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  1. Read the part about Big Nickel wonder if we will do more of this with all the guys we got. http://www.nfl.com/draft/story;jsessionid=...mp;confirm=true Posted: 05/02/2008E-mailAllen trade, the 'big nickel' and other final draft observations By Pat Kirwan | NFL.com Senior Analyst Some final thoughts on the 2008 draft before we dive into minicamps and OTAs: Vikings had a crystal ballThe Vikings traded for 26-year-old defensive end Jared Allen before the draft. In my discussions with the Vikings before and after the draft it became clear to me they knew they had to be proactive in the pursuit of Allen -- otherwise they would have had to execute the kind of plan the Jaguars implemented in order to select Derrick Harvey. Minnesota got a proven pass rusher who is in the prime of his career and should be able to complete the next five years of his contract with little problem. Allen will line up next to Kevin Williams or Pat Williams which should only increase his production over the next five seasons. He averaged 11 sacks a season for the past four years and over the next five he could hit 60 sacks (12 per season). But it was the compensation package to get him along with the actions of the Jags that makes it look like Minnesota had a crystal ball. Draft reviewHow well did the 32 teams do in the 2008 NFL Draft? NFL.com has an in-depth division-by-division look back at the proceedings. AFC North draft recap Trackers: Bengals | Browns | Ravens | Steelers AFC West draft recap Trackers: Broncos | Chargers | Chiefs | Raiders AFC South draft recap Trackers: Texans | Colts | Jaguars | Titans AFC East draft recap Trackers: Bills | Dolphins | Jets | Patriots NFC West draft recap Trackers: Cardinals | 49ers | Rams | Seahawks Round 2: QB Brian Brohm to the Packers at No. 56. A quarterback with 71 TD passes and 12,775 yards in the second round! Round 3: LB Dan Connor to the Panthers at No. 74. He was outstanding at the Senior Bowl practices and brings 419 tackles, 34 tackles for a loss and 14 sacks. He may be an opening-day starter. Round 4: DT Dre Moore to the Buccaneers at No. 115. As Monte Kiffin said after the pick, "I can't believe we got a power tackle like Moore this late in the draft." Here's a guy at 6-foot-4, 305 who ran a 4.84 forty. He had 28 plays behind the line of scrimmage in 26 starts. Round 5: QB John David Booty to the Vikings at No. 137. Booty is a smart player who is much more accurate than people think. If and when he's asked to go out on the field and lead the offense he will be ready. I thought he might have gone in the third round. Round 6: QB Andre Woodson to the Giants at No. 198. As Giants GM Jerry Reese said to me after the pick, "His value was just too high to pass up at that point in the draft." He has issues with his throwing motion but he also threw 40 touchdowns and just 11 interceptions in 2007. Round 7: S Caleb Campbell to the Lions at No. 218. Don't think for a second that taking a young man from West Point is a throwaway pick. As Rod Marinelli told me, "This kid can play and he's big enough to maybe work at linebacker." Look for Campbell to be a star on special teams and play a role in some big nickel package.
  2. GIMME 5: Nowhere to go but up By Jeff D'Alessio The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 05/02/08 Trey Wingo, host of ESPN's "NFL Live," gives us five reasons the Falcons will be better this fall than they were in 2007: 1. Karma. It can't get any worse than last year, can it? 2. No Bobby Petrino. No offense, but he was overmatched and underprepared from day 1, and the veterans on this team knew it. His tenure was a joke. 3. Arthur Blank won't allow it. He's a great owner who got sucked into the Michael Vick experience and reached on the Petrino hire. He won't make those mistakes again. 4. It's the cyclical NFL. Only the Patriots and Colts have been consistent winners over the past five years. Everybody gets a clean start every year. 5. History. The past four seasons, NFC teams have had a habit of going from worst to first in the span of one season. GIVE US FIVE: Got someone you'd like to see us go after? E-mail list ideas to Ronnie Ramos at rramos@ajc.com. http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/printedi.../gimmefive.html
  3. Guys who do you think will win defense and offense rookie of the year, any falcons? If Curtis Lofton starts I think he has a good shot and for offense I would have to go with Mendenhall or stewart. http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d8081f0b9
  4. well they just talked about it on NFL live to on ESPN 1
  5. Harrison owns a bar of some sort in philly and got into a fist fight with a customer and followed him and suposedly the two got in a gun fight. Was just on outside the lines on espn1 no link.
  6. I think we will be good to go when it comes crunch time.
  7. I say Cowboys vs. Jags or Cowboys vs. Browns
  8. yeah when I watched him play he actually looked pretty good.
  9. Does anyone know if we have signed anymore besides the 7 so far or if we are interested in any others?
  10. Magic Man (4/28/2008) da snowman (4/28/2008) sorry to tell you this, but look what state you are in...its the south..slave state..more things then usual will be magnified into black and white..this type of stuff wont happen in lets say california or indy, or pittsburgh..we are in the south..sorry but you must know the truth.I am in Georgia...a state in the United States of America. You are creating more of an issue by consistently only wanting to get behind the black athletes, and acting like the white ones are a joke. You feed the fire of the racism on this board, almost as much as Vick 75. I for one don't care who the QB is, as long as he wins games. I don't care about color. I was raised in a racist home, but once I got old enough to have my own ideas, i rejected the ideas that had been imprinted on my young mind. Maybe we should all try that...you know, seeing people as people, and then color. And I know I will get the "you don't understand because you're white" and that is ok, because all I'm trying to do is have a conversation. If you choose to see this as a slave state, then maybe you should do more research into Georgia's origins. in none of my post, did anything i say make me look like a racist..im not mad at the matt ryan pick..i dont excitied about it either until he proves me otherwise..i dont know what part of town you live in, but when u drive around and see confederate flags in peoples yards, what does that tell you? and when you hear about nueses or however u spell it being hung from trees in these high schools and white kids thinking its a joke, what do u call that...no matter hard u try not to realize it, racism still exisits in georgia.. Well I am a 26 year old white male and I live in Arkansas and have my whole life. I've had best friends that were black and my dad has as well, yes there is some racism going on in Arkansas, but there are also alot of black and white people that get along as well and don't see color. If you get offened when you see rebel flags than im sorry I have never owned one because my black friends did get offened as well, but that being said I have had a lot of white friends own rebel flags and not mean anything by it. They just wanted to represent the south and stuff and were not racist. I also was a big mike vick fan and found myself always defending him and how he was a really good qb. So it is not always black and white it just depends on the person and how they see it.
  11. did the guy from oklohoma state get drafted
  12. Please let me in I want to be able to read good post instead of a lot of stupid ones, I get tired of hearing how everyone knows the players we got suck already when they don't know jack. These people just wanted some stars so they can use them on madden or something.
  13. they just said wes welker wasnt as good as douglas at this point of his career
  14. jaws on espn said he loves douglas and said matt ryan will to, they are about to show more on him
  15. no follow this if you are not watching http://sports-ak.espn.go.com/nfldraft/draftCast/index
  16. I bet we get dre moore here
  17. dre moore some of his comb. stats I seen was better than dorseys
  18. I would like dre moore,justin king or chalres goddfrey,Josh barrett or jeremy zuttah tommorow in the third anthony collins and carl nicks wouldn't be bad either
  19. lol that was joe thomas fishing with his grandpa or something like that
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