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  1. Who said we are drafting fir need? Also we don’t need a LT or RT. We need a G and are not taking a G at 4.
  2. Alex Smith is a game manager. We are not drafting Sewell.
  3. Lol McGary is fine. So if Chase is better than Ridley we draft him? Pitts better than Hurst we draft him? Lol again McGary is fine and was getting better. Dude has played what 2 years? Give him a chance before we bench him. Depth is Gono as the swing T or if McGary did struggle. Plus with AS new system the entire online will be better. We need a G not a tackle so it’s all irrelevant.
  4. Maybe because we don’t need a T. Told people just like we would keep Matt.
  5. Lol 6 million unless he gets his incentives.
  6. Not sure we have the luxury to pay for that decent of a backup. Would rather spend that money on a starter somewhere else.
  7. Brissett is gone. I honestly don’t care if our backup is more a scrub than them. If Matt’s Hurt we most likely are done for anyways.
  8. No he will catch more than a lineman if he plays much. With us trading for him I bet he will play a bit. Just think of Levine and him being similar.
  9. Lol can’t believe people don’t realize this.
  10. He can catch and was used more as a catcher in his youngest. He’s always been more of a blocker though. Nothing wrong with it to me, because he will play a lot. We will run a lot more, play action etc. So not to worried.
  11. Honestly who knows we still could go QB. I would be very surprised. I really think the number 4 pick was bad timing. Obviously we don’t try to get that. I think if it was a year or 2 later in Ryan’s career we would have taken a QB this year. I think Ryan really could have 5 years left with slight feline starting in a couple years. So still time to build the team and make a trade up to get our guy.
  12. Told you guys. Looking at you Gdawg.
  13. No it doesn't have to be Patrick. The Watsons and Wilsons are overrated to me. Of course I would take a young rookie version of that, but they won't be better than that. What I saw in Matt last year was trying to hard making up for the rest of the team and making mistakes doing that. We won't see a decline probably for 2 years. Then is it a slow one or fall off the cliff? Since hes always been one of the best anticipation throwers I don't think it will be a fall off the cliff. As far as Weapons, most QBs worth a darn always have weapons, or good scheme or elite defense, running ga
  14. If your talking about we don't take one of these and they are a Patrick? I would agree that could suck, but we still have Matt who is still a **** good QB. We are not like the other teams who have struck out drafting one. We still have one.
  15. Happy Birthday! Loving reading your posts.
  16. If Patrick Mahomes is sitting there than yeah you almost have to take him even if Matt can play another 3-5 years. Let him sit 1 year maybe 2 then trade Ryan. I haven't watched enough to know if any are Mahomes. I don't want just a new shiny toy, because they can run fast. Common sense tells you Matt will win more games the first 2 or 3 years. So contiune to build your team and once thats done go get your Mahomes. If the team is built well in a few years we can afford to trade up and loose those picks for a QB.
  17. Lol no and we aren’t drafting a T in the first round anyways.
  18. Great interview. I have high hope for our new coach and GM.
  19. Wilson would definetly help the Aints no doubt. I just don't think he or Watson are near elite as people claim.
  20. Yeah no doubt who knows what happens. It most likely will be Winston for the Aints lol. Brady is decling, still good. Panthers not worried about Teddy or a rookie. To be honest if one of the teams got Watson or Wilson I am not that worried about either one of them.
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