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  1. Jarrett will "technically" be a free agent, but there's no way we let him walk! Right? But Beasley may be a different story, unless he agrees to a reduced deal, with maybe some incentives built in. What's left is not a real strong group, which it seems like the point you're trying to make ---- but I feel fairly confident that DQ will get some help in FA and the Draft to bolster our DL ---- I think he knows what he's got, and will make the necessary adjustments...
  2. Yes, re-sign Bruce Irvin and draft the biggest, meanest DT we can, and we're good --- just my opinion...
  3. Yes, it seems like the kicker has become more important than ever, especially, since they moved the extra point further back --- not really a "gimme", anymore! Plus, defenses are getting bigger, and better than ever at getting to the QB and stymieing the pass game. But I think we have a guy in Travecchio (sp.) that can come in and take over where Bryant left off --- he was "perfect" last year, while filling in for him.....hoping he can continue that trend!!!
  4. Only time will tell, but, I think he'll do fine! Gonna miss "Mr. Automatic", Matt Bryant, though ---
  5. Yes, we really do --- you'll see ---
  6. I ain't gon' lie, losing a 10 yr. vet like "Money Matt" really hurt me. He won so many big games for us. I understand the NFL is a business and he was gettin' a little long in the tooth --- also, with the type of injuries he had last year, you have to wonder how many more seasons his hammy has. But Bryant was one of my all-time favorite Falcons, so I'll miss seeing him out there for us this season. Good Luck, Matt!
  7. Honestly, I don't see a one (at least, so far) that would be an upgrade over what we already have. I guess I'll have to rely on the Falcons "brain trust" to stay on top of all this ---
  8. I was thinking the same thing! Just hope Quinn makes it clear what each coach's duties/responsibilities are --- and I'm sure he will --- so there's no confusion, or back-biting going on. But more importantly, who the BOSS is!!! But really, these guys are professionals and most of them have been HCs before too, so, they already know what the parameters are for their position. Really looking forward to 2019, and seeing how it all comes together!
  9. We're not in "cap do do" because, like you say, "we don't go out on a spending spree". Seems like Rich McKay and Thomas Dimitroff do a great job every year on fudging the numbers around and back-loading contracts, so we don't get in that kind of mess. But there's no doubt in my mind, if we want to keep all the players we want/need this year, they may be burning the midnight oil for a while --- that is, unless the hammer drops on some other high profile players to give us more CAP! And at the very least, there's some re-negotiating of contracts...
  10. Makes sense to me, too --- but would Poole take that offer, when he could possibly get more as a FA?
  11. Dang, I have mixed emotions about this one. As a UDFA he was a more-than-good acquisition, who gave us three pretty good years. And it seems like he was our only DB that could actually catch the dang ball, when it was thrown right to him! But, I understand it's a business, and you HAVE to get Kazee on the field --- he was considerably better at the NB position than Poole ---
  12. You're right --- I wouldn't want that task, either! It'll be a magic trick if we're able to do it ---
  13. WOW, looks like a 5 yr. $95 MILLION deal for Julio! Can we afford to pay Grady and others, if we tie up that much money on a WR? Asking for a friend ---
  14. No he hasn't --- my bad. It was Bruce CARTER that we re-signed. I got my "Bruces" mixed up. Irvin is still on our roster, and hopefully he'll be re-signed since we cut Reed...