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  1. Can we? Yes Will we? Doubt it I'll give it a 10% chance
  2. Without Mike Smith- Never had back to back winning seasons With Mike Smith- back to back to back to back winning seasons 3 playoffs appearances in 4 years Yes. Get this clown out of here!
  3. I'm sorry, isn't Turner 3rd in rushing this year? Did I miss something? RB's get old quick, they don't last long. Get over it and be happy for the effort he has given thus far.
  4. Well isn't that a SOB. I'm coming to the game from VA, I was going to drive back after but not anymore.
  5. I wouldn't say throwing an INT when up 21 0 is untimely. An untimely INT would be throwing one when it's 21 to 21 in the 4th quarter. If there's ever a time to throw a pic 6, it's when your crushing your opponent.
  6. I got ATL -7 today. If we show up at all, we should cover.
  7. We are a 7 point favorite so I'd say no we aren't suppose to blow out the Colts. I did take us to cover that spread though.
  8. This is the greatest title of a thread for haters. They want a new qb now, and you just told them Matt might be around for another 16 years. lol
  9. That was dumb... Then we went on a 17 0 run ignited by the throw by Matt Ryan to Harry Douglass on a crucial 3rd down. He made that throw and got punished. Then the game was over and it said Falcons 31 Panthers 17 and the Falcons dumb*** fans found reasons to complain.
  10. What do you guys think our record will be at the end of the season looking at it optimistically, pessimistically, and realistically. I think 10-6 would be the best we can do 6-10 is the worst and 9-7 is what we will realistically finish at. Anyone else?
  11. Did you know the Eagles have a losing record with Vick as their starting qb? I'm talking this year and last combined. More losses than wins... and he's on "The Dream Team". Get real.
  12. He will play. He was always questionable last year and always played. Im not worried.
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