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  1. No it’s still Tru and not that close. Alf is better at ints. though.
  2. I thought Scam slid late and Kazee was already in the air. He looked to let up and Scam faked it a bit.
  3. Link?
  4. You keep calling Ryan out, but you are crazy.
  5. Great post
  6. Yeah he does. I’ll look for the articles. The injury set Tru back, but he has been and is our best corner. Just now getting back to playing where he was.
  7. No he isn’t. Alf is great, but Tru is our best corner.
  8. Been drops, bad routes and lots of holding. Not sure what your seeing. Some miss timing, but that’s it.
  9. Yeah, wasn’t on Ryan. How are people saying he’s playing bad lol. Drops holding and bad routes.
  10. Most of those were last year of WR drops.
  11. That pick was on Julio.
  12. What? We’ve dominated them on both sides. Refs have stalled our drives and extended theirs a lot. Now with injuries we are really screwed. I agree we have had some sloppy moments, but overall good.
  13. Yeah it’s been terrible.