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  1. Affluence amazes me how often exempt it is from the “hot seat”... I know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I guess it would not be a financially successful move to liquidate this company over to someone who is actually capable of putting the wellbeing of this team’s community first. Therefore, I am afraid (we Falcons fans) are still stuck as “customers” with Blank for now so please accept the following as an official consumer complaint to the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection: AlI ask is that Blank not be allowed to waste any more of our time for wellbeing. If he is to co
  2. Oliver seems super coachable & sharp enough to still troubleshoot his way to elevating his game this season. Plus, I admire his admissions & commitment to correct his shortcomings (as I am certainly full of my own). So I’ll go with “what is giving him the benefit of the doubt for 4 more games, please?”
  3. Pretty sure they thought is was a 30 years later Q&A w/ Corky from “Life Goes On” but realized it was only Dirky from Strife Goes On.
  4. Blank needs go head and be Dunn = lliquidate to Warrick. The city deserves far better with another great man with a stronger athletic pulse. Breaks my heart a tycoon from up top with more knowledge about youth soccer has ATL’s real football fate in his hands... I’m shuffling Spotify rn and “Roses” by ‘Kast just came on. Maybe Artie needs know “roses really smell like poo-poo-oo” & give it up? p.s. And see DQ’s man tittie support bra & support him on your own dime, Artie!
  5. Sure hope Mykal matures quick or else looks like we’re stuck with friggin Genius Joplo and the defense gon “take another piece of my heart now baby”
  6. If you’re into Hallmark movies, then Rico is your guy. If you like Tarantino flicks, then check out Jamal Adams...sav af.
  7. I mean if serviceable is what you’re aiming for — Tom Johnston was serviceable too, but he was perfectly replaced by Michael McDonald. All dad jokes aside, Takk’s got the ability to secure longevity in the league as long as he continues to persevere.
  8. This year’s punter may have a speech impediment but so does Trae Young and that hasn’t stopped him or even many on-radio NPR correspondents for that matter. Hope he’s ready to put shoulders in laps upon coverage and not just boom hang times.
  9. Most LA boys are soft but supposedly possess potential, so no thanks. If Loomis, sorrry TD, can manipulate money for another signing, then better spent boosting our anemic DL imo.
  10. Maybe it’s the dad in me, but getting rewarded after his years of bs production seems unwise. If he shows out (which I fully expect he does THIS YEAR), then give him a lowball return offer at best. Buddy can kick rocks & steal cap from his next victim for all I care.
  11. Had not been for the postgame trip to Whataburger, there would be agave plants growing in H-town right now.
  12. Rushed 15 for 71 & caught 3 for 34.
  13. Since DQ said B Hill is “definitely going to be a contributor”, it’s ride or die at this point. I say it definitely seems like a good year to actually to get to the QB. Speaking of, is Clowney on clearance yet? Or can we use the *cousin coupon* for Clay?
  14. Yes, this team building alliance quality is more real than any t-shirt rhetoric. And while I don’t think DQ is a very good coach, I do respect him as a leader.
  15. Feel like I'm sleepwalking today, so here's a dream scenario: give em Takk, B Hill, Carpenter. Call it a day. Lol never gonna happen between this rivalry, but his scheme fit is too nice and homegrown too. Also, gives Fournette a good shot to go back to the bayou.
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