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  1. Steve Wyche: A D.J. Shockley update is needed--either on the AJC blog or a print story
  2. Ovie, Jamaal Anderson (last year's must bustable rookie) were publicly critical of Petrino.. Redman receives a multi million dollar contract, and the front office is considering Brohm as the franchise new face, a former Petrino player/disciple.. The Falcons have other options and if they are trying to distance themselves from YKW then why not use that practice toward Pro-Petrino players (Redman, Brohm, etc..)?
  3. Are we really moving forward by saying Redman is the pseudo starter, a visage of the all-time disastrous Petrino administration and then considering the QB that he coached that being the over-rated Brian Brohm.. If you are going to erase YKW, then why isn't this same strategy done with Petrino disciples..?
  4. It has been six months and why hasn't there been some type of update on Shock's progress. Plus, what are the front office opinion of Shock's future? Let's be fair and balanced...:)
  5. This isn't the 60's or 70's, this is NOW.. Accuracy is a nice relative term, and so is completion percentage, but it doesn't necessarily translate into playoff/SuperBowl success.. Eli Manning had more turnovers than any other starting QB in 2007 and had a completion percentage for the season in the 50's.. YKW had a completion percentage in the 50's, but didn't turn the ball over in the Falcons' 2004 NCCCG playoff run.. YKW can pass the ball. VY can pass the way. Cunningham can pass the ball. McNair can pass the ball. However, their ability to run and help sustain offensive drives and rally te
  6. It's not about black or white, but about winning, losing and leadership from the QB position.. Some QBs who are perceived as real QBs because they are more of a traditional, dropback paaser do get a pass from the local/national media and the microscope isn't as focused on them as it is for dual threat QBs..For dual threat QBs in the words of Donovan McNabb: have to do a little more to get respect... Carson has shown he might not be able to overcome negative situations in Cincy and may just turn into Jeff George..if he doesn't get his way..
  7. Culpepper is better than Redman. If you don't agree, you're delusional-- in all due respect... :)And he is a better leader as well.. and it has nothing to do with no card!;) What's your definition of Brohm and Ryan doing fine in the NFL? They will be lucky to be competent backups within five years just like Harrington, Carr and Losman.. O-Line is important, but people were saying the Falcon O-Line was terrible or the worst in football when YKW was here, yet the Falcons had the number one running game for three straight years..that doesn't happen by accident, does it? It applies, our O-Line wa
  8. Carson Palmer is not garbage, don't get me wrong. However, he gets a pass moreso than the other successful dual threat QBs who have previously played. Noboby doesn't question palmer's football intelligence, leadership skills, but they should. He has played for five years, and went to the playoffs ONCE in which he was injured in the first offensive series of the game. It is what it is. In 2006, Vick went to Cincinnati and the Falcons beat Carson's Bengals. That shouldn't have happened (supposedly) , but it did.. Carson in 2007 has started to throw more of his teammates under the bus and critici
  9. I don't avoid answering questions. You are the one who is the more artful dodger. Dual threat QBs can compete in the NFL and have been successful and generally have more early success than their traditional, dropback counterparts. Kurt Warner (former Arena League player), Brad Johnson (journeyman QB), Trent Dilfer (55% career completion percentage) all have flaws and were unable to come from college to the pros and have an immediate impact unlike Culpepper, Vick, McNabb, and even Shaun King in 1999. Most dropback QBs coming into TODAY'S NFL struggle! Yes, they won SuperBowls much further in t
  10. The Patriots era of cheating is over and Belicheat and even Tom Brady benefited from this and it does put into question their accomplishments. The era of the pure pocket passer is becoming slowly extinct, Mr. Ace. whether you want to admit it or not. Just like Jackie Robinson changed the game, the dual threat QB will force stubborn old school GMs and skeptical, dismissive Anti-dual threat QB fans like yourself to take notice.
  11. Please stop trying to be dismissive of the accomplishments of Vick. He was able to accomplish things that Peyton Manning weren't able to do in his first few years as a QB. The difference is that Vick sabotaged by the abrupt firing of Reeves by Blank, McKay's inability to surround with Vick comparable talent, Gregg Knapp's restrictive coordinating, the signing and re-signing of Dunn, and the inability of having legitimate go-to receivers. Despite all those obstacles, he was 38-28-1 as a NFL starter..
  12. krnsatl, The best defenses that closely resembles the type of defenses you see on Sundays come from the SEC and ACC.. not the Big East.. or in the case of Joe Flacco who fled Pittsburgh for Delaware because he couldn't stand competition and for him that's a red flag..when things don't go right he sucks his thumb and wants to take his ball home.. Flacco got the size and arm, but the temperament and ability to adjust to negative situations is where franchise Qbs are ultimately judges and of course wins and losses..Flacco is looking like the next Cutler or Harrington.. I didn't say Brohm wouldn't
  13. Xrage, The NFL draft is a crapshoot and it is all about evaluation and projection.. Dual threat QBs generally have more early success than traditional , dropback QBs.. and this has been an emerging trend since the mid- 1990's.. Contempt from old school media and some on this board who still prays Bart was still playing try to dismiss or diminsih the abilities and leadership skills of the dual threat Qbs, but the FACTS show they have just as or more success that their traditional QB counterparts.. Leinart was seen as a sure thing over Vince Young, but Young is the one who was 8 and 8 in his fir
  14. Reading is fundamental, Chifalc... in my opening I said Since 2001.. So why are you including Steve Young, McNair.. The NFL has changed and I had specifically made a point that very few Qbs drafted in the last seven years have had much success or at least taken their teams to the conference championship games... Over-rated 'traditional' Qbs have struggled such as Leinart, Palmer, Losman, Harrington, Carr, Cutler, Simms (Tampa), Bulger... The list goes on an on... YKW took the Falcons to the playoffs in 2002 and in only his second full season starting the team went to the NFCCG... it took Pey
  15. Magic Man, As I had stated earlier Brohm and even Ryan are backups at best, not franchise QBs-- these guys are fourth or fifth round talents (projects).. And watch them play a game or two isn't going to change who they are (i.e Jamaal Anderson) I don't want anybody to be a bust, but this team need to stay away from Brohm (a Petrino disciple) and Matt Ryan ( a ticking timebomb who will turn into Ryan leaf overnight)...
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