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  1. Wait, this could be sick. Imagine a Mathews coming for you on punt return🤔now that’s a well conditioned LT, but that’s our Lt. Wait, just confused myself..
  2. That Jarrett is a bossman, lucky to have him. One thing that gets me stoked is the sense I get from Pees’ scheme: seems to be breeding well rounded defender expectations rather than one-trick ponies.
  3. Pretty sure potential is not part this metric. So let's take the homer helmet off for a minute and not play ourselves, those defenders should start cramming now if any of them plans on making the Dean's List.
  4. Absolutely confident in this guy. The combination of his physicality and his new play caller has me feeling much better about the run game going into this year. 100% he should be a respected weapon in the pass game. Factor in his YPC & BT% along with his opportunity to put on for his city, and I pity the fool who tries to arm tackle those thunder thighs.
  5. That author deserves a slap on the back of the neck, haha, and maybe me too for for taking the bait.
  6. GTFOOH with that “mulling lowball offer” noise
  7. Analysis: 3 Realistic Trades For Seahawks to Acquire Falcons WR Julio Jones https://www.si.com/nfl/seahawks/gm-report/analysis-3-realistic-trades-for-seahawks-to-acquire-falcons-wr-julio-jones Option2 I guess
  8. No doubt he can, I’ll go conservative with 1100 and not even going to entertain the last one. Giving playoffs 60/40 at the moment
  9. 1. Tony Gonzalez 2. Deion Sanders 3. Julio Jones 4. Tommy Nobis 5. Jeff Van Note 6. Mike Kenn 7. John Abraham 8. Matt Ryan 9. William Andrews 10. Jessie Tuggle
  10. Right on. Attitude is somewhat irrelevant as long as the W's are piling up. Regarding his 'tude though, I also liked how he answered Eisen's question about welcoming the draft picks to the team. Instead of gushing over KP, Arthur highlighted 6th rounder Frank Darby's big personality (fork 'em devils!). While it may mean nothing to some, I took away that Arthur truly values the power of mentality. Going to be fun watching how the character of this new team shapeshifts!
  11. I happen to like Arthur’s attitude. Comes off as a combination of a business commander that can still enjoy a beer with you. His approach is certain to spark a culture change no matter how the Julio sitch goes down. Ha, the ‘grade yourself’ question to Eisen was BDE.
  12. Size don’t mean squat as long as you can get the job done. I do hope he will bulk up a bit, but I’ll take a tough technician over a space heater all day.
  13. Call it wishful thinking or whatever you want, but it feels like we are bound to hit on at least one of these DL depth draftees. Good opportunity to develop under one of the best leaders in the biz.
  14. Spices up the trench team. IOL is about to be a battle.
  15. I know he’s little, but he got it done between the tackles against some respectable defenders. His speed and pass catching ability along with his familiarity with Ledford, should be a nice 3rd down complementary piece to go with the bruisers in Davis and Ollison.
  16. If BPA is meant precisely, no. If BPA = “tough, smart, versatile”, I buy into it. Overall, I can appreciate all the effort that went into putting this class together.
  17. Long shot, no Babe Ruth. Wherever he excels most, works for me.
  18. I know its a long shot, but Jaylen Mayfield. It could get nasty.
  19. Elerson Smith Rashad Weaver Marvin Wilson Carter/Nixon no politickin
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