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  1. Yep, according to NFL.Com, the Sucs expected to sign Brady soon, probably tomorrow, for around 30 Million dollars a year. So looks like we are going to have to play the GOAT twice a year, for at least one year, maybe 2, not to mention, the little GOAT in N. O. We've beat 'em both before, but, we'll have to bring our "A Game" against those two!!!
  2. I haven't seen this posted, but I read that Hurst reportedly dropped out of baseball in college, because he had "the yips"....seriously! You may want to Google it, since it has a lot of symptoms, too many to post. But basically, it has affected a lot of famous athletes and some had to give up the sport they love....however, I didn't see many, if any, football players affected by this. It's what some say is a psychological condition that affects mostly their confidence.
  3. Honestly, no, I haven't looked at that. And I agree, Belichek is arguably the best coach ever. But mainly I was referring to FAs who would love to be a Patriot, not a draft pick!
  4. Yes, I did....but unlike the Falcons, the Patriots don't have any trouble drawing in the best players! I mean, would you want to go to a team where you have a good chance at getting a ring, or go to the Falcons?
  5. Yea, I wouldn't be surprised if he's on our radar, either. Wouldn't be a bad choice, imo...
  6. Seems like the teams who don't need 'em, get 'em (Pats) --- and the teams who could desperately use them (Atlanta), don't get 'em. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer....kinda like in real life ---
  7. Provided we take care of the DE position at 16, I think we need a G/C next. Fairly confident there will be a serviceable RB after that, to enhance the ones we already have...
  8. Could be a decent move, depending on how he comes back from the Achilles injury ---
  9. Would be a great choice, but, Chase Young would give us that pass rush we so desperately need ---
  10. Yea, he definitely ain't the best --- but it is what it is, and we have to deal with it!
  11. Oh, I'm ready to get it started, TOO, brother!!! But first, I hope we can manage to get a "game changer" in our first 3 picks, if we don't do a trade-up for Young. And for me, Chaisson and Epinesa, who we've been linked to a LOT, lately, aren't players that can do that, at least, imo....so, I'm anxious to see how it all shakes out ---
  12. Yea, it's hard to take D. Led serious, but Bayless is more of an idiot than him! LOL! I think the Falcons are considering EVERYTHING (at least I hope so), and it wouldn't blow my socks off if we at least try to pull off a deal for Young. I know, if he could make as big a difference as Julio, I'd say GO FOR IT!!!
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