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  1. Do you know how Andrews will play with the 1st string? If he is still crap then, than yeah get someone else. Means is a solid rotation piece only.
  2. Man sorry for your loss I don't blame you on anything not mattering much. I am not sure what I would do in you shoes. As far as the Falcons I always try to go every new year with some hesitation, but not down on them either. I am expecting us to turn it around if not this year over the next 2-3 with the new coach and GM.
  3. This isn't the team of 55 seasons ago. It's not even the same team as last year, so that makes no sense. I get it, but I would hate thinking this way in life all the time. It would be depressing.
  4. What do you want 1st round picks everywhere? We can't have high draft picks or high priced players everywhere. We have to have some guys step up. Even if he has struggled, we have not seen him out there with the first team or even with an actual game plan with schemes.
  5. Old coaches and old scheme and and some different players so you cant go off years past. The talent on the team is not near as bad as you are talking either. Not dramatic much are you?
  6. We talking about Willie or Beavers?
  7. Hey I play it on the PS5, but have the PS4 version also to play with some friends. I like it honestly, I quit playing madden for 2-4 years, because it was going downhill. Anyone can add me user name is same as my profile name on here.
  8. Do we really want a Foles or Fitzpatrick type of guy though? Foles has never really been good, just got on a lucky hot streak with a good team. Those guys would want decent money and if Ryan gets hurt I don't see them helping us to much. Might has well get another young guy with more potential, but has some experience.
  9. We are screwed if Ryan gets hurt anyways. What backup do you want us to sign to lead us into the playoffs?
  10. You do realize the Dolphins had their starters in even some in the 3rd? We had none, I honestly was shocked the score was not an worse.
  11. No he’s real good, just doesn’t get picks. Some say he’s better than Howard, but Howard gets the picks.
  12. Oh I know lol. There was some WRs though in the clip that looked good 1 on 1 that struggled in the game.
  13. It’s not looking like we need them. If we needed anything would be more of an outside rusher, but we might be ok there also.
  14. Davis is going to surprise a lot of folks. I’m not saying he’s LT, but I believe he will be very solid.
  15. Huh? McGary is fine and improved from the year before. Mack was still good, but definitely was not his old self. MH could be an improvement if he learned from Mack. Only position I’m concerned about is LG. If the LG at least just gets in front of his man we will be just fine.
  16. Why weren’t those receivers getting open like that in the preseason game?
  17. Lol ok. They all struggled for the most part, and I am not confident in one of these players a LG. I am though more confident the o-line wont look near as bad with all starters and one ok guy at LG.
  18. Yeah most guys last night were going to struggle if people did not realize that then you probably can't help them. If you have 4 quality starters and 1 ok guy, you should be fine. If you have 5 ok guys you are going to have a lot more struggles. As far as Andrews the coaches are still figuring out the 5 starters and backups. You don't know what you have until they play. He feels ok about the other guys though.
  19. Oh the starters played? Lol come on man I know some of the other guys looked rough, but that was to be expected.
  20. Yeah I read the article and that is the biggest change in Foye calling the plays and letting Debo excel in coverage, blitzing etc. My guess less thinking for him and just playing. Foye is a very smart player and better tackler, so I am sure that's part of it as well.
  21. I thought I read something about this also, but thought maybe playing a 3-4 Debo and Foye both in the middle no big deal. I haven't read this yet though.
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