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  1. Just heard about this, what a ****** thing for a person to do. Like a lot of people, I was a bit worried about him being drafted considering his history at Notre Dame, but was willing to give him a chance based on the organizations willingness to do the same. Glad to see we aren't keeping him around after this. You only get one second chance.
  2. That's not a laughable statement. Dez is arguably the best WR in the NFL among a few others. Julio sure as heck hasn't stayed healthy enough for any stretch to be the undisputed best. I'd take a healthy Julio over Dez all other things considered though. Well, now I know why this thread is so long...
  3. Ryan Falcons pro bowl jersey kinda styling
  4. Yeah, then Bellichick showed the entire league out to shut Tony/BIg TE's down in the red zone and that play wasn't nearly as effective as it once was.
  5. Kind of follows real life, Stafford throws for a bunch of meaningless yards, Ryan efficiently gets the job done in crunch time. Was surprised to see Romo play so little though.
  6. He could be our 4th receiver
  7. It worked when I posted it
  8. I think Irvin really really needs the extra money.
  9. I posted the vine above but can't get it to embed.
  10. Can you embed vines yet on here?
  11. google
  12. I think Irvin owes somebody some money...
  13. They should put in 2 qb's and 4 rb's in the backfield
  14. Go for it