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  1. Return I think your inbox is full... Tried to PM you with no luck
  2. Could use a link too if someone could PM me. Stuck in Chicago around all these bears fans
  3. He's a rookie... Brian Williams came in and started immediately b/c he knows Smith's system, Tye Hill as been inactive even though he's a vet because he missed camp. Hopefully Tye Hill replicates Foxworth and slots in mid-season and becomes our best corner, because we need someone to step in at that position... don't think Houston or Grimes are good enough to cover the league's best wideouts.
  4. I got no problems with JPW as a practice squad QB a la Shockley, but if you truly want to develop a long-term backup you draft/sign a guy with great measurables -- i.e. size and arm strength -- and groom him into the position over time by working on his release and accuracy. JPW has good intangibles and toughness, which is nice, but his ceiling is limited by his physical tools. The guys you want late in rounds were QBs like Hunter Cantwell and Brian Hoyer -- who were unfortunately signed by the Panthers and Pats, respectively -- that have the tools and smarts to be a good NFL QB but for some r
  5. Great pick up as a developmental WR... has great size if he can add some bulk, good top-end speed but will never have the burst/acceleration into and out of cuts to be an elite wideout. I think he'll make the team and be brought along as our eventual #4 WR. He worked out for a number of teams and was expected to go between rounds 5-7, but the fact that we brought him in twice and he's from Marietta (Walton HS) really helped.
  6. Well, you may think we're set at CB but remember we tried to bring Foxworth back for a substantial price. Although he ultimately signed a much more lucrative deal with the Ravens the fact we made an attempt to bring him back shows that TD isn't quite ready for either Chevis or Houston to man the CB spot. I think TD is hoping one of the top CBs (Jenkins, V. Davis, A. Smith) drops to us, or perhaps he is sold on DJ Moore or likes Delmas in the 1st and someone like Macho Harris, Darius Butler, or J. Byrd with a later pick. Either way, I think both CB and S are addressed early in the draft, and i
  7. The use of the word "Discuss" at the conclusion of brief, uninsightful message board posts in a feeble attempt to generate controversial dialogue has gotten completely out of hand. Discuss...
  8. I think he could be a quality ST player, but I'm not sure if he has the skills to really play much safety... maybe a solid reserve/nickel back. I think he got screwed a bit by Tenuta starting him off at corner... he just doesn't have the agility, hips, or recovery speed... but Tech was short at that position so he played CB for two years until GT was short at safety. His All-ACC was largely due to a few big plays (he had several picks including a 97-yd return against some scrub... I think Samford?) but his footwork and coverage skills are pretty bad for an NFL calibre safety.... he is aggres
  9. I think there's more to this story than we all know.... The Bengals stuck with Odell for 2 years because he was immensely talented when he repeatedly let them down. Now they cut him for going to his grandma's funeral & missing OTAs? I think either (a). They realized he's not the player he once was after taking 2 years off, or (. something else came up character-wise (i.e. they found out he hadn't reformed himself like everyone assumes). Remember they added Rivers at OL and have Ahmad Brooks at MLB... I think the Falcons Filter is still in full effect, especially after Boley, so I dont' th
  10. Great post fanatic365 I've never been to a MB with more unsubstantiated posts.... even those with hundreds to their names like the OP are guilty. I think Arthur Blank is nothing if not committed... he hasn't wavered a bit since his ambitious plans when he bought the club, even though the man those plans revolved around is gone. If you ever hear him speak is not only intelligent and wise but genuinely seems like a kind person who wants to use the Falcons to do great things in Atlanta (and, yes, make a ton of $$). The important thing is that's he's thinking BIG... and planning on investing to ma
  11. From scout.com... I think people will want to see him at a defensive end position, Richt said. I think the NFL will look at his body type and say he might be an end. They ll be able to see him play outside linebacker and able to see him play d-end. I think it gives him more marketability for the NFL. Miller was considered a defensive end coming out of high school but the Bulldogs thought he would be a better fit at linebacker. If (defensive end) ends up being the spot that he thrives at, it would be nicer to have gotten him over their quicker, but it s hard sometimes to know the right th
  12. solidx... I understand what you're saying in terms of improving our talent level before we can realistically compete, but tanking is not the best way to build an NFL team. The consensus is that it takes a bit of time to reach the level of elite teams and you do this by making high value picks and juggling salaries well... teams generally fail not because they don't have high enough picks but because they screw up the ones they have and take on bad contracts. In fact, it's probably more risky to lose games and pick higher because the cap figure will be larger for that high draft pick, and his f
  13. Isn't there like an off-topic/non football-related forum where this can go?
  14. Well the game we need to win the most is Tampa but honestly how could anyone want "revenge" or anything mean-spirited against a guy like Dunn. I mean if we gave him $6M he probably would have stayed... The only one I want revenge on his D-Hall, and even that I don't really care about much, just to prove he's overrated and doesn't deserve the contract he wanted from us (and subsequently got from OAK). He's not a $10M/year, $25M guaranteed player and will be exposed by many teams, hopefully us among them....
  15. According to the UGA trainer he ran a 4.38... his official Pro Day time is 4.50 so I would take that number with a grain of salt. Still, he's athletic enough - that's not the issue... the question is does he have the skills, technique, and instincts to be a rush end. Statistics won't tell us that we'll just have to see in camp....
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