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  1. So that makes the Falcons.....an obligatory practice squad for contenders? not sure why this would be a good thing.
  2. The Saints still have another game too, remember?
  3. LOL, yeah, that's the goal...make the playoffs and lose. DREAM BIG! Can't wait to see the confetti flying for making the playoffs!
  4. The Falcons have a better chance at what? LMAO You trying to tell yourself there will be a parade on Peachtree in Feb for the Falcons? LOLOLOL
  5. The defense did play pretty well considering. This was supposed to be a high powered offense this season - and well, not so much.
  6. meanwhile, on TATF, the calls for Mike Smith's head rang REALLY loud. LOL, you need to stop worrying bout Philly and start wondering when's the next time the Falcons will win a playoff game.
  7. Well if you listened to the commentators for the game, nope, you can't blame Matt at ALL.
  8. LOL! The self esteem of the Falcon fan is hilarious! But you know in Feb the Falcons will be the same place as the Eagles...HOME LOL
  9. Still whining about Vick? Dang, where is FILA, Knomercy and Brotherbeez when u need them
  10. They will never get over him. They make Vick topics on this board in order to keep it interesting.
  11. Why yes, yes it does. I think half the posts are from Arthur Blank himself.
  12. Cam's arm + Steve Smith > Falcons secondary
  13. Shouldn't you be concerned with the QB that the city has anointed "noodle arm"? They're even calling him that on 790 and 680! He'll be killing a coach after this season!
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