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  1. Tommy Hanson time tomorrow night :)

  2. For those interested, ESPN2 is showing Welcome to the NFL with Matt Ryan and a couple others in a couple minutes. It's supposed to be on now, but another show is just ending.
  3. Is the current one that bad? I've been to it several times (the most recent being last year), and I didn't think it was terrible. Just seemed like another arena to me.
  4. Oh, we're going to be making the tourney....there's no doubt in my mind. We've lost a few very close games so far and we weren't having any luck with our open-3's. That should even out by the time the years ends.
  5. We need to save some of these 3's for the upcoming games. Big Brian Williams looks great this year. He is in much better shape.....and now he's trying to hook up with my friend.
  6. And rightfully so . I can't wait to see how good he can possibly be with Monte coming in and drawing up some nice schemes.
  7. Me saying "I don't know" was another way of me saying "In my opinion" or "To me..." Read my post again. This is semantics. There's no right or wrong answer. I know that you like to point out "facts" whenever you can, but in this case, there are none. You say that the term "kids" is appropriate for college athletes. I say it's not. It's a matter of opinion.
  8. I see that you edited. I was going to say that it's pretty silly to attack me for voicing my opinion on such a silly issue like this. I've just always found it odd. I never said that people who use that term are idiots or anything of the sort.
  9. I don't know, I've just always found it odd that a lot of people refer to college players as kids. I'm sure I've done it before.
  10. Man, I wish we could play like this more often. We're contesting shots and swarming around the ball. In a lot of our games it just seems like defensive doesn't matter to them. There's no doubt that we have the talent to be a top-10 team....it's all about our defense and starting to make more of our open-threes (which we've done tonight).
  11. On another note, why are we still calling these students/athletes "kids?" As far as I'm concerned, 18-22 year olds who are going to school full-time and are off on their own from their parents don't count as "kids" to me. /end rant
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