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  1. This is in reality an 0-5 team. The Eagle lost about 6-8 starters during that game yet still nearly won.
  2. When Ryan has a good line and, at least an adequate running game, he's as good as any QB in the game as evidenced in his Super Bowl/MVP season when a QB could not have played better. However, Ryan is not, in and of himself, the type of QB that can take over a game by himself without an OL and RB like a Rodgers, Mahomes, Mayfield or a Watson. He can't run and/or he doesn't have a rocket harm to split defenders downfield (Rodgers). The same is true with Brady or Brees. This is what is infuriating to us fans. Most agree that with a great OL, Ryan is a solid QB in the NFL, yet this front office and coaching staff until only this season have devoted themselves to giving him the one thing that makes him most successful, a good OL. For this reason alone Quinn and TD should be terminated as this negligence is wholly inexcusable.
  3. ...My Sundays will be less stressful because all hope and expectations have been quashed by October resulting in spending more time with my family and doing other things I enjoy. And with the Falcons, that's about 75% of their seasons, maybe higher if starting from their inaugural season in 1966.
  4. Looks like Quinn will be firing the OC and other coaches again. Mostly he needs to fire the DC.
  5. We have a losing record since that game and weren't we ranked with the best talent in the NFL just over a year ago?
  6. ...It was Shanahan's Offense that propelled us to the Super Bowl, never Quinn. We haven't had a good defense from this "Defensive Guru" since the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl.
  7. 32nd ranked defense out of 32 teams last season and perennially the worst NFL team at sacking the opponent's QB. As much as we all may like, respect or fantasize over Gurley, there really wasn't much of a choice here, was there? Historically, only the Raiders (and occasionally the Jets or Browns--Manziel--really?) do bafflingly illogical, nonconforming things like this. I will always wonder, however, how it could have turned out drafting Gregory in the 2nd while quite possibly getting Collins with our 3rd pick. This would have been a draft coup and never remotely imagined when were all debating Beasley or Gregory just a few weeks back.
  8. I told them I would sign the 30 year PSL deal if they could just add one little guarantee as an addendum...that Arthur Blank would be alive to receive all my payments. Their response?
  9. I voted "No" because of what I know today, and for this same reason he has not been greatly pursued by so many teams in need of a pash rush, first among these are our Atlanta Falcons. Don't overlook the underlined above ^. However... Here is how my vote could become a "Yes." Greg Hardy show some honestly, remorse and regret. Unless someone on here is a Priest, Minister, Rabbi, etc., you probably will not have character, standards and values any higher in your selection process than I do for my employees. However, having made some particularly really stupid decisions in my youth (and even now, occasionally), I am a firm believer in forgiveness and redemption. But first, one must admit their mistake, ask for forgiveness, and then change their behavior, for behavior never lies...unlike the words from one's tongue! Judge me on my actions, not my words. Mike Vick, for example, did some atrocious things and I was just as angry toward him and what he did as anyone else. But, this man stood in front of the cameras, admitted his wrong, asked for forgiveness, and to my knowledge has never come remotely close to such heinous acts again; paraphrased, he changed his behavior...and behavior never lies. For this, should I ever see him again and have the opportunity I will reach first to shake his hand and congratulate him. I'd do the same for Greg Hardy and anyone else who, as I have, who occasionally fails at this thing called "life" and then changes for the betterment of all mankind.