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  1. Didn’t see posted. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/1/15/18182023/bright-spots-in-a-dim-year-deadrin-senat-is-a-beast
  2. I lurked for a long time before I joined. I can’t remember what year I joined. I think it was 03 maybe.
  3. Alford is the one that played like trash if either are cut. Tru played bad at times, but so did the entire D. That’s what happens with no pass rush and teams running all over you. When the team improved so did Tru. With better coaching he will be fine.
  4. No watch it again. Hooper definitely got in the way and caused the sac.
  5. Curious if we got a Vet DC should we go 3-4.
  6. I agree, but Tru has been dogged all year. Alf has hardly been talked about and has played worse. The giving up yeah I don’t like at all if true.
  7. As bad as Tru is playing you guys do realize Alford is ranked much worse. He’s playing terrible.
  8. Takk
  9. No it’s still Tru and not that close. Alf is better at ints. though.
  10. I thought Scam slid late and Kazee was already in the air. He looked to let up and Scam faked it a bit.
  11. Link?
  12. You keep calling Ryan out, but you are crazy.