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  1. On 6/28/2021 at 12:04 PM, PokerSteve said:

    Same thing I was thinking. Eight sacks would be huge compared to anybody we have. Last year we had 29 sacks. Top gun was Grady with 4. Fowler had 3, Means had 3, Charles Harris had 3. Obviously he would be a very good signing for us at the right price.

    Yes, Key words --- "at the right price"...

  2. On 6/28/2021 at 11:37 AM, celtiksage said:


    In TN AS had 4 TEs and he called in a traditional FB during the 2019 season that stayed on the roster through 2020. The FB (Khari Blasingame) didn't run the ball, but he had a decent yards per catch average, used exclusively as a blocker and receiver.

    O.K., thanks for that info ---


  3. On 6/26/2021 at 12:19 PM, Draftnut57 said:

    How many do we keep? I was just going down the roster , and saw we have 6 TEs right now.. That was a shock,, My question is this,, How many do you think we'll keep ? I will say this,, I love A. Smith who leaves no stone unturned !!   He's a go getter done kind of HC !  Amazing....  I promise you this.. I have never been so hyped up for a season to start Sense I became in fan in 1972 when I was a freshman in Highschool. As I've said a few times threw the years. William Andrews made me a fan  I've been a fan now for 50 years this coming season.  I truly believe this will be our year. Even thou I know it may take a year to get this team to get together as a whole... with no Me Me s . I still can't make myself believe we will not be extremely competitive.. I truly believe we'll all get a nice Shook before the season is over. 

    I think we keep 4 or 5.  One may even line up at FB on run plays, or short yardage.  I know AS likes a good tight end --- Hee hee...


  4. On 6/14/2021 at 11:20 AM, Dirtybird3 said:

    15 mil in cap and we looking at oft injured players? We need cbs and wrs, and I still think we need a rb. But go off TF 

    I partially agree --- we DO NOT need an oft-injured player....especially achilles! 
    But, we could use another CB or two.  IMO, we're good on WRs, though.

  5. 3 hours ago, g-dawg said:

    Do y'all think Julio, Calvin, Pitts and Hurst is enough weapons for Matt-lanta?

    I sure do!  Then, you can add in Gage and the other WR, whose name escapes me....plus, we might draft a WR somewhere in the draft!

  6. 2 minutes ago, Foo Falcons said:

    Well ****.. yeah go figure that. I realize it's a formula but dang, they're setting up Brady for another one potentially. All we can do is at least win one out of two and, lord help, maybe help prevent then from getting to the super bowl

    That was my first thought, too --- looks like they're setting up TB12 for another run at a SB.  But like you say, I hope we can take 1 out of 2 of our games with them....that could definitely be like "peeing in their corn flakes".  LOL!

  7. 15 minutes ago, Foo Falcons said:


    Bout **** time! Tired of this hardest strength of schedule crap. I guess it helps being the 4th worst team by record..

    Yea, we were 4th worst team by record, but how in the world did the Sucs get the 4th easiest SOS when they just won the dang SB?!?!?! 
    btw, the Cowgirls got 2nd easiest, and the Iggles got easiest --- go figure...





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