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  1. Gono could just be the swing T. Swing Ts aren’t cheap.
  2. First off I didn't say we should take Pitts, but he would be more of a game changer pick and also more of a need, becuase Hurst could easily be gone next year. We shouldn't hold onto McGary, because he was a 1 st round pick. We don't give up on him now either, because he was a 1st round pick and playing fine for a young T that has improved every year. So that leaves what LT? So Matthews a top 10 LT who has 5 years, probably more we do what with? I am not made if we take Sewell again I just not sure what the point is or where to play him just, becuase he may be this supposed generational talent.
  3. Ok fine. So a TE isn’t worth the 4th pick, but a T we don’t need is? Caleb isn’t playing G and has improved as a T and will be better with the new scheme. So then what? Put Sewell who from what I understand never played G. You don’t take a G at 4 when they can be had in the 3rd. Unless your telling me he will be Nelson. If we were to take Sewell at 4 you might as well give away are pick is how I feel.
  4. Sorry I had to go thumbs down just for the pick at 4.
  5. I was in this same boat, until people I know way smarter than me said this was false. Basically they told me this is in the SARS family and they have been stuieding it for over 20 years. Now that is the short answer and not a good one compaired to what I was told.
  6. So TD drafted only for needs? Ridley, AJ, Oliver, are just a few off the top of my head.
  7. Yeah I do think Dirk is just that bad and the entire team before Quinn was fired just looked defeated and all looked somewhat bad. After the firing you could see a little more energy and effort. So yeah I think Mack will look better in San Fran, but I think he only has a year maybe 2 in him.
  8. As far as Mack goes I do think he will rebound some in KS scheme, but he is decling a lot of it is injuries and age. I agree about the stars part and our roster. We definetly need to bring in some talent, but all I mean is if we didn't even add anyone we would do similar than last year if not better due to scheme.
  9. I don't think we are getting rid of Ryan even next year. With that said I don't think the defense is in as bad of shape as people think. Of course its not great and obvisouly won't be this year. The players we lost though is not really a big deal. Allen was average at best along with most of the others. Neal was the best we lost, but didn't really fit the new scheme and isn't great in coverage. As far as offense Mack isn't what he was and Gurley was just ok even though the scheme did suck.
  10. Hey I have been saying QB and T would be a wasted pick. I am for trading back, but Pitts or Chase is my guy. I do like Surtain for defense though.
  11. Not sure I would even take QB1 really.
  12. I don't see him as declining, but more as trying to make up for the team, scheme etc. I think with a new/better scheme we will see him calm down some with everyone playing better. If Matt truly had 1 year, maybe even 2 then I would agree ge the new guy now. I just think he has 3 years easy, but could play at pretty decent level up to 5 years. So thats why I think its to early.
  13. No rookie drafted will be better than Ryan until maybe year 4. So why not use those next 3 years, before we get a new QB. I am ok replacing Ryan if we need to, but again we don't need to. I am ok if you don't think Ryan is good. I guess you think LJ is better, because he can run? **** I can throw better than him.
  14. Didn't even watch. If people are shocked we would stick with Matt Ryan who is a top 10 probably top 5 or better who has easily 3-5 years left of being top then they are dumb.
  15. To me QB and T are a waste due to not needing either for at least 3 years. So that leaves Pitts, Chase best defensive player or my preferred option, trade down.
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