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  1. Hey, is anyone else as SICK of the Cowboys as I am? Every time I turn on SportsCenter, it's Cowboys this and Cowboys that. First it was Romo's pinkie, then Jerry Jones "jonesing" one of his players, saying he's not tough enough, now it's T.O. and Romo "at it" again. I mean, let's hear something about some other teams...for God's sake!!! Tell us a little bit more about all the playoff scenarios, that's what I want to hear. Heck, you'd have to be a "Philadelphia lawyer" to understand the NFL's version of the playoff system.
  2. falconsfan567, why I said we should have won the most recent Saints game, is that you EXPECT an 8 and 4 team to beat a 6 and 6 team, especially when you just beat the snot out of 'em a few weeks earlier. And yeah, I wanted Tampa to murder Carolina, too. GO, YOU DIRTY BIRDS!!!
  3. I agree with you guys, that we get "NO respect". But respect has to be earned, and we haven't earned it, yet. But we will, and it may take a few years. But I'm willing to wait. I just think that our recent past has made us the "laughing stock" of the league, and until we do something to change that (and we ARE in the process) we're still gonna get "NO respect". And by the way, the Denver loss, and the recent Saints loss, BOTH hurt our chances of a Division Title, and maybe in the long run, the Playoffs. IMHO. I mean, if we had won those games like we should have, we'd be tied for
  4. Thanks Steve Bartkowski for the scenario. I agree, a Division Title is definitely not "off the table" yet, especially if we can "WIN OUT". But right now, I'm just hoping for the playoffs, 'cause I'm not real confident that we can "run the table". My biggest concern is the Vikings...but, I really believe we can beat Tampa and St. Louis. Regardless of how far we go, being a "Playoff Team" would give us a HUGE start for next season, (not to mention a great confidence booster), and make us much more attractive to players available in the Draft, and Free Agency next year. And by the way,
  5. That's right...I haven't been on here since the game, until tonight. What's the title of the topics, so I can catch up?
  6. Uh, yeah. But I haven't seen anything about this tonight. Maybe I missed it.
  7. Hey guys, should we have "gone for it" on 4th and 5, late in the game, since our offense seemed to be clicking, and our defense was struggling a bit? I felt like, that was a turning point in the game, 'cause they came back after a big punt return, and scored the winning TD on us. Who knows what might have happened, if we had gotten the 1st down. I would like to have seen them to go to Finneran, Roddy, Jenkins or HD for the 1st down. Opinions??? FalconJim.
  8. Somebody else already said it....the Bears game, to set up Elam. I knew right then, this guy is special!!! And he continues to amaze me EVERY game. Heck, the WHOLE team continues to amaze me. But I have to give "kudos" to our o-line, our backs, and our receivers. It ALL works together for the good! Finally....a Falcons team united....with everyone pulling in the same direction. The sky's the limit from here, boys! ALL THE WAY.....BABY!
  9. Falcons’ Smith heads list of this season’s five best NFL coaches By Clifton Brown - SportingNews 7 hours, 20 minutes ago. Hard to remember a season when so many coaches have done excellent jobs. Who expected the Dolphins, Ravens and Falcons to be in the playoff hunt, all with first-year head coaches? Last season, those three teams had a combined record of 10-38. Talk about quick turnarounds. Mike Tomlin has also been terrific with the Steelers (9-3), despite a brutal schedule and a suspect offensive line. But at this point, Tomlin does not even make my list of the top-five coaching performance
  10. Hey, I'd like to see us win our division too, but I think we'll have to go through Tampa to do it (IMO). A little help from some other teams would be nice, though. I just don't know if we have the experience to take the division this year. But I think a Wild Card spot is DEFINITELYy attainable. We just have to go out there and continue to play solid, mistake-free football, and I think we'll go a lot further than most so-called "experts" think we will. The thing that worries me the most, is the fact that we can't seem to consistently put enough pressure on the QB. I mean, if we let Phi
  11. Personally, I like the red jersey / black pants for home games, and the white and red jersey with black pants for away games. Although I DO like the all black unis once in a while, for our division games. FalconJim.
  12. I'm with YOU, Paprika neck. I think the black helmets with a gold stripe (like 1966-69) would look great! My ideal would be the black helmet with Falcon logo on the side, red stripe down the middle, and a gold stripe on each side. Sharp! IMO. I'm surprised too, that REV.2000 didn't know about the gold stripes. Still love ya though, REV. LOL! FalconJim.
