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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to g-dawg in Day#2 - did you catch what Fontenot said in Pitts press conference last night? (2nd round trade-down?)   
    I'm excited that now Justin likely will get the opportunity to play his rookie year.    I am in the camp that you can't really improve much on the bench.   Get out there and play, make mistakes and learn o the job.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to g-dawg in Day#2 - did you catch what Fontenot said in Pitts press conference last night? (2nd round trade-down?)   
    LOL - I was worried about you - haven't seen you on the boards much lately.
    nah man, I'm good - loved Pitts.
    Of course I wanted Justin - hated when he left Athens and wanted him to be in the ATL - but most of all wishing him the best in Chi-Town.    Will always root for the kid except when up against my Falcons - only exception to that would have been had he been drafted in NFC South - luckily that didn't happen.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx got a reaction from Run 'n' Shoot in My Top 3 for 35   
    Gono could just be the swing T. Swing Ts aren’t cheap.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to ryanchilled in Phones ringing for Julio - how’s this not obvious?   
    The day fans start to let go of the past and get rid of this DQ and TD stink off this franchise, will be a great day.  
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Geneaut in Looks like we may lose our future QB to the Braves   
    Matt gonna be doing MLB broadcasting post Falcons it seems. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to ADAMSVILLE GYM in Quarterback Character Issues   
    Oh! Then the discussion has potentially whizzed by you so fast and far, that the subject has probably changed. Don't worry 'bout it.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx got a reaction from Beast-N-Da-Sheetz in Quarterback Character Issues   
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to MSalmon in Quarterback Character Issues   
    Why? He had a 77 completion percentage over 4500 yds and 40 plus TDs against top end competition
    If he’s a farce so is Wilson—the guy who got terrorized by Coastal Carolina
    Fields who had major issues against Indiana, Northwestern and Alabama.
    Lance who played one year, looked terrible in one game and hasn’t played in 15 months.
    But...but...being muscular is all there is to being a QB
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to MSalmon in Quarterback Character Issues   
    Ever heard of Felipe Franks? He’s 6’6” super ripped. He’ll be in drafted.
    Jones isn’t athletic looking so he’s bad? The guy played Tennis on the collegiate stage lol
    He’s athletic enough 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Ovie_Lover in Quarterback Character Issues   
    The belly thing is so stupid what did Brady look like again? Whoever you find the hottest isn’t going to be the best Qb.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Spts1 in Quarterback Character Issues   
    As is the fact that he is hiding a pot belly with his out of shape self. They don't question his work effort. If the 49ers draft him at 3, the NFL is a farce no different than the WWE...
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Beast-N-Da-Sheetz in Quarterback Character Issues   
    If this was Fields, he'd be graded as a 6th rd prospect with "character issues".
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to ATLSlobberKnockers in Quarterback Character Issues   
    Something that happened FOUR years ago isn't exactly news anymore. Quit trying to race bait
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to atljbo in Coaches and Scouts thoughts on Kyle pitts   
    Is Kyle Pitts the biggest no-brainer in the draft?
    QB Coach No. 1: Pitts is a unicorn. It’s rare to get a guy that freaky that size that didn’t flip to defensive end. It’s easier to rush the quarterback than play tight end. He’s (Raiders tight end) Darren Waller but a little more natural. He’s got great hand-eye coordination; great length. He didn’t have a drop last year. Only four of his catches didn’t go for a touchdown or first down. What I really love is he didn’t have to play last year and he still would be a top-10 pick, and that they’re down 20 vs Bama, and he’s playing his *** off, trying to get them back into it, and he does. That stuff spoke a lot.
    QB Coach No. 2: Aw, man, he is special. He has good character; he’s a tough kid. Everything he did at pro day, it was like, ‘Good God!’ That guy changes the game for your offense with how people have to play you. …This guy is more athletic and faster than (Travis) Kelce. This guy comes into the league and he’s gonna be way better than anybody else.
    WR Coach No. 3: He’s ridiculous, man. Holy crap. To be that big and that fast and that skilled — wow.
    1. Kyle Pitts, Florida (6-foot-5½, 245, 4.43, Round 1): Backed up in 2018, catching three passes in 11 games. Had a strong sophomore season and a 12-touchdown junior year in eight games.
    “I don’t need to see the workout — this is the best player in the draft,” said one 20-year scouting veteran. “He’s the most gifted tight end I’ve scouted. (Travis) Kelce and others have developed into really good players, but just as far as coming out, you have to back to Vernon Davis (in 2006). He was more of a big, fast, straight-line guy. Stiff. Or Kellen Winslow II. This guy is much more talented than those guys.
    “Playmaker, catches the ball over people and he’ll give effort as a blocker. You don’t want him doing that, but he tries to get on people. He’ll fight you.”
    Another scout said Pitts was the best blocking tight end in the draft.
    “In ’19, he blocked like crap,” a third scout said. “This year, he defied all the odds, gained some weight and blocked his *** off. Low-maintenance, loves football. I think he had zero drops this year. More fluid than Vernon Davis.”
    The Philadelphia native finished with 100 receptions for 1,492 yards (14.9 average) and 19 touchdowns.
    “He’s a very talented guy, but it’s not like we’ve never seen this guy before,” said a fourth scout. “Greg Olsen ran 4.44 at 6-foot-5, 250-plus and he’ll be a Hall of Famer. Jimmy Graham. We’ve seen that blend of freakish athlete at tight end. A lot of them have been outside the first round. Look at George Kittle. ‘Gronk’ (Rob Gronkowski). Kelce. (Darren) Waller. (Zach) Ertz. Even Jared Cook, Jordan Cameron, Julius Thomas had nice Pro Bowl-level stretches and mismatch speed/athleticism as Day 3 picks.”
    Man its just hard to pass on Pitts. If this draft had a Chase Young we are having a discussion but man Kyle Pitts is clearly the pure prospect in my eyes. The guy is just so different from the long frame, to the speed, to how fluid he is for a 6'6 guy... The dude is just a difference maker... To me you are drafting a guy who could be Matt's and the next QB impact receiving threat.
    I was a huge Vernon Davis fan and im seeing a guy who is bigger and more fluid.. He is not the blocker Davis was but i think he is a willing blocker that will get better...
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Jesus in With DQ Gone, I don't want to see this happening to any Falcons QB.   
    That's exactly it. 
    Build the defense and offensive scheme and anyone can win with the team. It makes no sense to give up on Ryan.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to falcons007 in With DQ Gone, I don't want to see this happening to any Falcons QB.   
    From 2018-2020:
    Falcons and Lions are the only teams with losing records in the last 3 seasons when the QB threw for more than 3 TD. To put this in perspective, GB had just 2 more games with QB throwing more than 3 TD compared to Falcons. However, GB had 7 more wins than Falcons. 
    W-L record when the QB throws 3 TD and one or less Interceptions: 
    Worst of all the Falcons have Pathetic record when the QB throws less than 2 TD. Chiefs had just 6 Games less than Falcons where the QB threw  2 TD or less, however they also had 17 less losses. It just shows the cards the QB in Atlanta has been dealt with every game for winning the game. 
    AS better get the Run game and the defense helping out the QB. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Drunken Minotaur Zebra in This just in: Falcons not taking a QB   
    I’m just as reliable as any other draft source out there.
    We’re not (never were) taking a QB and even if you wanted Fields he is gone by 3. 
    You’re welcome. Post some scouting reports on people we may actually pick now. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to falcons007 in Duron “Amazing Hands” Harmon highlights   
    Got me pumped. Let’s go Falcons!!!
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to A-TowN.- in Falcons sign S Duron Harmon and Multi-tool WR/KR/RB Cordarrelle Patterson   
    Totally forgot Harmon was out there. That is a **** good pick-up. I think they’ve brought some real quality low-key signings. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to ryanchilled in Falcons sign S Duron Harmon and Multi-tool WR/KR/RB Cordarrelle Patterson   
    Thomas Dimitroff reaction to the Falcons recent signings and how a real GM gets players

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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Knight of God in Falcons sign S Duron Harmon and Multi-tool WR/KR/RB Cordarrelle Patterson   
    Solid? They call the dude "The Closer". Hes been one of the best
  24. Haha
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to isproab in Falcons sign S Duron Harmon and Multi-tool WR/KR/RB Cordarrelle Patterson   
    It's clear to me we are going to suck. Unless we have a stellar class of rookies. Falcons are signing role players to fill spots and starters. 
    I know the cap situation is not the best. I just recall a poster or two thinking we will be a 9,10 win team in 2021. I'm not even going to say 8-8 at this point. Draft has to be really good and cover a lot of holes with rookies that can produce. 
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