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  1. A lot thought he would go in round 2.
  2. Falcons selected OG Jalen Mayfield with the No. 68 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Mayfield (6'5/320) started 15 games in college, winning the right tackle job in 2019 and ultimately getting knocked out for the year with a high-ankle sprain two games into Michigan’s snake-bitten 2020 campaign. Mayfield detonates off the snap in the run game, striking with speed and ferocious power that uncoils out of his hips and sustains through contact because of his fabulous leg drive. But at this time in his development, Mayfield is more comfortable moving forward than settling back into a pa
  3. That’s if he starts at RT. Some think he could. As a G though most think his issues somewhat go away.
  4. Hey I said it also QB made no sense at 4.
  5. Yeah I work a lot so just mostly read here and there. As far as Pitts I love him. Just wasn’t a good enough defensive player to take at 4 or I would have done that. My preferred option was trading back, but we would of had to get a deal like the Phins or it wasn’t worth. I liked Fields, but honestly just thought it was 2 years to early to start looking at QBs.
  6. Gono could just be the swing T. Swing Ts aren’t cheap.
  7. First off I didn't say we should take Pitts, but he would be more of a game changer pick and also more of a need, becuase Hurst could easily be gone next year. We shouldn't hold onto McGary, because he was a 1 st round pick. We don't give up on him now either, because he was a 1st round pick and playing fine for a young T that has improved every year. So that leaves what LT? So Matthews a top 10 LT who has 5 years, probably more we do what with? I am not made if we take Sewell again I just not sure what the point is or where to play him just, becuase he may be this supposed generational talent
  8. Ok fine. So a TE isn’t worth the 4th pick, but a T we don’t need is? Caleb isn’t playing G and has improved as a T and will be better with the new scheme. So then what? Put Sewell who from what I understand never played G. You don’t take a G at 4 when they can be had in the 3rd. Unless your telling me he will be Nelson. If we were to take Sewell at 4 you might as well give away are pick is how I feel.
  9. Sorry I had to go thumbs down just for the pick at 4.
  10. I was in this same boat, until people I know way smarter than me said this was false. Basically they told me this is in the SARS family and they have been stuieding it for over 20 years. Now that is the short answer and not a good one compaired to what I was told.
  11. So TD drafted only for needs? Ridley, AJ, Oliver, are just a few off the top of my head.
  12. Yeah I do think Dirk is just that bad and the entire team before Quinn was fired just looked defeated and all looked somewhat bad. After the firing you could see a little more energy and effort. So yeah I think Mack will look better in San Fran, but I think he only has a year maybe 2 in him.
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