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  1. I’ll go with Bud Dupree, Marcus Williams, Jonnu Smith, & DKII (not ykw) Lock up TE, Returner, proven Edge relief, & savvy still young Safety
  2. Normally am not one for a trade-based or moving parts mock, but I can get to that. Seems realistic enough from the restructures all the way through. Super high on Surtain in a trade down and also think that RB is going to rip it up. Appreciate how you secure the Secondary & OL too.
  3. Smith needs a respectable rushing attack, but not necessarily a Henry to accomplish it. As a parity paralysis survivor, I've seen enough remake rosters bomb at the box office. It's time to stop being sequel suckers, flip the script and start building an uniquely organic identity.
  4. Very interesting points with plausible connections. Secondary definitely could use some savvy but more so interested in her predictions. Wonder what makes her say Fowler a Will Stay and Ollison a Could Go.
  5. If there is no trade down, I’ll be bummed if it’s not Sewell. Dude has is only getting stronger and has that can’t miss gladiator potential. Makes sense in so many ways in my head, just my 2 cents on Penei.
  6. Perfect position to trade down to a QB thirsty bidder and collect capital. Go BPA & solidify the trenches
  7. He’s had a long look at some cap magic, so should help expedite the turnaround,
  8. Can’t imagine a white Republican billionaire’s son as our next head coach, considering the concerted effort to bridge racial inequalities. Not that it would be a conspiracy or a bad hire if we end up with Arthur Smith, but my cheeky intuition tells me that Blank decides the best way for us to escape abuse is to start sleeping with Bieniemy. However, what I am really torn between: Is Fontenot worth giving the Saints 2 third rounders? or is Rick Smith the move?
  9. I might "hate" the Saints, but def love reading this morning that Demario Davis' daughter is cancer free!
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