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  1. I partially agree --- we DO NOT need an oft-injured player....especially achilles! But, we could use another CB or two. IMO, we're good on WRs, though.
  2. So, just who is Peyton's nephew and who does he play for? Sorry, I don't get to watch a whole lot of college football --- or is he even that old???
  3. I would like to know that, myself! Maybe someone will have more time than me to investigate that for us --- thanks for bringing that up...
  4. What's not to like about this move?!?!?!?!?! GO, FALCONS!!!
  5. So, if the Jets take Mack at 2, that would mean Shanny is really pi$$ed? Since all accounts say he wants Mack at 3, thus the trade up ---
  6. I'm pulling for Cominsky! Like others have said, he's shown flashes, but this may be his last chance to shine! Good Luck, John!!!
  7. Pitts, or Surtain for me (and in that order)...
  8. I sure do! Then, you can add in Gage and the other WR, whose name escapes me....plus, we might draft a WR somewhere in the draft!
  9. That was my first thought, too --- looks like they're setting up TB12 for another run at a SB. But like you say, I hope we can take 1 out of 2 of our games with them....that could definitely be like "peeing in their corn flakes". LOL!
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