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  1. Great interview. I have high hope for our new coach and GM.
  2. Wilson would definetly help the Aints no doubt. I just don't think he or Watson are near elite as people claim.
  3. Yeah no doubt who knows what happens. It most likely will be Winston for the Aints lol. Brady is decling, still good. Panthers not worried about Teddy or a rookie. To be honest if one of the teams got Watson or Wilson I am not that worried about either one of them.
  4. I don't think it changes much unless we are talking 4 or 5 years down the road unless we get rid of all the high contracts and aging players.
  5. Not really. Most QBs cost as much as Matt or More now a days. Unless you get a rookie QB on a SB now team the cheap contract does not matter. So if we get Fields we are a better team without Matt this year?
  6. I like him, but he’s more of a road grader and mean. I think Thuney fits in the outside zone scheme a tad better.
  7. Yeah I bet a lot who want a QB didn't even listen. I bet most didn't even know a lot of the information the pff guy said good or bad. I was shocked by some of it a little. I know he said draft an olineman. I honestly though think we are better off just getting a FA G like Thuney. Then we are are good one the o line.
  8. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/locked-on-falcons-daily-podcast-on-the-atlanta-falcons/id1147245791?i=1000510270671 This podcast is pretty good. This episode goes in depth on Ryan. Not all good or bad, but talks about the issues. The pff guy also hits on the new coach etc.
  9. QB sitting the bench isn’t helping. Drafting a T is helping. Trade down would be best. Or making our offense elite adding Pitts or Chase.
  10. No Matt had faults, but no QB drafted a 4 will be better than Matt for at least 4-5 years. And yes our defense has let us down basically forever. Also our run game has been bad.
  11. I hear you, just some say we are going QB or T at 4 and I just don't see it. Problem is we still have way to much time and not a ton to discuss. I would'nt of made this thread, but wanted to show the video.
  12. Oh he has crap in Houston. I think he is really good if not great, just don't see him as the guy. I have always said Wilson is a little overrated. I could have one a SB as the QB on that Hawks team and I am no QB.
  13. See I believe if we add the right players, draft well and with the new schemes we could win a SB in 2-3 years. Possibly be a playoff team next year. If you go QB at 4, the team does not believe that and plan on rebuilding and should start getting rid of people as soon as they can. I don't watch enough college to say a lot on Fields or many others. I see the talent, but he does scare me a little. If he is what you say he is and the coaches and gm see it then yeah it would be a no brainer. Would you trade up for him? No way he is there at 4 if that is what he is.
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