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  1. Would love to take the Mrs., RISE UP!!
  2. If Vic Beasley performs anything close to 2016, you have to keep him. Great pass rushing will always be more valued than great safety play, even though it’s gonna cost the Falcons. And with Kazee on the roster, letting Keanu Neal walk is a strong possibility if he wants to be paid top dollar. Because after this Kwom Alexander contract, Deion Jones now has his starting point and that’s after Jarrett and Julio are taking care of.
  3. Everything you said is absolutely true, but unfortunately there is only One New England. The Patriot Way works because of the owner they have, the scouts, front office, and of course the greatest HC of all time. And any mistakes, and they have made plenty of mistakes drafting, having superior coaching and the greatest QB of all time helps. We’re not the Patriots, extracting certain processes from them is fine, but trying to duplicate New England is an exercise in futility.
  4. I agree with everything you said, except GJ lowering his contract demands to play with a player. Absolutely not gonna happen! Not on his 2nd contract, which will be his biggest contract in the NFL; no, he’s trying to break the bank especially making fourth rounder money on his first contract.
  5. And just to let everyone know, pass rushers are difficult to find let alone pass rushers from the interior of the defensive line. Letting Grady walk in his prime for a potential Grady is ludicrous. Again Alford, Brian Poole we’re not at the top of their positions in terms of quality, Grady is and will be compensated for it, hopefully long term by the Falcons
  6. Again, at the talent level or quality of production as the previous player remains to be seen. We don’t know how Oliver will perform now as the 2nd CB, Oliver replacing Grady, you only hope and pray you can get the same production if you’re fortunate enough to draft him.
  7. No team ever has a constant backfill of talent ready to replace the previous pro bowl talent at every position. You’re going to have to pay someone. You’re going to miss picks, on average if the scouting department is really good, they’ll hit 60% of the time on adequate replacements. But you will miss on picks as well, just part of the game. You can’t pay everyone top dollar, I do agree with that, but again showing players the door when their rookie contracts expired and they are at the top of their position or just expecting a rookie to take over in time at that position is not realistic or feasible.
  8. Absolutely, but when you draft well, that means in time you have to pay well. Thus the salary cap restraints the Falcons are currently experiencing. Matt Ryan, Jake Matthews, Devonte Freeman, Julio, Grady Jarrett, And Trufant are the flip side of drafting well. And coming soon to the party: Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, Austin Hooper.
  9. This sums up the Saints in a nutshell. Start at the 6 minute mark Colin Cowherd
  10. I joined you league