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  1. I have to keep in mind, we played a pretty dang good team, today, even if they started a 3rd string QB. But our play calling was atrocious, making MR2 look awful! The schedule gets really TOUGH from here on out, and Morris will get at least a few more games to show what he can do as a HC. And if it gets real UGLY, he may be gone before season's end ---
  2. My thoughts, exactly! Too bad Jameis couldn't have started --- we would have made him look like a HOFer!!!
  3. It's just CRAZY that this OC doesn't have a single play where we can score a TD from the Red Zone!!! Duck Cutter needs to GO!
  4. LOL! You're probably right KOG, but have we really seen enough of him to make that determination? ๐Ÿคจ
  5. Yea, that would mess with his mind, alright! Who knows, maybe we're afraid the Taints are gonna try to take Ryan out to level the playing field, since Breesus isn't going to be in there, and we might need a back-up for our back-up. ๐Ÿ˜›
  6. So, we call up Benkert as our 3rd QB! Wonder why? Is Matt O.K.??? Will he get playing time? I kinda doubt it, but this seems strange...
  7. Pretty sure Morris is here the rest of the season, regardless of how we do --- So, might as well take a wait-and-see attitude on whether or not he's a serious candidate for HC. Personally, I don't think he'll make it, but stranger things have happened ---
  8. "Me and Julio, down by de school yard" ---
  9. Ulbricht --- and let him call ALL of the defensive plays! Other than that, clean house ---
  10. But we DON'T have the Ravens Defense. Sure, we have a few good pieces, no doubt, but we're far, FAR away from a Super Bowl right now, much less winning one. I can appreciate your positive attitude, though --- wish I could feel the same way, 'cause I LOVE my Falcons!!!
  11. Probably. After 0-5, I said we'll pull it together and win just enough games to keep us from a decent Draft choice --- you know, The Falcon Way!!!
  12. It could be!!! I know, I don't like it! He needs to stay up there in his comfortable Suite, and stay the h*ll off the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't see "Jurra" doing that, out in Dallas ---๐Ÿ˜
  13. Just one of MANY "no-calls" on the day!!! Very, VERY frustrating as a fan!
  14. I want to be a Raheem fan, I really do, but I just don't think he's the answer. Should've kicked the field goal --- shouldn't have played so loose on defense with the game on the line --- and seriously, going for it on 4th and 5??? Heck, we can rarely make 4th and ONE!!! Decisions a HC has to make, and he blew it! And Gurley should have been told DO NOT SCORE if you get the chance --- I think he knew that, and tried to get down at the 1 yd. line, but stumbled just enough to let the ball break the plane. Probably not what lost the game, but one of many contributors. I guess we just put th
  15. Thanks for your opinion --- I just think we win enough games to keep us from having a decent draft pick...
  16. So, you're saying we go 8 wins to only 2 losses in our next 10 games?!?!?! That must be some good stuff you're smoking there, man. ๐Ÿ˜› I hope you're right, though --- I just don't see it happenin'...
  17. Get outta here with that stuff, man --- ain't nobody tankin' around here!
  18. Wow, how sad!!! Always enjoyed his reporting on The Falcons! Our prayers are with his family & friends ---
  19. Ovie, thanks for your opinion --- but I respectfully disagree...
  20. I'd rather have Fields, over Lawrence. I think he would me more Pro Ready!
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