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  1. So they were different because they ran the ball better. I hope we become a different team from here on out. Better running and stopping the run.
  2. And the Chargers Too if that act by a certain date. If not then the Raiders can move there. Didn't know the Chargers were having issues. It's a good size market.
  3. Very rash move on their part. After just two years. It's not like he's trying to work his way up to assistant manager on Coming To America. Looked like he was making progress. This could be a step back for the Bucs.
  4. How is your offense that much different under Quinn? I didn't see much difference. But, like I said, reams change something every year based on what personal they have.
  5. Still the problem is the defense. Not the offense. Besides, there is always change year to year.
  6. And Brees is killing it in yards but is supposed to be STALE.
  7. Stale with one of the best offenses in that time span. Where's the STALE on an offensive minded coach? The STALE would have to be on defense.
  8. That wasn't on him. That was just a great break on the ball.
  9. Too bad the game is not being played in Colorado.
  10. Gotta do that the whole season. It's just year one for though.
  11. He has at least another year. I do agree that we keep bringing in players better suited for a 3-4 while running a 4-3.
  12. My Christmas everyone. Hope everyone gets to their destination with all canceled flights. Be safe allm
  13. Sorry WFW. When I read the joke of a title of this thread I thought it had you written all over it. I was wrong.
  14. Completely misleading. He did that after Saban built LSU as a top program. All he had to was maintain. With access to some of the best talent in the nation. Not impressive at all. It's time for him to be gone and its long over due.
  15. Was talking about food and family. In what ever order you choose.
  16. Technicality Thanksgiving dinner can also be call excess.
  17. I've always been into which is the better team than any individual component.
  18. I can name several coach's who are good next to Saban. Miles is a good PR man. That pretty much it. I can point to many things about LSU under him. From the wasted talent to trying to fit multi threat QB's in a pro style offense, to trying to fit a pro style offense with players best suited for a multi threat offense. Which brings us back to wasted talent. I've been saying Miles is not an SEC caliber coach since his first year.
  19. It's pretty much the same people from here. So don't really see a whole lot of difference.
  20. At least he should based on what we see vs Ole Miss. I've seen enough and I know I'm not the only LSU fan who has. He has completely lost his team since the Bama loss. It's long overdue. Been saying he's not a SEC caliber coach since year 1. I don't see what argument his defenders can make to justify him not being fired. We might as well cut him loose after this game.
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