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  1. I just hope at mid-season we're not 5-3, or 6-2, then COVID hits so many teams, they cancel the rest of the season ---- that'd be just our luck!!! 😟
  2. With what most say is the hardest schedule in the NFL, Blank may extend the rope a little bit longer this time, before he puts the noose around their necks! If mid-season sees us at .500 or better (4-4), they could all get a reprieve, at least until season's end, depending on what our final record is at that point. But what happens if we end up 9-7, and miss the Playoffs? Pretty sure they'll ALL be gone! 11 wins or more may be the magic number, and at least a Wildcard berth, to see no changes.
  3. Seriously, bruh ---
  4. O.K., man....you're entitled to your opinion. And I never said I thought Von Miller was ready to DIE, or even saw where he said it was frightening, although, I'm SURE it was. But hopefully, one day, he'll be back to doing what he loves to do. Oh, and I'm not someone who has the mindset that athletes are "objects" --- if you really knew me, and what I've done in my life, you'd see how ridiculous that statement is!!! And just for the record, it's my belief, we'll have NFL Football this season, in some form or fashion --- it may be in empty stadiums, with a shortened season, but, we'll have football --- bank on it! Have a good night ---
  5. O. K., thanks, man! I hate to hear that, but this junk is no respecter-of-person....just trying to stay in and be safe, myself, since I'm in a high-risk category because I'm over 60, and have diabetes ---
  6. Well, thanks for the "half agreement". But the truth is, if it's your time, it's just your time, whether you're on a football field, or sitting in your recliner. But if it were me, I'd like for them to say, "well, he died doing what he loved to do"....and to me, I think that'd be a pretty cool way to go ---
  7. Yes, a big consideration, for sure....I understand that --- you can't put somebody's life at risk, for a game. But apparently those players have controlled those health issues well enough, that they've made it all the way to the "Big Show". Unless they're sick with the virus, keep doing what they've been doing, and if they need to take a break, or get oxygen, do it! And even give a player the choice to tell a coach, "I'm done", if he can't finish a game --- Like I said, where there's a will, there's a way!
  8. I guess I missed something --- did Von Miller have COVID-19??? If so, I hope he'll be alright! But man, they just gotta play some football at some point --- with this shelter-in-place crap, plus no baseball, no basketball, I'm 'bout to go NUTS!!! I think they could do it in a safe way, even if it's with no spectators. Heck, fumigate the locker rooms before and after games, social distancing, masks when you're not on the field --- whatever it takes to get this thing going! Like the old saying goes, "Where There's A Will, There's A Way"!!!!!!!!!!
  9. That's what I'm thinking, too, KoG --- 7-10 sacks....and I'd be fine with that. Especially, if we can get 7-8 from the Takk attack, but that may be wishful thinking! We shall see...
  10. I think Matt Bryant spoiled us all! For many years he was "Mr. Automatic". May be hard to replace that. And I'm not completely sold on Koo, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, until he starts screwing up! At least we now have a couple of guys who can push each other --- and may the best man Win!!!
  11. Yea, I think he MAY have the desire, but his body won't let him carry it out --- Looks like, if he don't deliver, HE GONE!!! And I'm fine with that!
  12. It was probably a forgone conclusion that we wouldn't be able to land him....but I wanted Chase Young really BAD!!! He's such a generational-type player, and no doubt, he could/would have been a "game-changer" for us. Kept holding out hope for a trade-up that never happened ----
  13. Step down? I doubt it ----I'm hoping for a great season for him, and The Falcons!!! I like the guy, myself --- just not convinced YET, that he can take us where we want to go ---- he may have missed his "window", in 2016....only time will tell on that ---
  14. Great pick! He plays LG a year, and slides into C after Mack's departure --- couldn't get any better!!! Just thought of it --- it'll be our Matt to Matt connection....
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