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  1. Just heard about this, what a ****** thing for a person to do. Like a lot of people, I was a bit worried about him being drafted considering his history at Notre Dame, but was willing to give him a chance based on the organizations willingness to do the same. Glad to see we aren't keeping him around after this. You only get one second chance.
  2. That's not a laughable statement. Dez is arguably the best WR in the NFL among a few others. Julio sure as heck hasn't stayed healthy enough for any stretch to be the undisputed best. I'd take a healthy Julio over Dez all other things considered though. Well, now I know why this thread is so long...
  3. Ryan Falcons pro bowl jersey kinda styling
  4. Yeah, then Bellichick showed the entire league out to shut Tony/BIg TE's down in the red zone and that play wasn't nearly as effective as it once was.
  5. Kind of follows real life, Stafford throws for a bunch of meaningless yards, Ryan efficiently gets the job done in crunch time. Was surprised to see Romo play so little though.
  6. It worked when I posted it https://mtc.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/D559EB5BAD1171348133016485888_3aec1437456.1.5.5138620911614394645.mp4?versionId=HpYK30sD69Y6r2uygjZrd0ujZrpcOPWm
  7. I think Irvin really really needs the extra money.
  8. I posted the vine above but can't get it to embed. https://vine.co/v/OTeplBqlpw1111
  9. https://mtc.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/D559EB5BAD1171348133016485888_3aec1437456.1.5.5138620911614394645.mp4?versionId=HpYK30sD69Y6r2uygjZrd0ujZrpcOPWm Can you embed vines yet on here? https://vine.co/v/OTeplBqlpw1
  10. I think Irvin owes somebody some money...
  11. They should put in 2 qb's and 4 rb's in the backfield
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