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  1. Those stats are inflated. He probably had 2500 dink and donk yds half of the 67% completions were also dink and donk. IT IS TIME TO GET THE BALL DOWN FIELD. IF NOT TEAMS WILL CONTINUE TO PUT 8 IN THE BOX AND IT WILL BE THE SAME OLD STORY.
  2. I wouldn't have asked him for a pay cut, I would have asked for all my money back.
  3. This weekend NFC games unfortunately will be decided based on the weather. I don't see SF beating GB in freezing temps and the Saints speak for themselves when it comes to outside and snow.
  4. One reason is playing a soft cover 2 defense. THAT DOES NOT WORK IN THE NFL. We need to start playing man to man, making contact at the LOS.
  5. If mat Ryan gets a pass because of the OL, Stephen Jax has to get one too.
  6. He completed 29 dink/donk passes for a meseley 210 yds. WTF! A mere 7 ypc.
  7. This is the last chance to win a game this season. Why is anyone hoping we get lucky enough to win and go 4-12? 3-13 gets us at least the second pick. The other busters of the NFL will win at least 1 more game, including the Jaguars.
  8. We were supposed to beat a GB team without Aaron Rodgers that got smashed the week before and we didn't.
  9. First of all, Mike Smith chouldn't be getting any credit for the lucky wins the Falcons have accumulated under him. Half of those wins should not have happened. He is taking this team nowhere fast. It's time for AB to get some balls and show him the door. 17 of the last 20 game have produced nothing in the second half. This is rediculous.
  10. Those players are on a team that throws to them like wide recievers. If you use a 6-8 TE correctly, he can be effective.
  11. Smiity should be kissing Alford's arss for saving his job for the time being. If the Falcons had lost, regardless of what AB says, Smitty was out. The damnnn team was 2-9 and was doing whatever it takes to win.
  12. Wait and see what happens their next game when they play the Falcons. A team can be playing it's worst football and the Atlanta Falcons always jump start them into believing they are legit. GB still wins this game.
  13. He will never change. If his heart is weak, he needs to quit. DC's never make good HC's.
  14. Ryan on the field gives us the best chance at the no. 1 pick.
  15. 50% of those completions are dink and donk. Matt Ryan can not hold Brady's jock strap.
  16. How many straight games has the offense not shown up in the 2nd half? About 14 or 15?
  17. And you guys belive AB will bring Mike Smith back. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  18. Smitty is in love with this non tackling 3rd string LB who should get released.
  19. If he had not run up the middle he could have scored.
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