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  1. The thing about Harlow is he’s sucked at G. We moved him to C though and fits there better. He looked better there. They will give him a chance there, but if develops as a C he will be gone.
  2. We could lose, but I agree we should not lose. We could actually and should win somewhat easily. Only reason we don’t if we come out rusty and ironing out somethings. Only reason people picking against us is, because they don’t know our team. People think we fell apart and went 7-9. We lost what 4 plus games by less than a touchdown? We did that with how many starters on IR? How many other contributors injured? When healthy our defense was good, not great. When our O-line was healthy it was also good, not great. Now that we have improved both and again are healthy and hungry I can easily see us take the league by storm. I really like our chances this year.
  3. Just seen this also. Stay strong and praying for your family.
  4. I read somewhere it was 10 million.
  5. Lol the old coaching staff was just good enough to have a winning record. Once we played good to great teams mostly playoffs we got beat. We had talent that helped a lot, but the old coaches would hardly play young guys or develop them. We added vets a lot and couldn’t decide if we were a 4-3 or 3-4 and what type of players we wanted.
  6. It got better with Q, the old coaching staff did not have s clear picture of what they wanted. Pioli was just an extra eye.
  7. The biggest problem before was before Q the coaching staff wasn’t clear on what they wanted. Plus TD sucking at o-line has always been a myth. When he’s picked high like Matthews he was right. Baker would have been fine, but couldn’t stay healthy. We had to reach that draft OTs we’re flying off the board. The lower round o-line guys are always a gamble with the way they practice now and college is played. Don’t have the time to develop.
  8. Lol at people who think this. TD was good before Pioli and will be good after Pioli. Who hired Pioli away?
  9. He’s definitely better and a top QB, but still isn’t as good as people say.
  10. Wilson has been one of the most overrated QBs for a while. Just the last couple years he’s actually become good. He’s just now able to be accurate with his arm. Before defense, running game and scheme carried him. Was fluky like Kap. Had to rely on read option and scrambling.
  11. Link?
  12. Lol never left
  13. Hopefully SP learned from TD.
  14. As soon as we signed him and I watched him I thought of Turner. One difference though is Ollison is s better receiver. That was the 1 downfall on Tuner.
  15. I’m actually friends with him on twitter lol. He still hates a lot so I don’t pay him much attention.
  16. Please no.
  17. Huh? They’ve already said they see Sheff in the slot.
  18. Yeah he’s one of the worst posters on the board. Wasn’t he a swift follower?
  19. Our Darren Sproiles.
  20. Thanks
  21. I guess he’s our Darren Sproiles.
  22. Is he going to gain weight and be full time DT you think it be our Michael Bennett and play DE and DT?