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  1. wow i can believe this is still here. i posted this yesterday around 3 pm...comon mods...let just moveit or delete it...its pointless
  2. im going with 1 more than any of these harrington haters will ever throw in the NFL
  3. There are no "blessings in disguise"...all blessing are from our Lord, you just have to have open eyes to see them
  4. http://www.cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/ga-gorilla-pic/ Ive heard this all morning that some guys found a bigfootbody in north GA. First off i dont beleive it at all. Second I have a hard time believeing that a corpse of a dead animal can make it through the night with all teh coyotes and birds and stuff....lol Anyhow just thought Id share with you all. You can do a search its all over the web press conference tomorrow at 12 pm in Cali.....
  5. hey i just voted and got it right...does it count i voted after teh press releaasE? lol
  6. now he cant be both ......he can do too many check downs and have too many sacks...thats the whole point of check downs is to not give up sacks...just an observation IMO
  7. pretty much any old player in the NFL wants to go there, they are the most talented team in the NFC right now
  8. You know this is off topic, but there is a cure for smoking now, if you ever want to give it up...its got 100% success rate
  9. I have to agree with ya. I dont care what kinda mood Im in when I hear theanything being played by the Natl Forces, especial Natl Anthem, I get goose bumps
  10. I always wondered if the same uproar would have happened if it was Michale Jackons who had the "wardrop malfunction"? I mean he looks just like her....
  11. If had to pick some performer Id probally get the Georgia Mass Choir or mississiippi mass choir to sing. I just dont get down to rap or country music.
  12. Yea i dont think it needs to be any performer b/c there will always be a difference in music taste, unless its teh Natl Anthem or something we can ALL agree on. IMO
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