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  1. You people make me laugh, man. Only three teams in the league had a tougher SOS than the Ravens. The Falcons SOS was something like 24 or 25. Yet Flacco's regular season numbers were right there with Ryan's. Oh, except for the one where the Ravens gave up double the sacks that the Falcons did. And if you think that's Flacco's fault, you haven't been watching him play. And I know you haven't because of all this nonsense about him not running the no-huddle. Which he DID. You can go ahead and think Ryan's numbers would have GONE UP if he had faced SEVEN OF THE TOP NINE PASS DEFENSES IN THE
  2. I apologize, I was looking at the wrong numbers. The Ravens had the third best SOS. The Falcons had the sixth worst. Yes, no doubt playing five of the worst teams in the NFL had something to do with it. And with Ryan's stats? Do we want to go down that road? There is no comparison. Flacco played more than half his regular season games against top 10 pass defenses. NINE games against top 10 Ds. Seven against playoff teams. The Charger and Saints? Do you realize they were the 23rd and 31st pass Ds in the NFL? You're just helping my point. The kid got no respect all year. So how can
  3. The Ravens had the fifth highest SOS in the league this year. The Falcs had the seventh worst. Trying to compare Ryan and Flacco, especially when Flacco is still playing, is stupid. There was a month-long stretch where Flacco had the highest QB rating in football.
  4. He didn't get a single vote for ROY. :mellow:
  5. If that is all you are trying to get across, then why is your thread about a rookie quarterback.
  6. I see we got off the QB rating when that didn't fit, now completion percentage is the most important stat? :P How about this stat: 50 yards rushing. You're talking about what, third best run game in the NFL? And they didn't do anything the whole game. Yet the kid made a couple plays and did enough for a W. Ravens played eight of their regular season games, half the schedule, against Ds ranked in the top 9 in pass D. That's called throwing a rook into the fire. And he came out on top. And it doesn't have anything to with Ryan or the Falcons. Don't understand how you can even think ab
  7. What is the point of this thread? Trying to knock Flacco seems silly at this point. Kid has faced the best defenses in the league, of course his numbers aren't going to be great. FYI, his QB rating today was better than Ryan's last week. I don't understand this Ryan vs. Flacco nonsense. They both had great years. Neither organization would trade for the other. Whatever happened to mutual respect? Not even like the Falcs and Ravens are in the same conference, let alone rivals. My two cents..
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