  13. Too bad about Hartsock getting hurt. He's been a great blocker for "the burner", and I wish him a speedy recovery. Maybe this means Peele will get more action. He seems to be more of a receiving tight end, than "Hart". I like to see those "dump off" passes to our tight end, running the slant pattern. They almost always seem to go for some good yardage. I hope we can pick up a "monster" tight end in next year's draft....or at least, in free agency. It just seems like all of the "elite" teams have a great tight end. GO FALCONS!!!
  14. I think that would be a good idea, to use Ovie more. But what about Snelling??? I like that guy better! He's fast, and seems to do well every time he gets the ball. I think that would be a good way to give Turner a "breather".
  15. I'm like a lot of you....I'M STOKED!!! I can't remember the last time I could hardly wait for Sunday, and a Falcons game. I'm a "homer", and I've suffered through many average to dismal seasons (43 to be exact), and I'm more excited now than I was in '98. I can't explain it....I just think this present team has the potential to be very special, and barring any injuries to key players, I think we're gonna be good for some time to come! LOVE "DEM BIRDS!!!!!!!
  16. Yeah, I know what you mean, dude.....can't they just give us some love??? But really, I'd like to see us just continue to take care of business, and keep winning games, THEN they'll have to give our guys the recognition they all deserve. Besides, I kinda like "flying under the radar" so to speak....that way we can sneak up on our opponents better. I can't wiat 'til this Sunday....the Dome is gonna be rockin'. GO FALCONS!!!
  17. All I can say is that with the weather being bad out there in Oakland, the edge should go to the running backs... I mean, they KNOW where they're going, but the man covering 'em DON'T. So expect a lot of slipping and sliding on the part of the LBs, and safeties. I hope Turner has some LONG spikes in his bag of tricks....he'll need 'em, I'm sure. My prediction - 24 21 Falcons!!! FalconJim.
  18. • More Falcons The NFC South is still anybody’s division at the midway point of the season. The Falcons and Buccaneers play out-of-conference games this week and the Panthers and Saints are off before the last eight games (seven for the Bucs) of the season. Here is how the division breaks down. Carolina 6-2 The skinny: The Panthers have a one-game lead over the Buccaneers in the division. They have played five of their first eight games at home, where they are unbeaten. That means that five of their last eight are on the road with only one of their remaining division games in Charlotte. Remai
  19. Man, I'm getting worried about the T-Rex. First the concussion, then the "mystery" illness they never give any details about, now the hip injury. I don't know.....but it ain't sounding too good right now. Maybe it'll just turn out to be a "hip flexor" or a deep bruise, but I DO know that an O-lineman needs to have a strong lower body (hips, knees and ankles) to fend off those would-be QB killers. Well, good luck Baker....hope it's nothing serious. We sure need you on the field as soon as possible!!!
  20. JediFalocn, don't give up on Baker yet, brother. He's young....I'm sure the docs will find out what's going on, and fix it. He's had a rough start in the NFL, with the concussion, then this. But I think he's still going to have a great career. He's sure made a difference in the way our offense performs....especially, our running game. Heck, when he plays (the whole game), our running backs get over 100 yards, + our quarterback has better protection in the pocket, thus giving our wide-receivers more catches, and we're a perfect 4 and 0.
  21. Yeah, that was a bad call by Mularkey, in that situation. I think we should have run the ball, that close to the goal line. And while I think Ryan is way ahead of the game for a rookie, he threw that ball like he was throwing a "3 pointer". But knowing what a quick study he is, I don't think he'll do THAT again any time soon...at least, not until he figures out how to do it properly. But hey, we had some bad officiating in this game, too. I say, get the calls right.....I mean, that's what instant replay is for, regardless of where you're at in the game....whether there's 1 second or 10 min
  22. I'd like to see us wear the old uniforms a few times too, but I really like the uniforms we're wearing now.... especially the black helments and red jerseys. I've been a Falcon fan from the start, and while I have fond memories of the old uniforms, I think we're about to embark on a new era that is going to make us forget about anything to do with the Falcons that's old. Just my opinion. FalconJim.
  23. Nice article! It kinda gave me the warm and "fuzzies", too. I can't remember when I was so proud of our Falcons. It was a JOY to sit and watch them play today. I sincerely hope it continues, and I think it will. Maybe not on as 'grand" a scale as today, but I think we surprised a LOT of people. I know there's gonna be some bumps in the road, but knowing Smith & Co., he'll pick 'em up, dust 'em off, and get 'em back to their winning ways.
  24. Great article, from a classy guy! I've read Furman Bisher since I was a teenager, and I must say, this is one of his best articles. Of course, I guess I was "primed", to read something GOOD about our Falcons, after the big win today. As a "lifer" with this team, I pray the good times will continue, and we finally get some respect from all the nay-sayers out there in the national media.
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