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  1. He was 81 yrs. old. Bobby Hebert played QB for the Falcons from 1993-96 and made the Pro Bowl in '94. He said his Dad is the reason he "made it" in the NFL, and was an LSU fan to the core! Condolences to Bobby and his family ---
  2. Haha! In his OWN mind ---
  3. You're right! Didn't think of him. Either way, I think the dude would be an asset to our team!
  4. We could certainly do worse than Wilekes!!! I figure Chuck Smith knows a lot more than me, and if he says he'd be an excellent fit for The Falcons, I have no problem with that. Don't know if he has any comparisons, yet....but, in the videos I've seen, he looks a little Luke Keuchley-ish to me...
  5. LOL!!! Nah, wouldn't that be just a little "tacky"...
  6. LOL!!! We'll see ---
  7. Trudat!!! Hope he surprises us all!!!
  8. And according to Clint Eastwwood, "A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations"....LOL!!! I just hope we don't make Teddy look like a HOFer ---
  9. Probably a back-up, since we got rid of Stocker ---
  10. LOL!!!
  11. He's a BIG MAN!!! 6'3" --- 317 lbs. And only 27. Just depth, I suspect...
  12. Born: May 31, 1992 (age 27) Miami, Florida Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m) Weight: He's a BIG BOY!!! 317 lb (144 kg)...
  13. So who's gonna wear the #11? I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that!
  14. After watching some videos of Double H, some good, some not-so-good, I honestly don't know what to expect! Granted, he's a little faster than Hoop, but does he have his hands, and the ability to find the open space??? Remains to be seen, since he will have a better QB, and a better scheme to work in. I'm hopeful, but in a reserved way --- ---
  15. Yea, pretty much, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ---