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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to 408Falcon in Kyle Pitts has embraced the Unicorn   
    Love the guy.... But MJ over Lebron all day. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to AUTiger7222 in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    Bingo!!! That's the main reason drafting a QB right now never made sense. It would have been a complete waste.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to falconfansince66 in Draft Grades - A Fan's Perspective   
    LOL.. Busted!  Just because Pitts wasn't YOUR first choice you give the highest rated TE in draft history a "B" because he wasn't on your mock/list.  And as @athell stated, you give a UDFA QB an "A+"!  Personally, I don't like to give grades on drafts until several years have passed but if I had to give this draft a grade, it would be higher than anything in recent memory at this point. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to autigerfan in Draft Grades - A Fan's Perspective   
    I know as a fan's take is often biased with the tenor of the board vascilating from utopia to being overly pessimistic based on how the team has played recently.  With that being said, I think I'm generally pretty even keeled with a slight bent towards cautious optimism with this team.  Below are my assessments to each pick with grade.
    Overall A  Fontenot and company found good value with most of their selections and also addressed some holes on the roster.  I could see upwards of 5 starters emerging from this draft class within 3 years time. 
    1st Round - Kyle Pitts.  B  I'm giving this pick a B because there wasn't a player at any of our biggest needs (EDGE, S, DL) worthy of being drafted here and we picked my likely #2 choice if we stayed put.  Once we re-structured Matty Ice's contract, we were really on left with taking the best position player available or trading down to acquire more picks.  To me the choice to be made was stay at #4 and draft Sewell because to me, he's Orlando Pace.  You shouldn't pass on elite left tackles in this league, even if you have a very good one in Jake Matthews.  You also have to agree that our blocking was horrific and even if you give Matt Ryan another toy to throw to it may not help things much this year.  Now the Pitts pick can work out, but it is more about him elevating the entire offense to a level that is 2016'esque than the pure stats he puts up as a player.  If he puts up 1100+ yards with 10 TD's but our offense still stalls in the Red Zone  or can't control the ball in the 2nd half then it will still be a disappointment.  If we are one of the top 5 offenses due in some part to Pitts and Matty gets a championship to finish his career then it works out in our favor.
    2nd Round - Richie Grant.  A  Grant will instantly become our best all-around safety since Eugene Robinson.  He should be a rookie starter and this is a huge area of need for the team.  They were also able to trade down 5 spots and pick up an extra fourth so additional props for Fontenot and company for their first draft in the ATL.  
    3rd Round - Jalen Mayfield.  A- Some had Mayfield as a possible 1st rounder, but I believe his position (RT) and low relative number of games played caused him to slip to Round 3.  I think Mayfield could be in the conversation at LG year one, but probably becomes our swing tackle and then taking over as a starter at LG or RT in year 2. 
    4th Round - Darren Hall.  B-  Hall is a player I had my eye on, but I thought he could be had in the 5th round or later.  He has a nice blend of size and athleticism and comes from a program that has a pedigree for developing NFL caliber talent for the next level. 
    4th Round - Drew Dalman.  A  Dalman has the best chance to be a rookie starter outside of Pitts and Grant.  He has NFL bloodlines and played at a program that prepares players mentally for the NFL rigors.  Centers have shown an ability to overcome their lack of size if they play in a zone scheme like ours so I think he can be successful as a year 1 starter. 
    5th Round - Ta'Quon Graham.  C+  Not really on my radar as a prospect but he should compete for a roster spot with Cominsky.  He is kind of a tweener between tackle and base end so he makes sense for Pees potentially employing multiple fronts.  He seems like a hard worker and has a good motor. 
    5th Round - Adetokunbo Ogundeji.  B Another guy that wasn't really on my radar but was productive with decent athletic traits to think he could crack the rotation and become a serviceable starter down the line. 
    5th Round - Avery Williams.  D  I was not familiar with him during the evaluation process but considering he seems to be a special teams only player and we just signed Patterson, it seems as if we may have just drafted another teams kick returner.  We could have used a lower selection or UDFA for kick returning depth.  
    6th Round - Frank Darby.  B+ This is just the type of player you pick in the later rounds.  He has the traits to be an NFL caliber wide receiver but didn't put it all together during college and injuries may have played a part as well.  He could be a real sleeper pick for us. 
    Notable UDFA Signings
    Feleipe Franks A+  This is a great roll of the dice as I had him as a draftable prospect with his NFL caliber size and athleticism at the position.  His accuracy also improved upon moving onto  Arkansas.  Good developmental QB and potential long-term backup option. 
    Javian Hawkins A  I wasn't big on Hawkins due to his lack of size but he has the talent to carve out a role as a Darren Sproles type of player if used correctly.  Worth taking a flier on in UDFA. 
    Caleb Huntley B+  He wasn't uber productive in college but seems to have some Alfred Morris to his game and could surprise if given an opportunity. 
    Erroll Thompson A  He projected as a draftable prospect but the pro day athleticism numbers did not enamor it seems.  He could make the team as a backup and special teamer with the potential to crack the rotation at linebacker in time. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to athell in Draft Grades - A Fan's Perspective   
    Appreciate the effort OP, but I cannot take any kind of eval of the draft seriously when you lead with a B for Kyle Pitts...
    TF told us from the jump he would go BPA.  Many had Pitts the BP in the entire draft.  B is ridiculous but so are grades so take that with a grain of salt...
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to falcons007 in Draft Grades - A Fan's Perspective   
    Patterson doesn't return punts. Falcons have no punt return guy on the team. He can back up Patterson and also return punts with good CB depth.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx got a reaction from AUTiger7222 in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    Matt has easy 2-3 years, but could have 4 or 5 if not more.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Clark Kent™ in Fix the Falcons: Deion Jones   
    DJ isn't moving to safety lol I guarantee that doesn't happen. Perma ban me if it does. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to youngbloodz in Fix the Falcons: Deion Jones   
    He doesn’t have the hips to play defensive back. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Macintez in Fix the Falcons: Deion Jones   
    Stopped right there and went straight to comments
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to egoprime II in Fix the Falcons: Deion Jones   
    This is my opinion, not a rumor ok.
    Deion Jones needs to be moved, either to safety, or outside rush OLB.... maybe he could play both.   My reasoning:
    MLB's typically have shorter careers.    Very very few MLBs are effective after eight or nine seasons.  Jones is about to enter season six.  The time to move Jones, is now... before the wear and tear diminish Jones' speed.  Some here thought Jones actually declined some -last- season.....
    Jones at S:  This move would make a ton of sense.  Jones has done his best pass-coverage work in the middle of the field.  We all know how good Jones is in coverage.   Jones has what it takes to bring down even the biggest TEs.   I bet practicing with Pitts would be something to see......
    Jones at pass-rush OLB:  Before the 1980 season,  the Falcons transitioned to a 3-4 D.   DefCoord Glanville took a 2nd year smallish LB who had been a UDFA then street FA named Joel Williams, put him at OLB outside the LT... and cut him loose.  The result was 15 sacks in the 1980 season.   That record stood for decades, until  Abraham broke it.   
    Jones is a better faster player than Joel was.  Folks say we need another pass rusher, I say we already have one in Jones.  He and Fowler could do some damage....
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to falcons007 in Fix the Falcons: Deion Jones   
    Debo doesn't need to be moved, he just needs to be consistent. Troy Polomalu had instincts like no other player in history of NFL. Polomalu knew the QB cadence better than any defensive lineman in the NFL. Also, every one believed Jesus would whisper in Troy's ears on the next play before it happened. 
    Debo is not Troy and never will be, RB will kill the big guy in the middle with speed. NFL has changed in last 2 decades.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to gtech1 in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    Fontenot trolling D-Led is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to hjerry in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    I said numerous times, that I was completely fine with us drafting a QB, but it had to be "their guy." We had to be taking the player because they did the research and were convinced that this kid was the future of their team. It couldn't because they were picking high, or because there were QBs available, or because this "the best crop of QBs EVAR" and certainly not because people posting on the interwebs wanted them to. It had to be their move for their player.
    To me, it seemed early on as if they were not very sold the QBs that might have been available at 4. Maybe they were torn on Lance, but that decision was made for us.
    If/when they fall in love with a young QB, I will fully support the move. If he's your guy, you take him, no matter whether you still have a QB or not. Who knows; that could be next year.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to JDaveG in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    That's the thing that ought to give every one of these guys pause -- the dudes who are paid to get results and evaluate the roster and figure out the best way to field a winning team thought riding with Matt Ryan was the best choice.
    Most people here thought that too.  But some folks get all caught up in their feels.  I had someone tell me yesterday that a "real QB" would have audibled to a run in the Super Bowl.  Anti-Ryan narratives are very rarely based in any sort of reality.  It's always a fantasy world where a LT gets a holding call, a RB misses a block, and the OC calls 3 straight shotgun plays inside field goal range, but somehow it's the QB's fault.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to runshoot in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    Saints didnt draft a QB and yet were fine. The titans had very good production under AS with a QB that they didnt draft.
    But obviously you think they can only be drafted.
    Additionally, all anyone had to do was look at the MR2 contract to see, they were not drafting a QB @4.  Pretty dang simple.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    It's been discussed to death. If you haven't figured it out yet you never will. Clearly our coaches don't agree with you and thats all I really care about. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Beef in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    I’m in the car a bit ago listening to Andy & Randy on 92.9, and they are acting like we are $20 million in the cap hole and absolutely have to trade or even cut Julio to have a chance of getting back under the cap.
