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  1. These are the only type we can get with Blank as owner. Nice man, but this is football, and no solid football men want the owner pushing their players around in wheelchair, hugging, smooching, and kissing them along their sideline.
  2. Smith was so refreshing and handled himself well. I couldn't stomach hearing Quinn in this same scenario. And I'd rather have a root canal than hear that DLED voice.😱
  3. Outside of Pitts, would liked to have seen more speed drafted. I'd rate the draft a B only because they were lucky enough to have the #4 pick. A C otherwise.
  4. I never remotely insinuated that Fields couldn't be great. He may very well be. In fact I hope he becomes so as I know the kid and his parents well living here in Kennesaw. He's a good, smart, well-parented young man. I just mentioned there were question marks mentioned on the other 4 QB's, not 4 questions on Fields alone as you illustrated. Who has a question on Lawrence? Not one I'm aware. I definitely agree that Kirby Smart absolutely blew it with Fields as Fromm's success was widely due to having two NFL Running backs to work with his freshman season. I'm not the biggest fan of Smart either as, like Richt, he proved he could recruit early well on. But also like Richt, his in-game, circumstantial coaching isn't the best. I continue to wonder why UGA can't attract a proven Head Coach like Alabama, Florida, OSU, LSU and others and have to settle for a DC from a program where every DC looks great at Alabama. Mu primary point is we need great lines to do great things on a consistent basis, not the occasional "big year" like the 2016 season.
  5. There's only one QB certainty in this draft and he will be a Jacksonville Jaguar. He's a certain generational QB talent, unlike the next 3-4 (you rank them; everyone else has!). They each have their respective question marks. We have a pro bowl, former MVP QB who still regarded by most as a top-10 QB, and any QB of such ranking can win a Super Bowl. Even at 36 he's missed, what 3 games, in his career and keeps himself in great shape. And in all fairness he has never is his 13 previous seasons been complimented with anything near a great defense or a great OL. Personally, I think, and have always thought Jake Matthews is overrated, probably due to his namesake. He's just not an imposing force and is too early bull rushed. The Falcons started something for Steve Bartkowski when in 1978 they selected Mike Kenn, LT as their first round draft choice. They would later compliment him with Bill Fralic (another first rounder) and steadily became one of the best OL's in the NFL. Ask William Andrews or Gerald Riggs. We have a respectable tight-end, we have great receivers and there appears to be no defender worthy of a #4 except maybe Micah Parsons. But there is an LT worthy of a #4 and I'd take him and then pick us up the best possible RB at #32. Select Penai Sewell and let's build us a great OL for once for Ryan now and the QB that follows him.
  6. Agreed. Compared to some of the more recent QB's taken at #1 overall such as Palmer, Couch, Carr, Eli Manning, Smith, Russell, Bradford, Newton, Winston, Goff and Mayfield, I'd take Lawrence hands down over all of them.
  7. What we have--and have had--is a coaching problem. Many NFL coaches can prepare for any team. However, the very best coaching occurs at halftime when coaches earn their money by adjusting to their opponent's game plan and tendencies. We have sufficient talent to have great 1st and 2nd quarters, often getting out to substantial leads as happened yesterday and numerous other times this season and dating back to the infamous "28-3." We always get outreached in the 3rd and 4th quarters. This has happened way too many times to be just bad luck. Therefore I am encouraged and hopeful that with the right coaching staff we just may be closer than 4-10 appears.
  8. Trevor Lawrence is Peyton Manning with a stronger arm coupled with the ability to run a little. He's a generational QB and the team that drafts him will be fortunate indeed.
  9. I couldn't use a top 5 pick for a project QB, regardless of his upside.
  10. I'm fine with this. I would love to see Ryan traded to New England or some other quality, dedicated franchise and polish off his decorated career with a Lombardi. It's happened before with an aging veteran QB like Plunkett with the Raiders, Rypien, Thiesman and Williams with the Redskins. He's a good guy who has represented out city with honor and decency so I'd pull for him personally wherever he finishes his career. He's still plenty good and savvy enough to win a Super Bowl with the right team and coaching staff around him.
  11. These statistically "average" QB's won Super Bowls: Bart Star (2), Len Dawson, Bob Griese (2), Terry Bradshaw (4), Joe Namath, Jim Plunkett (2), Joe Theisman, Jim McMahon, Phil Sims, Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco, Nick Foles. These statistically "great" QB's never did: Dan Founts, Warren Moon, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, Philip Rivers,Jim Hart, Boomer Esiason, Jim Kelly, Donovan McNabb, Randall Cunningham, Ken Anderson, Fran Tarkenton, and, perhaps the best of all, Dan Marino. Why? How many from either list were paired with a great HC and/or OC or Defense? I don't think Matt Ryan has ever been been paired with a great defense. And the one time he was paired with a great OC he led one of the greatest offenses in NFL history and was a stupid coaches decision from a Super Bowl win. Now compare the HC's from either list above with Mike Smith and Dan Quinn. Matt Ryan has his weaknesses, one being his arm strength. However, let me shock you with a fact few are aware. Do you know who had one of the weakest arms in the NFL? Dan Marino! Yes, Dan Marino! Dan Marino had the quickest releases of his time which compensated for his arm strength. Don't believe me? Go back and google Dan Marino in an off season QB competition for distance throwing and you'll see he could barely throw the ball over 60 yards, something many high school QB's can do. The reason Marino never won a Super Bowl was not about his arm strength, however. The reason is the same with Matt Ryan...not once was he ever complimented by a great defense his entire career like that of most Super Bowls winners.
  12. Ryan played for Mike Smith and Dan Quinn. Just imagine his stats and accomplishments had he played for Bill Belichick, Sean Peyton, Don Shula, Bill Wash, Joe Gibbs or Tom Landry teams. Some guys have all the luck....
  13. A true Husband and Father always puts his family before his employer. We can find another job making more or less money and adapt accordingly. We cannot replace our family.
  14. RM is nothing but talk and after this season he will never be a HC again in the NFL. If Mike Smith couldn't land another shot with his record after one team, how could Morris?
  15. It's just hilarious that the first couple of pages was filled with those wanting to consider keeping Morris yet after today not a single supporting voice since. Just listen to Morris' postgame interview and ask yourself who he sounds and acts like....Dan Quinn. Nothing spoken of substance. If we pull another Marion Campbell and go with the easy and convenient HC again I will pop a vessel. This defense this year has been just awful and we all know who the DC was.
  16. There has always been a lack of toughness associated with the Falcons and it reverberates down from their loving, touching, kissing, affectionate owner. Nothing at all wrong with loving your fellow man; however, there is this thing called "tough love" of which our Falcons could use a heavy doss and this just isn't Blank's strength.
  17. Neither. I'd trade this 1st overall pick for 11 picks and replace our entire starting defense.
  18. Promote Morris? Seriously? The defensive coordinator of this defense? The same guy who's game plan allowed Russell Wilson to complete nearly 90% of his passes last week? The same guy who coached today's defense? I'd rather "promote" the Falcons Head Janitor.
  19. I’m as frustrated as any watching once again our passing defense look like blind men trying to run with gazelles. However, even given his weakness as an overly affectionate football team owner, Blank is astute enough to know he will never attract an elite head coaching prospect firing a man mid season, barring a historic collapse, even by Falcon standards. Think about it...he never has. Reeves and Petrino quit on him before season’s end while Mora and Smith were terminated at season’s end.
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