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  1. LT took 1 to many hits it sounds like.
  2. TD was always finding players. Coaching is was got TD fired.
  3. We are not as bad as a lot of fans and others think. I am not saying we are the best either. We have lost to many games by doing stupid stuff. It has not been the talent for the most part. It has been a lot of bad coaching, scheme issues and some talent over the last 2-4 years. With a few tweaks we would have won several more games I believe. At worst I think we win 7 games and that is with a lot going wrong. I could see us easily winning closer to 12 if things get going right rather quickly. We are probable somewhere in the middle though around 9 or 10.
  4. Whats up man, its been a while. I don't post to much, but I lurk when I get some free time.
  5. Lol Ryan is fine. Julio will be missed, but with a better OC and the other talent we should be fine. How is the online a mess? I get it questions at LG and C, but the other 3 spots are solid. Again with better OC/scheme and running game it helps. Plus better blocking TEs.
  6. Julio is still a beast, but we sucked because of Dirk and the defense struggling. We will be fine and move the ball around more.
  7. It was Detroit and TF told Brad Holmes it’s the same thing as before. So they talked before this time.
  8. If he was recovered he wouln't have been cut or given another shot already. Just my opinion though, I have no idea.
  9. I think QO has some talent, not sure really what was up. I am not saying hes a stud or will even amount to anything. Its honestly odd that some guys like him, Senate etc. didn't get much of a shot. Or maybe they were trash in practice I dont know.
  10. Nobody on the roster is taking his spot. He improved his play last year and was fine. He did struggle against some good speed rushers, but that happens. In this new scheme he should be even better. All the people on the roster fighting for a spot is at LG, C and backup roles.
  11. Nah McGary improved and should do much better this year especially with Dirk gone and AS in.
  12. Matt has pretty much out played Rodgers over the last 6 or so years execpt what last year?
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