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  1. i have plenty of friends with kids that laugh at that humor too..its called being an adult and knowing the difference between jokes and real life......calling someone a child molester? = funny....being a child molester? = not funny at all......i think or thought that was common knowledge... idk
  2. jayy, i said the guy was voted most likely to penetrate a 10 year old...it was a joke. i mean i didnt condone child molestation, or say i did it...i mean seriously, ure THAT easily offended? like seriously now come on, what year u living in?? in todays society where jerry sandusky jokes are on late night tv every other day, ure offended by what i said???? u really really need to grow thicker skin bro..
  3. thanks....i dont come on here to argue. i asked a simple question. look at my original post, and look what it turned into. its ridiculous.
  4. alright guys its game time, its been stimulating. and i appreciate the people that sent me private messages saying they thought my jokes were hilarious....and the 2 people that had the balls to say it on here. the rest of u? i meant no malice ....all in good fun. so, dont take it seriously. ciao
  5. oh u have kids?? awwww im sorry.....that they have u as a father. toughen up bro. ever see a roast on comedy central?? u think me joking about some guy on here being a child molester is going to change or effect anything or anyone in this entire world??? lol it was a dig at the guy thats all, i dont know him, like i dont know u....its WORDS why are u so offended by words?? by someone u dont even know??? man up or dont read this thread anymore , simple solution.
  6. and you do realize i dont know you, wont ever know you and dont care to know u, so therefore dont care what you think of my brand of humor right?
  7. DUDE get laid like asap....you seem backed up. smile, laugh, its a message board post about john abraham!! its not life and death here!!! i joke around with my insults....are u like 12 that it offends u??? cmon now....olive branch extended..i dont want u mad at me,
  8. or u need to stop being a lil sensitive pus and expand your sense of humor.
  9. i thought so too but im getting lambasted by everyone lol....whatever though...
  10. grow up man...just grow up. " the ignore list" scaryyyyyy
  11. omg everyone, its jokes. wtf....seriously its not that serious.
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