    When truth is we’re only around $4.2M over and can get back under with ease, and not have to do a thing different with Julio.
    I don’t get how some of the sports media is so bad at this stuff.  We have the worst sports media in the country, IMO.
    DLed is beyond horrible, we have one crappy news paper, and 2 radio stations that are full of transplants who suck and don’t even like GA sports teams.
    It’s insane how big a market we have and yet our media is so obnoxiously bad.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to falcons007 in AS & TF called out Fake Media Smoke BS!! Just a poster, not an insider excuse and Crazy Offseason recap.   
    I hate losing. It brings our worst in everyone. I never made posts in the offseason before to call out on Media, TATF trolls, Mockers, and other clowns. I will not make it personal against the Trolls, Mockers, and others who called names for anyone using logic and common sense. Let's recap the offseason so far, from just a poster(Apparently, logic doesn't apply to insider garbage). I agree with @athell on how crazy and vilifying the offseason was for folks who made well-thought-out arguments. 
    Everything coming from TF and AS was Smoke: 
    Clown Media Reporters asked TF and AS on smoke around QB. AS laughing aside, both said there is no smoke coming from them. They evaluated many players in the first round, and it's their job to pick the best player. AS knocked the so-called insiders to assume they know with maybe a tiny portion of information and make up their own stories. The best Part was Terry calling out Dled if he was tweeting rumors. Lol. 
    Falcons are Rebuilding: 
    Falcons from AB, McKay, TF, and AS have said they will win now, next year, and the year after. AB and McKay aren't dumb to put a new HC and GM on the hook if the HC and GM didn't buy the win now. 
    "They hired the wrong guys if they thought we were going to lower expectations, take our time, and rebuild," Smith said. "That's just not who we are. The expectation is to win now, build for the future, have plans.
    Thanks to @Goober Pyle for posting AS and TF interviews. 
    But but Falcons were rebuilding. 
    Thanks to @Goober Pyle for posting AS and TF interview. 
    But but Falcons were rebuilding. 
    TF and AS had no Choice on Ryan:
    AB gave them full control, but the clown media reporter Schultz was peddling the TF had no choice with Ryan and doesn't like him. That was debunked by the Falcons organization and TF himself, saying Ryan was one of the reasons he took the job. It's Obvious that AS and TF knew what they were getting into when they chose Falcons. Both had multiple options from other teams. 
    TF likes Lance, Fields it will be the pick :
    TF couldn't be any more clear in explaining why they were scouting QB. We will evaluate every QB, and you never know if they will be available in the next five years. 
    Let's put the Lance would have been the pick if he was available BS to rest. 
    Falcons factoid: Atlanta had two "blue" players, premier players in their scouting vernacular, on the entire draft board: Trevor Lawrence and Kyle Pitts.
    Lee Smith gave up too much information on coming to a team that was not rebuilding a QB who is expecting to play 3-5 years. Folks better get used to seeing Ryan for 2-3 years or possibly more unless he falls off the cliff. 
    Whatever happened to Julio getting trade when few posters here pointed out it was speculation from insiders. Jay Glazer confirmed later about Baltimore calling Atlanta and basically getting the cold shoulder because of contract and cap implications from the trade. Falcons need a great haul of picks given dead cap from Julio and can't see the picks till 2022. 
    Media, Trolls, and others barked at the wrong tree: 
    As crazy it may sound, TF and AS gave more information than TD or DQ when it came to draft. The media was too focused on QB discussion for ratings ignoring the rest. 
    I wouldn't brag about it as I am not a big Mocker. But yeah, Mocker Fockers peddling QB at 4 questioned anyone who didn't buy the picks as just a poster compared to insiders and Falcons reporters. I had Falcons picking Pitts, Grant, and Dalman. The OT Walker Little was gone before the Falcons pick, but I am happy they picked Mayfield. I was surprised by the Hall Pick, who I thought was a possibility in the 6th round.
    The draft is hard to predict in a covid year, but my final draft was mostly based on what AS and TF have said, along with Roster players.
    All the QB at #4 was made up in media talking heads and so-called Insiders. Add the trolls, media clowns with anonymous sources, and Mocker Fockers with big ego; you have a crazy off-season.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Knight of God in Feleipe Franks Interesting UDFA   
    Thanks Brother. 
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    xSICKxWITHxITx got a reaction from Herr Doktor in Feleipe Franks Interesting UDFA   
    I know you did. I am glad you are happy. I am liking things so far and I'm expecting big things.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx got a reaction from Knight of God in Feleipe Franks Interesting UDFA   
    I know you did. I am glad you are happy. I am liking things so far and I'm expecting big things.
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    xSICKxWITHxITx reacted to Knight of God in Feleipe Franks Interesting UDFA   
    Bro, for years I grew to pretty much hate the way this team was built. I'm loving EVERY move and EVERY pick so far. Down to the UDFAs.
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