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  1. You actually have to drive to renew season tix???? Ah..ha!.....ah..ha.ha!.....:doze:
  2. Has anyone heard when they will be on sale? AF.com says middle of July, well today is the middle of July! WTF! I would have renewed my season tickets if it wasnt so far for me to drive(GAS $$).
  3. Funny thing about Big Bens #s, was he in Mularkeys systems that year? If so, that tells u a lot about how many passing attemps we can expect from Ryan, since we are planning on being a power run team. He had great numbers because they could run the ball. And when they were on a passing play, Im sure the d-line was stacked against them and receivers were wide open! Go Falcons!!!! Cant wait!
  4. Dude is f#$%ing amazing. I know its only HS football, but he makes norwood look like a chump and all that twisting and turning and jumping he was doing, he never fumbled the ball (unlike Mr. Vick) Did u see how he even used a ref for a pick on one of the runs up the middle. He is one the NFL will definitly be watching in College. I bet he could be the next Devin Hester in the NFL.
  5. Yeah I find it hard to believe that Stafford or Moreno will leave after this season. At least 2 more years for both. They need to win em a championship first.
  6. http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/draft08/ins...%26id%3d3372132I hope we do better this year, although it would be nice to get the first pick, but I dont want to go through another season of dreadfull sundays!
  7. Dimitroff had already said "We made our mind up thursday night to take Matt Ryan." So I dont think this trade was going anywhere.
  8. Thanks! Id been looking everywhere for a list!
  9. exactly! We could pick 3 OL men if we want to!
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