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  1. Oh ok. Where do you all live now?
  2. Yeah he said he was an athlete, fast etc. and could show his skills this way or something to that nature.
  3. He said he moved Debo so he can just got play and move faster without the responsibility and thinking.
  4. Yeah lol. My wife went there also. They were the Indians while I was a kid forever.
  5. I don't think Foye has looked that great either.
  6. Nice thats where I live. Go Redwolves.
  7. Jaylon does suck in the passing game. He hasn't looked to good the last couple years. Debo still plays well sometimes then does dumb stuff.
  8. Arkansas. I am roughly an hour and thirty minutes from Memphis, Tennessee.
  9. Debo sucks? He hasn't been the player he was, but he doesn't suck. Just hasn't played consistent. Its more the entire team than just a player or 2. Once we start clicking we will be way better this year. Over the next 2 or 3 years though I figure we will see a lot of turnover and even more improvement.
  10. Jaylons play has dropped off quite a bit. I haven't followed him much this year, but he was not better than what we have. He was also getting paid to much.
  11. Jaylon Smith has definitely dropped off and that was before this year. He was also getting paid to much.
  12. Number 1 if you listened to the Eagles game the announcers said the Eagles were playing 2 deep safety's to keep from getting beat over the top. Then they would rally to the ball. In the Eagles game you could tell the clock in Matts head was sped up due to how the o-line has played. He was rushed a little even when the line was holding up. I honestly think getting this win and keep gelling we will get better.
  13. Not sure why everyone seems so confused. We added a Punter to the practice squad not the active roster. So we have the same punter, but a new one in the practice squad.
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