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  1. I used the 'search' option in the top right corner and found out myself.
  2. For now...Atlanta got screwed. I would have rather had 2 picks this year (2nd and 6th)..than the 5th next year. If if was gonna be a pick next year..it should have at least been a 2nd or a 3rd. This could all turn around and be an awesome deal in next years FA, but it just seems like for now...we're on the losing end.
  3. what friggin mock drafts are YOU lookin at?
  4. Pete Prisco is certifiably the worst sports writer on the planet. This is the first time he has actually said something right. Thanks for the heads up. I hate this writer but I like this article!
  5. Just look at fkn every goddarn thread created on the first 50 pages of this forum and you'll see who we can draft to make 'this possible'. You will get a multitude of answers all with legit and all with stupid reasons.
  6. WHERE"S ME HOUSE?! I got kids and no job I need my house!
  7. do you even know how many homes he game to single mothers????I didnt get one!
  8. I'll be getting both norwood and turners. Not so sure on roddy though..unless he rocks the first few games. And I might get the jersey of our fist pick if it is someone I want such as Brohm
  9. lol..nice post. Of course you will be made fun of (and apparently are) for having a positive outlook on things. A fun outlook. A hopeful one. To many bitter people on these boards.
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