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  1. section 130 row 15 14,15, come see me next game since you a tough guy.
  2. U guys are moron's 5 offensive starters out and you blame the QB. I like Matt Ryan and he should be the starter but he wouldve made no difference in this game. You act like he's been playing good football lately.
  3. QFT half 90% of this board wasnt at the game. I saw just as many whites with vick jerseys cheering him on.
  4. One of the many comments still left over by memebers of this board. =abrahamburger=, on 06 December 2009 - 08:55 PM, said: The sign said "ATLANTA LOVE MICHAEL VICK." haha yea we finally gave them freedom and now they want everything. Give an inch and they try to take a mile. <-- Posted by Initium
  5. You also failed to mention all the whites with number 7 jerseys on and signs. I saw quite a few today you probably didnt go to the game. Also what you dont get is Atlanta has the largest African American fanbase of all nfl teams. Just because you and others on this board hold hate in your heart doesnt mean we all do. Those fans that came because they support Vick paid money while you guys posting messages sat at home on your butts typing on a computer. No they dont just support Vick because he's black they support him because he is a black men doing what few black men have ever did. You as a w
  6. That's what I'm talking about **$# all the negative comments our D is playing football.
  7. D is doing their job they only gave up 3. That 7 was on weems fumble.
  8. The name will never die on this board its to many bitter fans on this site. The guys who clam to hate Vick bring the name up more often then supporters. Anytime a comment is made about Ryan short of he's the best quarterback in the NFL the name Vick lover is dropped. Then the fake Vick trolls come out (Posters who really hate Vick but pretend to be a supporter) just to get people's panties in a bunch.
  9. Yea whats 10% that wont even cover the extra charges they throw on your bill.
  10. This is another member of the board trust me he's a bigger Matt Ryan fan then you. This has been going on for awhile now. People just love to start sshhhhhh.
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