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  1. I have a buddy who lives in Florida and swears the Jags are taking Fields. Also I read a WR the Jets took say he understood when he was signed Darnold would be the QB. Doesn't mean they won't take one and sit them behind Darnold though.
  2. And? I know you want a QB, but we would be stupid to draft one when we have one. If he was done next year then yeah I get it or if you had a loaded roster and did it for the money, I guess.
  3. I read 49ers were trading up for Lance at 3. So that leaves Fields most likely. I am sure we could trade back easir now that we know if you want a QB you have to come to 4. I am sure we are taking the calls now and could trade sooner than later. We hold all the cards though so no rush. I fully expect us to trade back even if it was the Panthers, but it would cost them.
  4. Thats the change we needed. Coaches and scheme not the players. Not saying we don't need to change some players, but mostly the coaches and scheme. We will compete this year more than people are thinking we will. I can easily seeing us being a wildcard. We will see how the rest of the offseaon and draft goes though.
  5. Im talking about before last year. Their situation and ours are not the same, not even close. I know a lot about the Phins as well as its my best friends favorite team as well and a co-worker.
  6. I thought I read Alabama was having 2 pro days and he was working out their 2nd one.
  7. First off the Dolphins were somewhat of a joke and didn't have a great roster. We have talent and had talent just had some bad coaching. We lost what 8 games by 7 points or less. That would put us over 10 wins easy with just some changes here and there.
  8. Its crazy to me how many people want Sewell. Jake is a top 5-10 LT and cap is to high this and next year to move on from. Plus again he is a top 5-10 LT why take one at 4 then? Play his at RT? Why still have a young RT on a rookie contract who is only getting better and should improve more with the new oline coach and scheme. So take a T to play G at 4? I honestly think we might as well try to trade 4 for the best deal we can get now. There will be teams wanting the best QB left, WR, T and other players. So I think we can trade down still easily.
  9. Yes most people don't realize or see this. They see a crappy 4-12 team. We have to much talent and were coached poorly. What we lost like 8 games less than 7 points? We have better play calling on offense which isn't hard and just slight improvment on defense we could win 10 games easy. People want to go new, new QB and everything. Matt is way to good just to get rid of and most smart NFL people know this.
  10. Yeah I just went blank on his name, but old legend just ranked him in his top 10 players in the draft.
  11. Falcons signed CB Fabian Moreau, formerly of Washington, to a one-year contract. The former third-rounder is still just 26 but never really found his footing in D.C. Moreau played just 156 snaps last season after getting in on over 1,400 defensive plays for the previous coaching staff across 2018-2019. Moreau is a worthy flier and has good size at 6’/204. RELATED: Washington Football Team Mar 24, 2021, 5:19 PM ET
  12. Oh I get it if AS thinks we need to move on from Kaleb then I get it. Hes improved though and should do better in this new scheme. I totaly get Sewell is going to be better than Jake and Kaleb, but I prefer to get a G later on and draft BPA that is somewhat a need. TE, WR, CB etc. I might would even take a QB before Sewell. Now I wouldn't be mad about Sewell, because having a great o-line never hurt. I honestly wished there was a stud pass rusher we could take.
  13. So we might as well take Chase, since Julio is not Julio anymore?
  14. I hear you, just my thought though to early to give up on Kaleb and Jake is still really good and has several more years. Would you play him at G? I don’t like taking a G that high. You can get a good G later. Plus we need a lot. I know you don’t won’t to be trapped drafting for need, but at 4 you can get a lot of great players that we need more of.
  15. So we are taking a T at 4 to play G who could play T if a T got hurt? Is Gono not the swing T? Is 4 to high for a G? Is he Nelson at G? If you are worried about injuries then all backups need to be had at 4?
  16. Yeah I really know nothing about the dude. Even if Sewell is that good I still think its somewhat a wasted pick.
  17. Yeah he didn't say he was bad just said only think he looked great at was pulling and blowing smaller guys up.
  18. I watched a video on Sewell and someone evaluating him and wasn't to impressed. Now I did not watch him and by no means an expert. What the guy was saying though he only dominated people when he would pull. It was usualy LBers, Corners, Safetys etc. The person said Sewell did not dominate other lineman like he thought a top guy would. Also said if he did play G, he thought he would struggle against the stronger DTs.
  19. We don’t need him and he’s not coming in taking Jakes job and most likely wouldn’t take McGarys. So what take a T at 4 to play G? No thanks.
  20. Huh? Dude has played real well the last 2 years when hes been given the chance. He run real hard, breaks a lot of tackles and catches pretty well out of the backfield. Dude is not a burner by any means, but he will be a good runner for us for a year or 2. We will still draft a back most likely, but it is not as big of a priority now. Will probably see who falls to us now.
  21. Just think it would be a waste. Get a good G, more depth and add other talent where needed.
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