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  1. Yeah we got lucky with some of those turnovers and sloppy play from the Raiders. Dirk needs to go bad, I want a really creative play caller on offense. As far as Morris maybe Quinn wouldn’t let him do the things he’s doing now. Plus I’m sure it’s not that easily to change things big time mid season. Also is him and Ulbrich still splitting calls?
  2. Yeah I’m curious if it’s more Ulbrich then Morris or a little bit of both. Also did everyone forget how quickly the Aints killed us. All though a lot of that was on our OC.
  3. Is that more about race or is it more about the minority candidates that have been given a chance just didn’t work out? And then haven’t been rehired, because not much success.
  4. There is a ton of black coaches, maybe not that many head coaches it’s just hard to believe it’s all about skin color. I’m thrilled to have a black GM or coach as long as they can do a good job. But that’s not dependent on skin color.
  5. Yeah I hate that and your right it doesn’t affect me directly so that’s why I don’t see it. I’m a white dude from a small town in Arkansas and I don’t see it to much so I just assumed if it’s being done here it can’t be that bad. My wife works for the government and I know if you are qualified and black you will get hired over someone who is white. Especially if you are a woman. It just blows my mind that we need that still. It’s sad if we do. I read this and curios on people thoughts. https://www.outkick.com/whitlock-black-pride-religion-ordained-by-white-liberals-taking-black-
  6. I am also white so I could be dead wrong, but I just don’t think it’s that bad. If it happens just once that’s bad enough. The rule has been in place a long time and probably was needed then. I just think for any job they should higher the best person for the job, not skin color.
  7. You really think coaches are getting skipped because of skin color? I'm not dumb enough to say it doesnt happen, but I just don't think its really like that.
  8. Wilson has always and will always be overrated. Is he good? Yes, no doubt, but I could have won a SB as QB with that defense and running game and I would suck at QB. You keep Wilson in the pocket and you beat him, its how its been done. Has he gotten better as a thrower over the years? Yes he has and thats why he is a good QB now. Matt would have multiple SuperBowls if you swapped the 2 and RW would have none. Probably doesnt even make it to one with our team.
  9. Lol save yourself and delete this dumb post.
  10. Dumbest thread ever. Our OC sucks is the main problem. Plus look at L Jackson now after being figured out. Score would have been worse today with him as our QB.
  11. Shoot Jackson seems to have been somewhat figured out it appears. Crap teams were keeping Wilson in the pocket also and see how that turned out.
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