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  1. I did listen to a podcast who said we had a good shot at signing him. Who knows though.
  2. I dont see how you cant see with all that went bad and injuries and we still went 7-9 how we wont do better. If the coaching is like the back half of last year and the changes we made help us at all we are better. Players looked better tried harder, gained experience. We added even more talent on O and D than last year. I dont see how you cant look at our offense and not see a juggernaut. Unless Kotter gets to cute we should be fine. O-line should be much improved. As far as injuries go I agree those happened, but 2 years ago there was no way to overcome those. Last year? Yes, but those added up with new coaching changes and new players and bad coaching. Just talent alone I think we are to good to go anything less than 7-9 this year. If coaching and everything pans out like it should we could easily win 10-13 games. As far as Lbers go Foye is very underrated. Is he Debo? No, but he played more than Dre at the end of the year last year and looked pretty good. I am fine with him at WLB. We have some depth, but wouldnt want any of them playing to much.
  3. Really? First off 2 years ago the season was over with those injuries. Nothing could have been done and I right that off so 7-9 shouldnt even be mentioned. Last year was quite a few changes with some injuries. That season did bother me, because we should have started off better. Coaching finaly turned it around and it seemed like we had players finally playing harder. We lost some talent, but also got rid of some dead weight. As far as the o-line, I think we are fine even if Brown or Carp starts. If we do more outside zone Brown would be fine, but I dont mind Hennessy winning out if he can. I fine with Gurley, he may not be that monster anymore, but he was still good last year and better than Free. Pluse our 0-line is better than the Rams last year. So I think the running game will be better than last years. As far as the defense I think we are muched improved as in we adjusted last year with coaching and injuries and just another year to keep going. So young guys should improved and we added better players. Having Debo and Foye out there in nickle is way better than Dre due to coverage. Will we win it all? Who knows that is hard to do, but I think we are easily good enough for the playoffs.
  4. So we are just worried about sacks? His pressure has been good. Have others got more sacks due to him? Only negative has been his healthy otherwise he’s been pretty solid with pressure. Would I prefer him to finish? Sure, but as long as he or him allowing others to finish I’m good.
  5. I guess I missed this. Did he say this somewhere? I thought I read Sheff would play the slot, but wasnt sure if he would play in the base.
  6. Who says we are even looking at Safety and who would’ve played TE?
  7. Lol who is this quality DB? A guy that the organization may not have liked as much. Some people have AJ ranked high. Raiders possibly was taking him at 12. Cowboys were probably taking him at 17 and Raiders for sure would have at 19.
  8. I was actually hearing the Raiders were looking at taking him with their 1st pick.
  9. He doesn’t have to be our 1 now, but I think he can be with some lumps.
  10. Cowboys at 17 wanted him and Raiders at 19 wanted him.
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