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  1. Just now seeing this was posted on Monday, three pages back --- sorry
  2. FLOWERY BRANCH — Defensive lineman Ra’Shede Hageman, who finished his two-game suspension, was waived/injured by the Falcons on Monday. Hageman, 29, was trying to make a comeback after being out of the NFL for two seasons. He was on the reserve/suspended list after joining the Falcons in training camp.
  3. Yeah, M. Green didn't make the cut, and not on the PS, either. So I guess there's a good chance Matt Bryant may get his old number back ---
  4. And Matt "Money" Bryant is #3? I saw another player wearing that number during preseason --- so if we sign Bryant today, will he get his old number back?
  5. Well, maybe if they do decide to sign Bryant tomorrow, they'll have time to have an intense competition between Bryant and Vecc and see which one they want to keep before having to get down to the 53 on Saturday afternoon...
  6. Didn't we do that part of last year? Honestly, I don't remember.
  7. The best case scenario to me, would be to sign "Money" Bryant, and keep Tavecchio, too, just in case. I believe we have the cap space to do that, since Vecc is only due $600,000 +. That way if Bryant tweaks a hamstring or quad, Tavecchio will still be in the loop and can take over for him ---
  8. You may be right, but, you could be dead wrong! I'm willing to give Oliver a few games (at least Pre-season) to see what he can do --- and, apparently, DQ is, too. I will say this, I haven't been a huge fan of his, but, I see no one out there available who would be much (if any) better...
  9. Good question! And, I guess we'll find out soon enough! Even if he doesn't "make it", we haven't lost much....."nothing ventured, nothing gained" ---
  10. I like this move! Bring some guys in and put an eyeball on 'em, and see what they can do --- we had to round out our roster anyway. Plus he has the size, and speed that DQ covets for a safety....so, we'll see how it works out! Just another story line for us to follow ---
  11. Taking a wait and see attitude, 'cause like you say, guys who jump around squads are a worrisome lot to me. Hopefully, he'll stick, and be a good/great player for us!
  12. Right! Like you say, the media is ruthless and relentless! They're just trying to get a story at any cost, and he doesn't want to give 'em one ---- hence, the short and sweet interview. Actually, pretty smart on his part. But I will say this, when he was first drafted and came out to be interviewed holding the pic of his Grandmother and all, and screaming "this is for you", I was sort of dumbfounded! I actually felt sorry for the young man, because he seemed to be very unstable at that time. I just chalked it up to all the excitement of the night --- but now, with some of the things that's happened since then, I just don't know anymore. I certainly hope he can get his mind right, and his career on track, because we NEED HIM and his talents on the field!!! Good Luck, T Mack ---
  13. No, VERY disappointing! I was expecting MUCH more from Takk. Hopefully, Quinn can set a fire under his arsk and get him playing up to his potential --- and it's there....just not sure what his problem is. Whether it's mental, or something physical....I guess we'll find out soon enough. Pulling for you Takk!!!
  14. Couldn't afford it --- too many other hands out....so, I'm good.
  15. I could care less what Takk says, or doesn't say....just be a constructive player ON THIS TEAM, and "I'm Good" ------- Too...