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  1. Lol really? Those picks are low or undrafted so try again. Also the coaches couldnt decided what defense to run. That was AS said Nolan was the worst DC he every played under.
  2. Well our team is good enough to do big things and thats even before the draft and adding vets after the draft. Biggest thing will be coaching and schemes. If they coach well and players respond like the end of last year we will be dangerous. I think with a talent like Gurley we will run more and even dump it off to the backs more since Gurley is a good pass cathcer. The o-line I expect to be a lot better. Only question mark is LG, but we have good enough guys for that. The starters everywhere is are good. As far as Koetter using his weapons Im not sure, I just hope he gets everyone involved and isnt to pass heavy. I agree though we could easily put up 25-30 points a game.
  3. So TD didnt draft those guys you mentioned that panned out? Edwards flopping was, because he got paid and lazy. Thats just bad luck. Other guys you mentioned where later round flyer guys that didnt develop. MS rarely played young guys let a lone develop pass rushers. Sacks didnt matter to him or Nolan. Has TD missed some? Yes, show me someone who hasnt? Ozzie with the Ravens who was always considered one of the best didnt do great his last several years. Id take TD over him the years he has been here. Look at the Pats drafts lol.
  4. This is said a lot, but most O and D lineman picks have been lower rounds. The higher picks for the most part have been good. Some of the lower rounds were developmental guys and Mike Smith never even played youngs guys let a lone try and develop them. DQ has had issues developing some also. Injuries have also hurt some of his picks.
  5. Yes when he was on the field. Also DC wasnt getting as much playing time at the end of the season and Foye started playing more at the end of the season and looked pretty good.
  6. First off we play nickel most of the time so we really only need 2 quality starters with some depth. We have depth, but need to add more. As far as starters I like Foye with Debo, but if we are talking about at SLB yes we need a starter there, but I think the scheme could be a little different with Morris and may not need the same thing in previous years from our SLB.
  7. I liked Hooper, but he wasnt a game changer worth what he got paid with us being tight in the cap. If we had tons of money to spend I still doubt I would have wanted him for that price.
  8. Really? I guess you dont remember MS and MN what they liked and wanted? Since DQ took over as head coach TD has added rushers, some just havent developed as they should have. Is development on TD as well?
  9. I turst him quite a bit. Is he perfect? No, but he is one of the best in the league. I know fans tend to hate on him, but he would have a job quickly if he were fired. A lot of people hated on him in the Mike Smith, Nolan era, but he got what the coaches asked for. Injuries hurt and other things, but for the most part he makes good picks and adds good FA's where needed. He made some good teams and we could have easily had a couple rings if not for injuries and coaching errors. Thats not on TD by himself.
  10. I think we will draft a cb at some point and probably add vet.
  11. Who would you rather trade up for, Simmons it Brown? Also I’m guessing you like Brown more then Kinlaw? If we traded up I’m guessing we lose our 3rd. Who would you take in the 2nd if we took Simmons, or if we took Brown who would you take in the 2nd?
  12. Just curious what was the motive for the son?
  13. It’s just crazy. It’s worth watching just to see that. Need to finish it though, because it takes different turns.
  14. Really?