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  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I can't disagree with much of anything in this article --- pretty much, spot on!
  3. Well, whether we like it or not, Dan Quinn is still our coach --- at least for some period of time. Me, I'm just gonna try to make the best of it and keep cheering my team on, until something changes ---- there's no use in crying over spilled milk, and continuing to live in the past....it just spoils our future!
  4. Yes ---- plus, part-time QB....LOL!!!
  5. Nooo, don't even think about it --- we need to keep Sanu!!! He's one of our most reliable receivers, and a guy you can count on in a pinch!
  6. Yep, sadly I agree --- the end of an era for sure...
  7. LOL at "as he sits around, bouncing his **** soccer ball and giggling"!!! But yea, I'm thinking we should just lose out, so that some much-needed coaching changes can/will be made ---- not to mention a top 3 draft pick!
  8. But I saw nothing wrong with his snaps, or the holds --- Bryant just didn't have enough leg on the long one, and just "doinked" the extra points....one that went in, and one that didn't. Harris was always a sure thing, but I saw no problems yesterday with Condo's performance --- And I hate to say it, because Matt "Money" Bryant has been golden for us, for a long time, as well as one of my favorite Falcons --- but it may be Tavecchio Time in the ATL from here on out ---
  9. Why? They have 3 wins, and we only have one more. Not to be argumentative, but, I think there's a distinct possibility it COULD happen --- especially, if we're "tanking". The real question is, if we lose, what will/should be the ramifications?!?!?! Because, I'm pretty sure there will be some...
  10. Hope not ---
  11. Yikes!!! 315+ yds.? --- Ya' think? That would be turrible! But, you could be right --- lately it's uncanny how we seem to allow rookie QBs and backups to have "career games" against us. I feel like saying, I hope it's not this weekend ---- BUT ---- why should we try to win another game? It would mean absolutely nothing! I'm not a big proponent of "tanking", I think it sends the wrong message to your team, but, in this case, it may be the best thing to do ---
  12. So, the 3-10 Arizona Cardinals are up next, and they were beat by the 5-8 Lions yesterday, 17-3. As we all know, when Green Bay lost to the Cards (AT HOME), they fired their coach. What if we lose to them, Sunday (AT HOME) --- could/should the same thing happen here?!?!?! Thoughts?
  13. Haha! O. K. That's your prerogative --- have a great day!
  14. Yes, I remember the injuries on the O-line --- and like I said in my other post, we should've taken time off the clock and kicked the field goal. And as far as Quinn "throwing the game away", I'm sure it wasn't intentional, as you make it sound. Remember, he was a second or third year coach, on a BIG stage, and was heavily relying on his coaches to do the right things --- obviously, they didn't, and we lost. It was a hard pill to swallow, at first, but I'm over it now....I hope you are.
  15. As i'm sure you recall, Shanny (and our offense) had been really good all year, so, I think Dan Quinn was just letting him do his job --- in hindsight, maybe to a fault, but still, allowing him to do what he had done best all year, and that was running our offense like a well-oiled machine! Oh, and I forgive Quinn --- just the way I roll...