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  1. If you have many black friends how does that indicate the your a racist if your white or vise versa? And if you were agreeing with that guy you quoted then something is wrong with you my friend.
  2. No thats not the first indicator of someone being a racist, the first indicator would be actually saying something racist which i did NOT do. Maybe your the racist i see you have nothing to say about the guy in the video, maybe the racist in you dont want you to watch the video.
  3. You might as well say it mention race, how many people that called vick a thug called that guy on the video a thug? Probably 2 or 3.
  4. Yes he did tourture animals as i suggested. There was a part two of the video to. An the definition of a thug doesnt include a animal killer. You dont call people who hunt deer for a sport a thug.
  5. That would be describing a SINGLE person that is white NOT ALL white people BUT ONE white person. Do u get it?
  6. Well thats that guy problem ask him why he did it.
  7. People start them that is a Vick fan, im a Vick fan but just didn't started it out of the blue cause im a fan. I started it to make a point, I know Vick will not play for the Falons again an will never come back to Atlanta as a QB,RB,KR,WR. But he will be some were else. An Im a Falcon fan Im glad of the team we have.
  8. No you are your not even man enough to watch the video, you can't acept that a white did worse that Vick. I no it dont make what Vick did was any less illegal i dont no were you got that from. It's funny how you dont have any thing to say about the guy in the video. If any one is racist it's probably you.
  9. Vick's one guy an that guy on the link was one guy an he did worse than Vick
  10. No the joke is on you buddie, im just exposing the fakes
  11. No im not saying that you dont no your parents ******. No buddie the joke on you cause you dont even get the joke lol
  12. That this guy in the link did worst than Vick no ones typing "thug". And for the last time im not saying all white people are, but there are alot of them out there.
  13. Yet you display the most ignorance lol on this board lol. I bet your mom an dad are really your uncle an aunt.
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