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  1. GIMME 5: Nowhere to go but up By Jeff D'Alessio The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 05/02/08 Trey Wingo, host of ESPN's "NFL Live," gives us five reasons the Falcons will be better this fall than they were in 2007: 1. Karma. It can't get any worse than last year, can it? 2. No Bobby Petrino. No offense, but he was overmatched and underprepared from day 1, and the veterans on this team knew it. His tenure was a joke. 3. Arthur Blank won't allow it. He's a great owner who got sucked into the Michael Vick experience and reached on the Petrino hire. He won't make those mistakes again.
  2. Guys who do you think will win defense and offense rookie of the year, any falcons? If Curtis Lofton starts I think he has a good shot and for offense I would have to go with Mendenhall or stewart. http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d8081f0b9
  3. well they just talked about it on NFL live to on ESPN 1
  4. Harrison owns a bar of some sort in philly and got into a fist fight with a customer and followed him and suposedly the two got in a gun fight. Was just on outside the lines on espn1 no link.
  5. I think we will be good to go when it comes crunch time.
  6. I say Cowboys vs. Jags or Cowboys vs. Browns
  7. yeah when I watched him play he actually looked pretty good.
  8. Does anyone know if we have signed anymore besides the 7 so far or if we are interested in any others?
  9. Magic Man (4/28/2008) da snowman (4/28/2008) sorry to tell you this, but look what state you are in...its the south..slave state..more things then usual will be magnified into black and white..this type of stuff wont happen in lets say california or indy, or pittsburgh..we are in the south..sorry but you must know the truth.I am in Georgia...a state in the United States of America. You are creating more of an issue by consistently only wanting to get behind the black athletes, and acting like the white ones are a joke. You feed the fire of the racism on this board, almost as much as Vick 75.
  10. did the guy from oklohoma state get drafted
  11. Please let me in I want to be able to read good post instead of a lot of stupid ones, I get tired of hearing how everyone knows the players we got suck already when they don't know jack. These people just wanted some stars so they can use them on madden or something.
  12. they just said wes welker wasnt as good as douglas at this point of his career
  13. jaws on espn said he loves douglas and said matt ryan will to, they are about to show more on him
  14. no follow this if you are not watching http://sports-ak.espn.go.com/nfldraft/draftCast/index
  15. I bet we get dre moore here
  16. dre moore some of his comb. stats I seen was better than dorseys
  17. I would like dre moore,justin king or chalres goddfrey,Josh barrett or jeremy zuttah tommorow in the third anthony collins and carl nicks wouldn't be bad either
  18. lol that was joe thomas fishing with his grandpa or something like that
  19. What happened to Anthony Collins, is he not that good of a right tackle.
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