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  1. Without some investigation, I don't know much about him, OR his qualifications. Maybe someone can enlighten us ---
  2. My thoughts EXACTLY!!! What a waste of money he's been! Heck, we did better without him, while using Hill & Ito in The Raiders game ---
  3. Yes, Terrell had an awesome game!!! I know it's relatively a small sample size, but I think the dude will be a Top DB in this league, before long!
  4. I agree! But ONLY if it's for the next four games --- and ONLY if he wins out!!! (Talking about firing Koetter, and keeping Morris)...
  5. I said this NUMEROUS times, during the game! Duck Kutter needs to GO!!!!!!!
  6. I confess, I'm not very knowledgeable about Pederson or the Eagles, since I don't follow them very closely --- but from what I've seen and heard, I give it a "meh". At this point, I'm willing to let Rah have another shot at it --- depending, of course, on how the rest of this season goes. Our guys seem to want to play for him (for whatever reason), so I'm willing to take a wait-and-see attitude at this point...
  7. The dude has (dare I say it) "SWAG"!!! And boy do we need a TON of that! I look forward to seeing him progress as a Falcon ---
  8. I like Calvin Ridley, myself --- 😛
  9. Ito showed up in a BIG way, today!!! I hope he can continue it and stay healthy the rest of the year!
  10. I wouldn't go that far. Wait 'til he misses a crucial kick in a Playoff game, and we'll be calling for his head on a platter! LOL!!! Wait a minute, did I say a Playoff game? Never mind --- 😛
  11. I hear ya', man. Not a great output for our offense today, or the last few games, really. Bottom line --- without a healthy Julio Jones and Todd Gurley, they did enough to get the WIN. Hopefully, when these guys get back, our offense can get rollin' again, and our Defense can keep up their good play as well! We'll know a lot more after the Aints game next Sunday ---
  12. After this Raiders game, I'd have to say SOMETHING positive is going on. This was shades of the Gritz Blitz!!! 5 sacks, 5 forced fumbles and a Pick 6 is a pretty good day at the office! But where did it come from? Ulbrich??? I'm not sure, but I sure did like what I saw. I know, we'll get a good test in the Aints next week, and should find out if this game was just an outlier, or if this "D" is all-of-a-sudden For Real! I hope it's the latter --- So I'll reserve my opinion on whether to keep Ulbrich, or not, for a few more games.
  13. That's a big IF --- but yea, an 8-3 record would be hard to ignore! We'll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out ---
  14. Interesting story --- just get some frickin' sacks, I don't care where you're from!!!
  15. Yes, the stress of coaching the Cardiac Falcons would be too much! He wouldn't last half a season --- 🤪
  16. I'd venture to say, Morris would have to Win Out to have any chance at being our HC going forward! But hey, this IS the Falcons, and stranger things have happened!!! Haha!
  17. I'm O.K. with Knapp being our OC for the rest of the year! He wasn't great at it a few years ago, but you can bet he's learned a LOT since those days. I mean, shake it up --- what do we have to lose? A better draft pick??? 😛
  18. Julio is definitely a difference maker (If And When He's Able To Play!), and can make an OC look better than he really is. You have to wonder what the game/this season would have been like, if, he had been healthy ---
  19. Fire Koetter NOW, and turn the reins over to Greg Knapp, with a LOT of input from Matt Ryan!!! It's bound to be better than what we had VS the Aints!
  20. After the "shellacing" we got from the Aints today, La Canforeskin may want to rewrite this --- LOL! I truly don't think Morris is the answer to our HC job, and it may become a LOT clearer in a few more weeks of this TOUGH schedule! jmo...
  21. I agree with your assessment of TG....he's accomplished what we got him for, now it's time to close the Chapter of Gurley to Atlantie ---
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