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  1. I think he will be here this year, but I do think its his last year here.
  2. He can't stay healthy plus we have our guy in Davis for at least a year or 2. We most likely draft a rb next year. We have some decent depth.
  3. Its Matt Ryan and has been a while. Matt has not always had a good oline, run game and defense like Brady has most of his career and Brees.
  4. Take a T to play G at 4? We don’t need a RT and you can get good Gs later like we did. Matthews has to many good years left.
  5. Sewell was going to play what for us? Just like we needed a QB?
  6. I know you did. I am glad you are happy. I am liking things so far and I'm expecting big things.
  7. I agree. So what do you think so far with FAs, draft etc.?
  8. He was good at times, but very inconsistent. He would look great for a series of some throws here and there. Then he would make a boneheaded move. He has talent, but would take time to develop if he ever does.
  9. A lot thought he would go in round 2.
  10. Falcons selected OG Jalen Mayfield with the No. 68 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Mayfield (6'5/320) started 15 games in college, winning the right tackle job in 2019 and ultimately getting knocked out for the year with a high-ankle sprain two games into Michigan’s snake-bitten 2020 campaign. Mayfield detonates off the snap in the run game, striking with speed and ferocious power that uncoils out of his hips and sustains through contact because of his fabulous leg drive. But at this time in his development, Mayfield is more comfortable moving forward than settling back into a pass-pro base. He plays with less power in this phase, negating the advantage of his get-off. With average foot speed and a lack of ideal length, Mayfield cannot afford the technical gaffes we occasionally saw in Big 10 play, leading to power rushers getting into his pads or speed rushers taking the corner when he over-extended on the punch. If Mayfield can clean that up, he'll have the potential to move to tackle down the road. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll be a run-blocking unit at guard. He has a very similar profile to Dion Dawkins coming out of Temple. The Falcons announced Mayfield as a guard so we'll assume that's where he'll play if he gets to start in his rookie season. Atlanta lost two of their starting interior lineman in free agency so Mayfield will get the chance to start in Week 1 if he shows well in camp. RELATED: Atlanta Falcons
  11. That’s if he starts at RT. Some think he could. As a G though most think his issues somewhat go away.
  12. Hey I said it also QB made no sense at 4.
  13. Yeah I work a lot so just mostly read here and there. As far as Pitts I love him. Just wasn’t a good enough defensive player to take at 4 or I would have done that. My preferred option was trading back, but we would of had to get a deal like the Phins or it wasn’t worth. I liked Fields, but honestly just thought it was 2 years to early to start looking at QBs.
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