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  1. Well, you always hate to see a "starter" go down, but I think we'll be aight, and shouldn't be the reason we lose! But, what's MORE concerning ---- how did he get COVID after apparently being fully vaccinated? At one time The Falcons was the only team who was 100% vaccinated. Must be a "breakthrough case"???
  2. Yes, I remember those plays, and thought the same thing....wondering why he didn't take off and run it! I guess we'll never know why he didn't, whether he was told not to, or whether it was his choice. And like you say, it could have changed the complexion/outcome of the game. Water over the dam, now ---
  3. Yea, their QB was waaay off on a lot of his throws, which aided our Defense. O-line was fair to middlin', since they didn't give up a sack....only thing, Ryan was hit and hurried too much for my liking! And wait --- we have a pass rush?!?!?! LOL!
  4. Too early for me, but whatever makes you happy! LOL!
  5. Patterson at WR --- and in my opinion, it's no contest! Expecially, with Gage and Rid out. I guess we'll see more of Davis and Gallman at RB.
  6. Yea, most likely he'll be our punter this week, unless Nizialak (sp) makes a miraculous recovery, (he's been decent since the 2 shank game) ---
  7. "Two yards and a cloud o' dust" Davis is what I'm calling him! NOT worth the contract we gave him. Show me more Gallman, and especially Patterson!!!
  8. I'm thinking we get our first Win --- close, but a WIN just the same. Falcons 31 --- Giants 28
  9. Me, either! But hopefully it'll be more clear by the Bye Week ---
  10. Not surprising! Gave the Sucs excellent field position, several times ---
  11. I think the score could be maybe, Bucs 32 --- Falcons 20...
  12. Smith must be pi$$ed about something! But I can't imagine what this means. I guess we'll find out soon enough ---
  13. Anybody get the number of that truck?!?!?!?!
  14. That would be foolish! MR2 will be fine, and knows how to take care of himself....he's already proven it!!! But if the game gets out-of-hand, though, I wouldn't be opposed to taking Ryan out, for Rosen/Franks ---
  15. O. K., thanks! And yes, maybe someone can clarify that for us ---
  16. So, no red jerseys or red helmets? Maybe I missed them ---
  17. Is it at Home, or Away, can't remember? If we're Home, I'd give the edge to The Falcons ---- if Away, maybe Philly might win. Either way, I think it'll be close!
  18. Maybe -------- Maybe, not....
  19. This is probably the best team Rosen has ever been on --- I don't know how much we'll see of him until Ryan retires, but he couldn't be sitting behind, and learning from a better student-of-the-game than Matt Ryan! jmo...
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