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  1. "6. Has our defense ever been elite in the Dan Quinn era?" In Atlanta Falcons history when has our defense ever been "elite?" Mid to late 70's there was a year or two that we one could call our defense "elite?" We certainly didn't have an "eilte" defense ever under Smith, Mora, Reeves, Jones, Glanville, or Henning. Yep, you have to fgo back to the Bennett/Campbell era from 1977-1982 to find an elite defense in a couple of those seasons. Heck, with just an "average" or even slightly below average defense THIS year and we're 4-1!
  2. My suggerstions: I think Matthews is at best an average LT. If we can get a great LT somehow and move Matthews to RT we wil be set at tackle. Two new Guards. Sadly, if the above two fixes can't be done in a season or two we may need to find us a Center as Mack's best years are behind him. While Ryan is still our QB, the world wouldn't end to trade Jones. I don't want to. I love the guy. It's just as pointed out previously Matt tends to hone in on the "go to guy" too much. In some ways he was better before Gonzalez (for the same reason) and statistically we seem to do okay when Jones in inactive. I would only do this for a great return. Otherwise, let's keep our one and only superstar. Trufant is overrated. We can upgrade there. I like the formula of big DL's backed by leaner, speedier LB's and DB's. We are too lean on the DL across the board. Defensive coaching. Sorry, but what I have seen this season to this point may be the worst defense I hav ever witnessed as a Falcons fan. Can you think of one worse. 2 or 3 injuries should not take you down from top to bottom. We absolutely cannot stop anyone we have to and you have to look at the coaching when you're this bad.
  3. One thing I hope to witness just once while I can still see, hear, and keep my undershorts clean, and that is to hear and know these simple words: The Atlanta Falcons have a great defense." I haven't truly heard or believe this since the 70's and this is prettly sad given our last two HC hires were DC's.
  4. If asked whom of the two a defense would prefer to play against I'd bet Brooks wins at a +99% rate. "Best Falcon teams"? First, those weren't our best teams; second, it's Falcons, not Falcon. Like the Saints, not "Saint" - Always an "s" at the end.
  5. Thoughtful write-up. Still, I knew in my gut the decision to get passive at the end of the first half would come back to get us as these games with the Saints often comes down to the wire. That was a big momentum let down and terrible decision. You have the lead at 14-13, you know you're going to get the ball to open the second have (this is why you deferred, dummy!) and you not only show no real interest in moving the ball for a potential half-ending field goal, you give the Drew Brees and Sean Peyton the ball in great field position? Stupid when you think about it, especially with your primary point about a depleted defense. Why not take advantage of every offensive opportunity?
  6. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BreeDr00.htm 71,127 passing yards plus whatever he tacked on today is not luck. He's one of the greatest ever play the game and it is our bad luck the Saints got him. Boy, I sure miss the days of Aaron Brooks.
  7. LOL! True!
  8. Not even at full strength do I see this from the Falcons in the 4th quarter. Honestly, based on what you have seen, who do you have the most confidence in winning based on the defenses of both? Peyton knows we can't stop them with our permissive approach.
  9. See that blitz by the Saints on Ryan? This is what I mean!
  10. Worse, our lack of effort not only cost us perhaps a field goal, we gave them field easy field possession for THEIR field goal. I hope we pull this out so I can let this go.
  11. Thinking about this topic now?
  12. This is just too easy.
  13. Sometimes I also wonder about our defensive philosophy in the 4th quarter. We seem to never blitz and our DB's play way off the ball inviting underneath routes and we just tackle and tackle hoping for them to make a mistake. I don't know what it is but it is amazing to me how just about any team can drive the ball with ease on us in the 4th quarter, the worst of which was the Super Bowl.
  14. This has been an issue for years. We seem to run out of gas every 4th quarter.
  15. Terrible decision and, knowing how this game almost always seems to come down to the final possession, quite possibly a losing one.