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  1. Bingo. This defense is built to play with a lead and get turnovers. The Eagles offensive line has the ability to maul us with Ajayi and Blount running behind them.
  2. Truth be told - Shannahan called plays to ensure that Ryan got the MVP. In fact, he tried to make Ryan the Superbowl MVP. I really believe that he went away from Devonte for that particular reason.
  3. Grady Jarrett is a monster. Easily becoming one my favorite Falcons.
  4. I noticed it and is irritated by it too, but I think they live stream the pressers on Periscope.
  5. It's called the Soul Train line. A popular show in the 70's.
  6. I share this opinion. Shanahan was stubborn and demanding of Ryan. He made Ryan roll out and bootleg - even if Ryan wasn't able to be perfect at it. Shanahan knew Ryan was not super athletic, but he needed the rollouts to implement his offense. Right now - Sark is too much of a player's coach. He doesn't have the cache to force Ryan to do anything.
  7. As I remember it, Jamal was not as effective with Kozlowski. Christian was the man (before the concussions).
  8. If you think that Freeney is only good for coaching you are fooling yourself. If you really pay attention to what he did in the playoffs, you can appreciate the influence that he had on the entire d-line. He was coaching guys on the field and masterminding some of those stunts. You don't have to get a sack on every play to be an effective pass rusher.
  9. Dan Reeves coached the Vikings game and the Superbowl.
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