say, I think Blank is the problem.  That's what I think is going on here.  And until he keeps his nose out of football operations, get used to this garbage we keep seeing over and over and over, because it will never improve.  The culture is too toxic for any coach to remain here long.
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    FalconJim reacted to PokerSteve in Washington Post - Falcons Coach Dan Quinn now has the NFL’s hottest seat   
    The Atlanta Falcons are a sub-par, poorly coached, demoralized team. Football is no longer fun for the players. It's embarrassing and probably overwhelming to find themselves the laughing stock of the NFC South after all the preseason hype and an excellent draft and FA season.
    They are at Ground Zero at this point, so having Arizona pop up on their schedule at this moment is almost miraculous. A great chance to regroup and find themselves. Hopefully have a reset to their season. Looking at the other side of the coin ~ losing to Arizona ~ would make an already shaky situation even more tenuous for Quinn and his coaching staff.
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    FalconJim reacted to Makaveli96 in No mystery at all - 4 NFL HC on staff, sub 500 record as a HC, Carreer   
    I'm not an expert in my understanding of NFL schemes, but when you have multiple NFL players saying that every team knows how exactly how to attack the Falcons defense to score, that tells you that the responsibility for this goes up top.
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    FalconJim reacted to roguebeaver in No mystery at all - 4 NFL HC on staff, sub 500 record as a HC, Carreer   
    So, evidence is slapping us in the face that when you look at the body of work performed by the Falcons current HC and current staff with prior NFL HC experience, there is NO mystery as to why this team sucks as bad as they currently are!
    Collectively the w/l record stands somewhere around and pretty close to 109 wins and 145 losses for Mssr.s:
    Dan Quinn 37 w and 32 losses
    Dirk Koetter 19 w and 29 losses
    Raheem Morris 17 w and 31 losses
    Mike Mularkey 36 w and 53 loses
    Given the records of each individually and then meshing them together, is there any reason to believe this bunch has any freaking idea as to how to fix this teams problems? Or to even know specifically what is wrong?  I don't think there is anyone on this current staff remotely capable of turning this team around...nothing in any of their records speaks to them having the talent to do so.
    For all we know, Dan may want to just add Jay Gruden to this staff now for his expertise as well, in case he can bring some magic to the dance.
    You would have thought someone as astute as AB would have said, woah and hold on a minute, when the plan was put in place to hire these guys, and to dole out all the cabbage to players that were not deserving, and to washed up coaches with losing records!! Totally mind blowing that someone who has a track record of failing continues to rake in fortunes while continuing to lose!
    Question - can a proven loser suddenly become a winner, minus lady luck kissing on them? History is out there and all one has to do, is look at past performances over a period of time...
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    FalconJim reacted to jlrfalcon in POLL-Who Should Be Here in 2020 - Quinn? Freeman? Ryan?   
    We could do the same with 3 rookies?
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    FalconJim reacted to RING OF HONOR in Are we the worst team in the NFC South?   
    We suck....numbers dont even matter
    There is literally no team in the NFL that I would bet on the Falcons to beat
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    FalconJim got a reaction from Charles Wright in The Ultimate Matt Ryan argument Thread. Winner takes all!   
    I hate like heck to say it, 'cause I really like Matt Ryan the man, but after a game like Sunday, I'm thinking his/the Falcons window may have closed in 2016.  I truly hope I'm wrong, because it may be after my lifetime, before we ever see another Matty Ice (in his prime), and have that opportunity again --- 

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    FalconJim reacted to MAD597 in Matt Ryan is not the answer for the Falcons   
    He's not the problem either, we are stuck with him because of his contract and we should definately be looking at other area's to fix before trying to move on from Ryan.
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    FalconJim got a reaction from putnam6 in Atlanta Falcons 2019 1-Through   
    The Falcons team I saw yesterday, was absolutely atrocious!  It was 1 step forward, and THREE steps back!!!  If I were their coach, I wouldn't even know where to start to fix this mess.  Good luck, Mr. Quinn ---   

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