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  1. As far as Mack goes I do think he will rebound some in KS scheme, but he is decling a lot of it is injuries and age. I agree about the stars part and our roster. We definetly need to bring in some talent, but all I mean is if we didn't even add anyone we would do similar than last year if not better due to scheme.
  2. I don't think we are getting rid of Ryan even next year. With that said I don't think the defense is in as bad of shape as people think. Of course its not great and obvisouly won't be this year. The players we lost though is not really a big deal. Allen was average at best along with most of the others. Neal was the best we lost, but didn't really fit the new scheme and isn't great in coverage. As far as offense Mack isn't what he was and Gurley was just ok even though the scheme did suck.
  3. Hey I have been saying QB and T would be a wasted pick. I am for trading back, but Pitts or Chase is my guy. I do like Surtain for defense though.
  4. Not sure I would even take QB1 really.
  5. I don't see him as declining, but more as trying to make up for the team, scheme etc. I think with a new/better scheme we will see him calm down some with everyone playing better. If Matt truly had 1 year, maybe even 2 then I would agree ge the new guy now. I just think he has 3 years easy, but could play at pretty decent level up to 5 years. So thats why I think its to early.
  6. No rookie drafted will be better than Ryan until maybe year 4. So why not use those next 3 years, before we get a new QB. I am ok replacing Ryan if we need to, but again we don't need to. I am ok if you don't think Ryan is good. I guess you think LJ is better, because he can run? **** I can throw better than him.
  7. Didn't even watch. If people are shocked we would stick with Matt Ryan who is a top 10 probably top 5 or better who has easily 3-5 years left of being top then they are dumb.
  8. To me QB and T are a waste due to not needing either for at least 3 years. So that leaves Pitts, Chase best defensive player or my preferred option, trade down.
  9. Parson's over Phillips? Only negative thing I have heard on Parson's besides character is he doesn't have any pass rusher moves. Just his speed and some power.
  10. Anybody worth taking on defense? I would much rather add a stud on defense.
  11. Yes Ryans struggles came last year when he tried to hard to help the team that was struggling. Players and coaches. I mean what is going to impact the team the most this year? A T when we don't need one? A QB that will sit 2 years and still won't out play Ryan? Most likely we would get the most impact out of a Pitts or a Chase. Not sure about anyone o defense.
  12. Ryan had a tad struggle here and there. For the most part though the run game and the defense is what struggled. Dirk struggled. Matt will be bettern with the new scheme a lone.
  13. Yeah he is not a G and has improved and should improve even more under AS. Now if he sucked or we were going to move on then yeah I get Sewell. Or if we drafted Sewell to play G and take over for Jake in a year or 2 then yeah maybe. Jake still has 3-5 years at least though. Plus I listen to a podcast and he stated Sewell has never played G. So if we take him at 4 to play G why not take a G?
  14. So McGary a 1st round pick who has been getting better and should be a lot better in the new scheme needs to be replaced already? Gono is a good swing T. Matthews still has more than 2 years and he is playing at a high level. I am not thinking about needs really, but I would much rather get Chase or Pitts and they are not needs either.
  15. I look at it as Jake is at least a top 10 LT no need to replace him with a rookie who lets hope was the 7th best and he won't be as a rookie. So why take him at 4? To play RT or G? Just don't see it and see it as a wasted pick. If we needed a T or a huge upgrade then yeah I get that. I am sure we can get a pro bowler at 4 at a different position.
  16. RT? Where is McGary going?
  17. I know your a huge fan, but you don’t think it’s somewhat a wasted pick? Just don’t think we need a T. Where would you play him? Would you not rather trade back and get one of the DEs from The U?
  18. I think Debo played well, but also didn't play as well as he can or should if that makes sense. I felt like the entire team sort of quit at one time then turned it back up. Only problem with Debo I believe he had some mental errors. I think he will be fine, I still tink hes top 5 or 10 LB easily.
  19. I think it’s been most of the team and coaching. We shouldn’t have went 4-12 either.
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