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  1. I like it!!! I think this guy will make the team, and make a difference from the get-go... I mean, 19.5 sacks in 25 games.....not too shabby!!!
  2. I could just see us jumping up and snatching Fleener from the Indianopolis Dolts, but it didn't happen.....put a damper on the rest of the night for me. Kind of a nice feel-good story though, with him reuniting with his former QB (Andrew Luck). I'm still heart-broken about it, though....guess I'll have to go put on my "big boy" pants, and get over it. HA!
  3. Eh....Pat Y. gets it right most of the time, but missed on a few things in this one....good read, though.
  4. Well, at least Holmes and Konz.....don't know about Blalock. And, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if we take ANOTHER Tackle, either. Probably gonna go TE, and D-line, though...
  5. I said the same thing, tonight, about a DOZEN TIMES!!! I mean, it's mostly men who watch things like this, so why would they have a commercial with two sniveling women in it, EVERY commercial break? UGH!!! If it starts off this way tommorow, I too, may switch to ESPN.....although Burman's voice is just about as irritating...
  6. It's probably gonna be Orson Charles, Josh Chapman and/or Ta'amu.....I'd be happy.
  7. Yeah, I like him a LOT, too. And I WOULD be willing to trade up for Fleener, myself. He!!, he's rated the #1 TE on that graphic, so what's not to like? I say, bring him home, TD!!!!!!!!!
  8. Since TE Coby Fleener slipped out of the first, I trust we'll move up (if necessary) to get him. He's a "Monster" at his position already, and would be even more so, after a year under Tony G. It's a position of real need, and in my opinion, Fleener may be the BPA, now.....especially at TE... Work your Magic, TD!!!!!!!!
  9. I still like TE Coby Fleener. Since he fell out of the first, I'd be interested to see if we show enough interest in him, to try and move up to get him. That would make my day/month/year!!! We'd be set at TE for the next decade, and he could learn from one of the best...
  10. I would do the same thing, without hesitation!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!! We'll see...
  11. I hope you're right! For me, he's the BPA now, and at a real position of need for us, since Tony G. will be gone after this year, more than likely. And as good as he was for Luck, think what he'd be for a seasoned QB like Matty Ice...
  12. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!! Do it TD!!!
  13. I agree!!! Better blocker, and faster. I would **** my pants, if we could somehow get Fleener!!! Go ahead, TD.....make my day...
  14. Yeah, ME TOO!!! When I saw Fleener didn't go in the first round, it set me on fire. We need him in a Falcon's uni, BAD!!! And if anybody can do it, TD can. Work your magic Mr. Dimitroff, and get this guy in the fold......PLEASE!!!!!! To me, he's the perfect candidate to take over for Tony G. when he retires. And after a season under one of the best TE's that's ever been, he will be a BEAST!!!
  15. I don't really care which game he gets his first pick in, as long as he gets at least one against The "Taints"!!! Good luck, Asante, and welcome to the ATL!!!!!!!!!
  16. I wouldn't like Green as a replacement for TG, either. Not the same caliber, imo. And as far as the best overall TE in the draft is concerned, I'll have to respectfully diasgree. TE, COBY FLEENER is the best, but will be gone in the first round, I'm sure.....unless, TD could pull off some more of his magic. And if this happened, I would be ecstatic!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Fleener!!!
  17. WE GONE BE "BAD"!!! Haha! Love the trade. Way to go TD.....you came through again. Now, let's go get a us a bad azz TE, a LT, a monstrous NT to stuff the middle, and maybe the best center available to replace McClure. Yeah, WE GONE BE "BAD"!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. This is the steal of the century! And anyone who says different, is nuts!!! I'm just curious, though.....is it our first 7th round pick, or the second, that we gave up? Oh well, we're a winner either way. I mean, to get a guy who's got TWO SB rings, and FOUR Pro Bowls under his belt, for a 7th round draft pick, is a monster deal!!! Good job, TD!!!
  19. Yeah, you may be right g-dawg....but we can hope, can't we? I mean, stranger things have happened. I just think this guy would be a beast, especially after a year's tuttelage from Tony G. Whoever gets him, whether it's us or somebody else, is gonna get an elite player...
  20. The only surprise I want from TD this year, is doing what it takes to make sure that Coby Fleener is in a Falcons uniform this year!!! Then, we can go O-line, D-line and Secondary the rest of the way...
  21. "I like (Stanford's) Coby Fleener. I have not seen one better this year. The way the tight end position is going - if it falls right, he could fall right into the Todd Heap category. He is a second round pick, but the first is not out of reach." Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!! Bring him home TD!!!!!!!!!
  22. Thanks for that date and time.....I'm looking forward to seeing the order of who we're going to BEAT this year. Haha! I'll be watching!!!
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